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A domain is something that you not only own (just like real estate), it appreciates in value and it will lead to much better rankings in Google. It is also an opportunity to brand yourself and create an authority within a niche. sites are a wonderful starting point and testing ground for your business, but at some point you are going to want to consider moving to a domain of your own. As a PREMIUM member here at WA, you can host 25 of your own domains as well as free 25 websites on the domain (total of 50 websites)!

In this training I am going to be walking you through the process of transferring an existing website you have created ( over to your own domain name.

Before you move through this training, you should first own your own domain name. You can buy domains and register them directly through the SiteDomains platform here at WA. Here are instructions on how to do this.

How to Buy a Domain Name With SiteDomains

There is no additional set-up after buying a domain name, upon purchasing you will be able to transfer your new website over to your own domain name using the Move feature.

The "Move" feature takes care of everything, including:

  • Transferring all of the website files/themes
  • Transferring all of your plugins
  • Transferring the user accounts
  • Redirecting all of your old website pages to your new pages automatically
  • Making sure the transfer is SEO friendly
If you have any questions about any of the content within this training, please do let me know and I will give you a hand.

PS. If you have not purchased your domain name yet, you can do so here.

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Teahya4 Premium
hello everyone i just transferred my siterubix over to my new domain but i have a quick question if someone wouldn't mind helping i would greatly appreciate it. so after going through the process of moving to your own domain the page that comes up once your move is complete mine doesn't look the same as in Kyle's video for example in the video the page reads
-Access Details
-Website admin used
-installed website functionality and options
but mine isnt this way mine says
-Admin details
-Domain details
>site speed (with an option on or off) mine is off
>siteSSL(HTTPs) says unavailable
>site protect (spam blocker) With option on or off mine is on
-page speed insight (with a chart of my pages)
Page title publish date desktop mobile scanned
page title date
page title date
.........and so on
why does mine appear different did i do something wrong? Or is this how it should look? Also is the siteSSL supposed to be unavailable?
terryg247 Premium
In the bottom right hand corner there is a score out of three, click on it then turn on all of the boxes
Teahya4 Premium
there is nothing in the bottom right hand corner and when i try to click unavailable in hopes it would allow me to change it it comes up with a message that says (i copy and paste the message it shows me)
SiteSSL is not available for websites on free subdomains. If you wish to install SSL on your website you can move your site over to a domain you own, then enable SSL.
Teahya4 Premium
i think i did the moving process wrong
terryg247 Premium
Hi. Sorry it is called Site Plus. When you are in Site Manager on your site it is in the bottom right hand corner of your given site.. In Site Manager is it showing your now moved site in its own box
terryg247 Premium
Here is one of my mine
Teahya4 Premium
thank you so much i found it i really appreciate you help i really thought i did something wrong again thank you have a bless day :)
Caitmad Premium
So I have followed the steps and have waited over an hour but my site still has not moved.... When I go to click move again it says " has already been scheduled to be moved to We are moving your website over to a new domain right now and it will only take a few moments. If you wish to browse away while we complete the process you can feel free to do so as we will email you when the transfer is complete!"... any ideas??
JGuhlke Premium
Well it sounds like you may want to submit a support ticket if its been that long. I don't think mine took more than about 10 minutes or so.
All the Best
Rodger 34 Premium
I moved my site from siterubix to my own domain, hosted here on WA. A plugin doesn't work and my site doesn't appear normal at all on my own domain name. Simply going through and activating/inactivating them hasn't help. Any thoughts as to what the issue might be, or where else I can read about this? Many thanks.
LinusKeiser Premium
You should definitely contact the support crew about this, I bet they'll be able to fix it for you! At the very least, they will walk you through the steps necessary to perform this repair yourself.

Just go ahead and contact them, it usually only takes 15-30 minutes before they respond!
bosco50050 Premium
Kyle, when you move a siterubix site to a new domain -can the name be different from that of the siterubix site? Along the way you decided that the name could be something else than what you had named it earlier.

another related question - if one purchased a .com website from WA and later decides to change to name - is it possible to use the move key to do the same
BobBarr Premium
In all likelihood, your purchased domain won't match your siterubix subdomain name anyway. (Many really good names that are available as siterubix subdomains are already registered as their own names.)

I don't know if the siterubix move function works for moving domains other than siterubix subdomains to purchased domains. It may. You might want to open a support ticket to get a definitive answer.
bosco50050 Premium
thanks Bob for the feedback. I will raise a ticket.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Yes, it can be another name, or the same name. Doesn't matter, as long as the domain you want is available!
bosco50050 Premium
thanks, Nathaniel..rgds
AlbertShule1 Premium
I am not sure that most people understand that a DOMAIN is your
connection to your website. You own it. You could move it to any hosting site you wished. It is the difference in being a contributor and just a consumer of the WWW.
bosco50050 Premium
thanks for the feedback
My-Mate-Bert Premium
Very handy info. I used this facility myself & have to say how simple & fast it was.

The only thing at the time of site moving that slightly confused me was still seeing old domain at SiteManager but this video has clarified that perfectly - remove old domain from SiteManager after a few weeks.

It made to difference to the functionality of anything - everything went perfectly so thanks for the MOVE facility here at WA & thanks for the video explaining things.

All the very best Andre