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Last Update: Feb 16, 2013


So, last week I posted about my first week, and today I want to add an update. I've finished course four, and am almost done with course three, which has a few steps I've been putting off. Just finishing this material, though, means that I have a fully functional website with four pages and ten posts on specific topics. I also have five articles published and linked at Street Articles, and two at Hubpages. I have active pages at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. So.

My most exciting news for the week is that I have some income! Ten cents. Eight of these cents come from a viewer who clicked my Amazon food book link and ended up buying a kids' ebook about pirates (I'm not hating, mystery customer. Thank you for your business!) The other two cents came from Hubpages, which I've only had monetized for a couple of days, so I'm actually thinking that's the most reliable source of income I have at the moment. Maybe I should write more for Hubpages.

Anyway, besides income, I learned some really useful things this week, like how to set up my Google authorship profile. Now my pages show up in searches with a thumbnail of my picture next to them, which I think could be really make them stand out. When I say my pages, though, I mean three them pages, because apparently that's how many have been indexed so far. Also, though I've had an average of 24 unique visitors a day, I've only had three visitors total come from Google searches. (And they were a while ago, so they may have been me before I figured out how to block my own stats.)

This is encouraging progress, though. I have a lot of spare time this week, so hopefully I'll have more to report next week, and I'm leaning toward renewing my premium membership for another month. I would love to know how long I'm likely to have to wait (or how many articles I'm likely to have to write) before there's a reasonable chance of paying my membership fee with earnings. That's my first goal.

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Although it is only 10 cents, you have created a lot of success by your actions already. You have a website, you have created lots of content, you have traffic, and you are starting to earn revenue already.

This is REAL. You can accomplish great things. You are 2 weeks in...imagine what you will accomplish in 2 months....or 2 years!

Thanks! Yeah, I'm feeling encouraged, although hardly any of my pages are indexed by Google yet, which is discouraging. It would be really nice to see an increasing volume of visitors from searches, which is what I'm really trying to push.

There is nothing discouraging about that. You are two weeks in, I don't even look to see if my sites are indexed after a month or two of working on them. It doesn't matter in the early stages...you have to build the foundation before you can see results.

Great progress -well done. Keep focused like this and you will achieve that goal,

You are off to a great start! Keep up the good work and posiive attitude!


Hey that's great! For the hubpages, I suggest checking out infobarrel as well. It may not rank as high in the search engines as hubpages, but it's been around less so there's a better chance to think of an article that can't be taken (and their response time is quick. It took longer for me to write an article than it did for them to accept it).

Thanks, I'll check it out. I think it's good to have links from as many reasonable domains as possible, so I should probably diversify.

Happy for you :)

Good going. Ten cents today, $1,000 tomorrow. That's what I've said, it doesn't matter how much, as long as it's something, and it keeps growing. Good luck.

Great Scott! At your present rate, you'll pass Kyle & Carson in about 72 hours! Fantastic!!

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