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My name is Bernie Sawford I am a complete newbie to all this, I have studied a course by Nick James and I am convinced that affiliate marketing is my way forward. Like most of us I have wasted a lot of time and money following the shinny bright object and now its time to focus and take action to secure my online future.
My passion is Guitar playing, I have played in many bands over the years and helped many others learn to play well.

It struck me that now I am able to play at the highest level, I need to remember when I started it was all so hard and I made loads of mistakes but stuck with it and now I have mastered it.
So I start learning again, not the Guitar, but how to succeed on line!
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lanesamarie Premium
Welcome to WA and thanks for following me back. Good luck :)
sammikay Premium
Welcome to WA! You have found the best site to gain knowledge about Internet Marketing. This program helps you learn HOW to earn! Simply start the training on the left side of the page and the adventure begins! Click on my green FOLLOW ME button so we can stay in touch. Wishing you all the best!

See You At The Top:)

John Dough Premium
Welcome to WA. There are many knowledgeable and helpful people here who are willing to help so don’t hesitate to ask.
A good beginning point is Kyle’s video blog:
For a wide array of different and varied training including blogs go here:
You might want to go here for extensive training:
Best of luck to you.
pribs Premium
I just wanted to drop by really fast and let you know I’m here to help you if you need anything. I recommend starting with the Online Entrepreneur Training which can be found at https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/online-entrepreneur-certification-getting-started-level-1

I don’t recommend programs lightly, and I hope you find Wealthy Affiliate as useful as I hoped when I recommended it to you. I don’t think you’ll find another program that sets you up better for success. I pay for a premium membership as well not because I need it, but because I believe Kyle and Carson have put together a product that deserves to be supported and $47 for the value they’re adding to new affiliate marketers is something I proudly support.

Let me know if you need anything along the way!

Ian Pribyl
Carson Premium Plus
Hi There and Welcome to WA!

As you are just new to the community I'd like to take this opportunity to say hello and let you know that I am here to help you get started.

I've helped 1000's of people over the years build thriving online businesses and the Wealthy Affiliate platform will provide you the tools and training to succeed as well.

Kyle, myself, and many other very helpful people hang out at WA and are always willing to lend a hand.

If you have any questions I suggest using the Live chat as you will get answers very quickly. Or you can ask questions within tutorials, blogs, or directly to other members on their Spaces.

Here is the initial training that I suggest you get started with:
I look forward to working with you.