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How Do I Change My Website to www.address?

How Do I Change My Website to www.address?

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Everything Wordpress

Hi, I'm really struggling with this, so hope someone can help me out... I'm trying to set my main webpage to www.mydomain.com rather than just mydomain.com. I've tried turning cano

Hi, Igyre,
One should easily add www in Settings - General.
All hosting providers, even the most cheap and worst ones, provide this option.
It is primary responsibility of all hosting providers.
Recently I addressed Support with this question. And they clearly stated that WA disabled that option for its members.
It's a shame that WA did that.
WA claims that everything is included in premium membership, but it turns out to be NOT TRUE.

Hi Igyre, Just recently, I've been wondering the same thing as you. I was wondering how you made out with this? I have an original non-wordpress website with www, but then later added a wordpress blog to it, but didn't think to make sure it also had the www. In Webmaster Tools, I'm able to add a sitemap to the non-www version, but not the www version (it gives me an error), so now I'm trying to do what you were trying.

I've tried to do what you tried, what Carson suggested below, but I also had a problem with that, as the blog pages part of my site became 404 errors, so I had to change it back. I'm pretty certain that the problem is at WA hosting, not wordpress, or GoDaddy.

Look, if you put now your domain With the www in a browser and it redirects to the domain without it, then just leave it quiet as you won't face any duplicate penalties.

Anyhow, you only would face a penalty IF you would upload 2 identical sites to the www version and the one without, but who in the world would do that.

The redirect takes care of this so people will land at your correct site whenever they use www or not.

If you are using wordpress, then you can set this right within your wordpress Admin area. Go to "Settings => General" and you will see two URL options:

WordPress Address (URL)
Site Address (URL)

Update these both to: http://www.yourdomain.com

That will allow your website to run on "www".

No need to set DNS records or anything like that :)

Thanks, but I've tried that a bunch of times. Every time it gives me a too-many-redirects error...it's like some other thing must be pointing it back to the no-www version.

Thanks for this--worked for me!

For the most part the www. is actually not neccessary anymore, so fidddling with all sorts of settings is actually unneccessary!

Ok, further research seems to suggest that I may need to change my CNAME record, which means temporarily transferring control back to my registrar...if the DNS settings for my domain temporarily stop pointing here, does that mean my website will disappear? Or will it show up again later when I get the DNS settings back to normal?

Why do you want a www.? they are not needed anymore, everyone nowadays just uses the yourdomain.com. There is no need to waste time with doing this.

Because google may perceive the www and no www versions as seperate sites which means duplicate content and not good for SEO. You can set one to be the canonical URL which fixes that problem, but the impression I get from things I've read is that it's good for that to be the www version, since if people link to your site that's the version they're more likely to use.

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What traffic and competition numbers do you shoot for?

What traffic and competition numbers do you shoot for?

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Search Engine Optimization

I just realized that almost all my pages over a week old are on the first page for their keyword phrases (without quotes). Yay! But this also makes me wonder, since this is a prett

I like to mix things up a bit low to high competition kws is what I use....and in time like Carson mentioned you will rank for things you never would have known...in general I use what makes sense for the use of the kw....most important....in time high comp. kw can be ranked.....I like the combo it works well...for me...:)

Shooting for keywords that have less than 400 competition are a lot easier to rank for, but this does not mean that you will not rank for keywords with higher competition. If you are targeting content at specific keywords, then I'd stick to the sub 400 competition range. That said, one of the awesome benefits to writing quality content is that you will start ranking for many other keywords too...ones that you didn't intend!

It's great that you are ranking so well. Keep building your content and your website because the more content you have, the better you'll rank.

The results that are seen on Google are what others see if you and they are using Google.com. To make Google rankings even more like what others see, make sure that you are not logged into Google when you do a search. Results can be personalized to you if you're logged in with a Google account and perform a search.

Hope this helps!


Hi lgyre

Welldone on getting to page 1 with your keywords! My advice is to experiment as you go along to see what works best for you.

I now tend to go for as much traffic I can find and with the competition to as close as "0" as I can find. You may also want to try searching for longer tail keywords, up to about 5 word phrases because there are some long-tail hidden gems out there ;)

As for the Google search I should imagine that other people do see the same. I've also checked my Google results on friends and other family computers, and the results have been the same.

Hope this helps you a little, Neil

Is following a lot of people discouraged here?

Is following a lot of people discouraged here?

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Getting Started

In most of the communities I participate in, adding a lot of people to get a larger network is pretty standard, so that's what I've been doing here. I've seen a few recent discussi

hi, I'm unable to watch any of the LIVE streaming videos on the WA website. Does anyone have any idea on how to resolve the problem ? The videos start buffering.....but NEVER starts playing. Because of this, I have not been able to accomplish more or less anything uptil now

Some content is only available to premium members. I don't know if that is some of the information you are trying to view, but I notice you are not premium so that might be the reason.

The Live Video Classes are only available for premium members. Other videos should work for you. If you are using Microsoft as a browser this may be your issue. Download either FireFox or Chrome and the problem should resolve itself.

I concur with Rich and this is what that blog was about

Like he said, there were a very few folks in here following every single person coming in the instant they come through the door. This kind of activity is quite obvious. There is no ranking achieved by doing this, but that occurs when people reciprocate.

There is otherwise, absolutely nothing wrong with following people.  99.99% of everyone who follows others do this for the sake of networking, making new friends and is fine.

The discussions on this caused some confusion with some new people in here and I apologize. It was not meant to discourage anyone from following others. That button is there for a reason, however it has been abused by a tiny few.

Following people here at WA is certainly not discouraged if your intentions are genuine. Some people, however create free accounts, then follow themselves etc to try and "Game" the Member rank. There is no benefit to doing this so it's questionable why people would in the first place.

Please feel free to follow people, it will help you stay in touch and up to date with their activity.


Can you tell me what the rank actually means? Mine seems to go up and down and I don't know why or care, does it matter, if you are getting involved,you must be learning and gaining contacts and information and growing. Why would I want to follow myself, I dont understand, do I get a prize!!!!

Member rank here at WA is meant to give you, and others an idea of how much you contribute to the community. People who are helping others by answering questions, creating training, and are active within WA, have a higher rank. Recently we've discovered, however, that people are auto-posting welcome messages on people's profiles. Although we do not discourage people welcoming others, we do not like the copy/paste messages that people get. Some folks have figured out that posting on everyone's profiles when they join will increase their Member rank, and we're putting provisions in place to stop that.

The higher your member rank, the more helpful you are. It's nice to have some kind of stature within a community so others can see.


I was wondering about this. I'm new so didn't even know what it was all about, so the answers you got really explains a lot.

Following is very much encouraged here at WA, when I first joined I followed just about every one I stumbled across and that was great because I started to become part of the WA community. I followed them and they in return generally followed me this meant I was getting a cross flow of information, thoughts and actions from the network. This method works and your network will naturally grow because people are genuinely interested in you and how you are doing as much as you are in them. So follow, follow,follow!
To your success!

Hey Laura,

Nope, building a network is actively encouraged, please don't think you're doing anything wrong. What you're seeing being discussed concerns a very small number of people who have figured out that it is possible to *game* their WAU rank by following every single person before they've even got their bio or profile pic. up or by copying-and-pasting a spammy FOLLOW ME! welcome message on newcomers profile pages the moment they walk through the door, often beating Kyle, Carson and the referrer's automated welcome messages. It reduces WAU to looking like the worst kind of MLM pyramid blogging scam and has cost some of us referrals who've been alienated by this pouncy-spammy gaming. Kyle and Carson are aware this is happening and are considering ways to stop it as can be seen in Carson's comments in Daniel's recent post here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/daniel-euergetes/blog/how-to-rank-in-wa-effortlessly


Thanks, that makes sense.

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