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Hellllooooo to all

I'm a 45 year old father of the good looking guy in my avatar. Me and my family life in Brazil, close to the beach (beat me) but I'm born in Switzerland (hate cold weather).

Since I remember I'm involved in sales, and in 94 I made my degree in Marketing Planning and Organisation (offline). Since 97 I'm playing around with IM, keeping my offline job. It's a awesome jop and my passion, which I simply can't replace. I'm soon launching my own product online, so maybe this will change depending on the results.

I LOVE to sell stuff, offline and online. What I miss online is the personal, direct contact with people, so I started out to make that up over email marketing. That works and it's a great way to build a online business.

Hope we will have the chance to meet eachother, principally the folks which joined this awesome place through my personal recommendation.


aka bwh1 (or "easycash" in some forums)
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Internetgranny Premium
Hi Guido,

Just came by out of curiosity because you got the largest amount of gold so far today, so I figured it's worth taking a look at your 'space'.

Your little guy looks great! I live in England now - brought up in Vienna, in Austria. But in my case I doubt that my move brought an improvement as far as the weather is concerned!
Nice to meet you.
bwh1 Premium
Just some basics about me.
I am since I remember in sales and now, a few month ago, I try it over the Internet as I have big problems to get a job where I live, as well the age doesn't help (over 40).
I had 3 own businesses, but they all failed and I have lost money. They just helped my tolearn how to NOT open and runa business. Tipical small biz problems (low finacing etc.)

But I am a never stoping optimist and do belive that there is a chance in every situation, so thats why I try my luck now over the Net.

One thing as a statement : I ONLY do recommend or offer stuff that I am convinced off, and who have a high quality standard. My aim : never having a client who complain about a quality issue from something he bought from me.

Regards to all
emarketingguy Premium
Hey man,
Thanks for shooting me a message.
I'm currently on Week 2 and 3 of the 8 week action plan and am having a little difficulty creating my first lens but I have to do it.
I'm not currently making $14,000 per month, but am on track to hit that number by end of July of this year.
Currently I am working 4 hours per day online and making $400 every day doing a simple yet very effective strategy.
However if you have major financial burdens right now, what I am doing may not work for you since it takes $300 minimum investment to make this sort of dough. And it's a niche market which you would have to truly think out of the box in order to make it work. Most people are very skeptical of these so called blueprint systems but I dove right in and am almost a few months away from being completely debt free!! I have one question for you.....What do you think about gambling online?
emarketingguy Premium
yes buddy, no offense but you are very negative and skeptical which is all too familiar. Let me tell you this from my heart and I am a very honest person. I HAVE NEVER LOST A DIME USING THE SOFTWARE SINCE IVE PURCHASED IT. I HAVE CONSISTENTLY MADE OVER $150 PER HOUR WORKING 4 HOURS PER DAY AND HAVE FIRED MY BOSS. It's like my mentor once told me, you're never going to steal 2nd base if you never take your foot off first base. So you can sit there and go on and on about Aweber and other sites and other crap like refunds and procrastinate making a serious financial change in your life or you can man up like myself and many other WA members and buy the damn product and use play money if you have to, to prove that im not full of shit. We only live once, do you wanna go out of this world wondering what could of been or are you going to make shit happen! I'm sorry if you think I'm being an asshole but I hate hearing negative skepticism. You know that guy you see at a restaurant who picks up the check with no problems and goes and hops into his $100,000 dollar car with his beautiful mistress??? Thats where I'm headed, and I want you to be there with me! Think about your family and your childs future....wouldnt you like to have the security in knowing that thier future is covered>>? think about it buddy. Don't wait for life to happen. Make it happen. Good Luck!
bgallotte Premium
Tava dando uma olhada nos forums e descobri um outro brasileiro por aki!!
E ai, tranquilo? Meu nome eh Bernardo e virei menbro aki hj, to achando muito interessante ate o momento. Bacana saber q tem outro brasileiro por aki, te adicionei como buddy ai, pra gente trocar umas ideais se nao for um problema pra vc, eh claro!
To tentando algumas coisas com internet marketing a uns 3 meses e por enquanto to no breakeven.. E vc, como tem ido? Vi q vc ja eh um membro antigo do forum, intao ja deve ta bem mais avancado neh?
Vc eh de onde no brasil? Eu sou de BH-MG mas moro em Londres ja fazem 4 anos.
No mais eh isso, so pra da um alo mesmo, depois a gente conversa mais.
bgallotte Premium
Eu outra vez por aqui... Esqueci de te perguntar seu nome?
E como pensei que voce fosse brasileiro escrevi tudo em portugues, nao sei o que eh melhor pra voce. Prefere que eu escreva portugues ou ingles?
E voce, gosta de morar no Brasil? Ja estive em Cabo Frio algumas vezes, um amigo meu tem um apartamento ai, muito legal a cidade, gosto bastante.
Quanto ao livro e ao projeto pra um JV pra algum produto ai no Brasil eh claro que eu tenho interesse, o Brasil eh um mercado muito promissor para o futuro no que diz respeito a internet marketing. IM ta so comecando por ai. Eu ja estive pensando em lancar alguma coisa no mercado ai porque acho que o potencial eh realmente muito grande.
Os meus conhecimentos de IM estao crescendo dia a dia, tenho estudado bastate ja que no momento eu tenho bastante tempo livre, deixei o trabalho que tinha como courier pra me dedicar a isso, e no meio tempo me sustento com um business que faco com casas aqui em Londres.
Eu tava em um outro programa tipo o WA mas especializado somente em PPC... Muito bom tambem, mas como eu quero ter um conhecimento geral em todas as tecnicas de IM eu abandonei o outro programa temporariamente, mas minha ideia eh voltar em um futuro proximo e estar nos 2, aqui e la.
Quais os tipos de marketings que voce usa mais, ppc ou outros como article marketing e etc?
Bom, depois a gente conversa mais,
bwh1 Premium
Oi Bernardo
de verdade eu fiz o caminho invertido, sou Squiço e moro no Brazil há 12 anos (agora em Cabo Frio-RJ).

Tento quase dois anos aqui mas faço só uns $2000 a $3000 ao més, mas a culpa e minha pois não tenho muito tempo para gastar com IM, tenho um emprego offline e familia, então não dá para sentar o resto do dia na frente do PC.
Vc tá no melhor recurso para aprender affiliate marketing, sério. Se vc não consegue aprender e usar o que tem aqui, IM não é prá vc. Pareçe um "bold claim" mas é verdade, eu já comprei um monte e há bons produtos lá fora, só que normalmente eles são incompletos para Newbies.
Então pula no site e gasta muito tempo lendo e aprendendo o que vc tem que saber para fazer dinheiro online.

Se vc já é meio avancado, derrepente a gente conversa sobre um JV para vender algo no Brasil, só preciso um cara que pode traduzir um livro que eu tenho para o portugués. Tem interesse ?

zuoguanggao Premium
I don't undertand what does subdomain mean? Can the subdomain become a seperate landing page?
zuoguanggao Premium
Thank you bwh1
I have a lot to read. I try to have a subdomain under my main domain. I don't know how to do it now. I am planning to put everything together in the landing page.
zuoguanggao Premium
hi bwh1
I created a subdomain page. I want to change the temple, my home page changed too. So, I rather not change that. I am very confused now.
bwh1 Premium
a subdomain is a added part in a domain you control.

Take as example Google. Their AdWords section is under http://adwords.google.com , what's a subdomain of google.com.
As a domain, those subs are absolutely independant in terms of ranking in a search engine, and they are not that great to get indexed as a Top Level Domain, (google.com).

So we usually organize a domain over FOLDERS inside a top level domain, like this

That way ALL links you build, to any site inside your domain, help you get ranked, getting PR. But keep it RELEVANT in a specific domain, if you mix all kind of content together, you will have troubles to get a good rank.

Check out in WApedia here, I bet you will find a detailed explanation in this respect