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Hi everyone.

My name is Annie and I was born in Scotland. For the past 34 year's I've lived in Western Sydney in the land of Oz.

A few of my favourite things - I'm an animal lover and support several organizations such as World Wildlife Fund, RSPCA, etc. I use to foster care for dogs from rescue centre's, give them a bit of rehabilitation, aka love and training, to help them find their forever homes. Our family includes two rescued dogs and 2 budgies - and a couple of people as well. I also enjoy long walks and exercising.

I know a few basic website skills, such as where to find domains, and how to get myself into strife with them occasionally :) . I love learning about the internet.

My desire is to have fun learning how to create and build a site online and to help others as much as I can.

If I can help you, please ask. Otherwise, just drop by and say hello anyway!
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1. Happy - $500/month
2. Ecstatic - $5000/month
3. How much time - whatever it takes/week
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Dec 19, 2016
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AnnieB Premium
1. Happy - $500/month
2. Ecstatic - $5000/month
3. How much time - whatever it takes/week
Kyle Premium Plus
Nice one Annie! :)

You absolutely can and you will achieve these goals (and likely beyond). Dedicate yourself to your goals and take action on what you learn here. Action leads to success and I have never seen anyone fail that doesn't quit.
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Labman Premium Plus
Welcome to WA. Thanks for following me back. If I can help with anything feel free to ask
wtbee2013 Premium
Welcome stay the course don't be tempted to skip around there is a method to the programs madness and it works.

thanks for the follow back
God bless and best wishes
Marcus WFHW Premium
Annie welcome to WA and thank you for the follow. Much success to you.
Rick Jantz Premium
Hi and welcome to WA. This is a great place to be. Follow the lessons and you will learn how to build an online business.
Carson Premium Plus
Great to have you here at WA!

Today is your first day being part of a community that has everything you need to learn all about Internet marketing, online business, and earning revenue from the NET. I always like to welcome new members personally, so here's my official "WELCOME"!

I'm here to help if you need answers to questions, or if you need some guidance at any time.

I'll leave you with one suggestion to work through the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course located on your dashboard or within the main menu:

This course is going to help you really understand how Internet marketing works and how we suggest you get started.

Talk to you soon!