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Why is comment box is not showing up on some of my pages?
The comment box does not show up on any of my pages but one. I have comment…
3 years ago 8 Replies
How to fix page speed?
Does anyone know how to fix these problems? Already using W3 Total Cache…
6 years ago 25 Replies
Does anyone have experience with ebay partner network?
I was approved for the eBay Partner Network, but it seems very complicated.…
6 years ago 10 Replies
How to create a pdf file?
I would like to know how to create a PDF file a user would receive if…
6 years ago 17 Replies
How to fix sitemap problems?
1. I'm getting this error from my sitemap -Sitemap is HTMLYour Sitemap…
6 years ago 9 Replies
Why is my entire site being redirected?
All of my pages are being redirected. I orginally started out with a siterubix…
6 years ago 15 Replies
Can you have two pages on which you have posts?
I have a page (My Blog) which shows previews of all my posts and now I…
6 years ago 16 Replies
How do you build a html table with 1 image,2 colums,4 rows?
Trying to build a table with one image which will be on the right and…
6 years ago 14 Replies
How do you change your table color?
The theme I am using is highlighting every other row on my table. I used…
6 years ago 4 Replies
Linking content on a page?
If you have a list on your page and you want to reference each item on…
6 years ago 9 Replies