3 Weeks at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: Feb 24, 2013


In my third week at WA, the good news is that although I was done with the basic courses I kept up work at a similar pace. I now have fifteen topic articles on my website, and about ten linked on other sites. One new thing I did this week was join Infobarrel, so I now have linked articles up on three different sites. I also found some .edu blogs in my subject that I could comment on, with links.

The bad news is after my big week last week (.10 cents earned! average of 25 daily pageviews!) I had no income this week and my pageviews were actually down a bit, to an average of 20 per day. For the most part I'm OK with the pageviews; I had extras last week because of promoting my site to friends for the first time and also having one article that got reposted a lot on Pinterest. I know some weeks will be better than others, but it would be nice to see some more income.

The confusing news is all related to Google. According to Webmaster Tools, only three of my pages are indexed (and yes, I've checked both the www and no-www versions of the site). My pages have started to show up in Google searches, though. For nine of my ten articles more than a week old, they're showing up on the first page. That's great news, right? Except that for all those ten articles that are now showing up in search results with decent traffic, I had exactly zero visitors click through from searches this week.

I would like to see some money, but right now I'd settle for a rising number of visitors from Google. Why is no one clicking my articles? I have no idea, but I guess figuring that out is my mission for week four. I'm leaning toward signing up for another month, but I guess I have another week to make that decision.

Recent Comments


Well done you. What a fantastic achievement in such a short time! They will come and you wii succeed at this rate. Best wishes.

Nice posrt Laura :)

Sounds like you have a pretty good grip on things. Those infamous words still ring in my ear... Build it and they will come... you've built it, keep improving the content and they will indeed come. Great Job!!!

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