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Freemium membership by ankur shukla?

Freemium membership by ankur shukla?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Lately, I came across this internet marketing site promoting so call "Freemium Site" membership by Mr Ankur Shukla. There are 3 levels of membership. Entry level Silver at US

Never heard of that

I was promoting Ankur Shukla products earlier in the year. But it took six months to get paid my commissions. So I won't have anything to do with the guy.

Hi Glen, Thanks for the feedback. Is it Freemium membership that you have tried. I was offered 2 freemium sites for US497. That was very expensive. If he promotes it at US100, I may consider to try it out.

Nowadays, I am being bombarded with email almost daily from him and I have marked it a spam.

Anyway, glad to hear that you got back all the money that you deserved. [Kelsey]

I was not promoting his freemium membership sites. He constantly develops and releases new products into the market place.

Never heard of freemium, it does not sound safe.

Something quite new on the market. Or maybe under disguise in a different name. [Kelsey]

Thanks Kelsey,
I'll stay away from it.

Hi Michael, Thanks for the link. It is a good reference site for checking up on scam products. I tried to search "Freemium membership" but it was not listed. Maybe they might have it listed under a different name.

So far I have purchased 2 products from JVZoo and rather unhappy with the products. The first one cost under US10 but was loaded with Upselling. I was smart enough not to take up the offer. The second one, I felt a bit cheated. Initially, I was recommended the basic plugin at US27. Minutes later, the pro version popped up with advance features offering at US37. For that, I couldn't resist and fell for it. So now the basic version becomes a white elephant.

However, the support from JVZoo was good. I ran into some problems trying to activate the plugin hosted by WA. I raised the support ticket and within an hr after 3 emails correspondence, it was resolved on the same day. This is something that I cannot fault JVZoo as a company. [Kelsey]

I don't like the taste of the caveats on this "somewhat favorable review" https://www.newsonlineincome.com/jvzoo/
I'd run from this one!

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Affiliate disclosure - a page or post?

Affiliate disclosure - a page or post?

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Everything Wordpress

I have incidentally made the Affiliate Disclosure as a page instead of as a post. Should I leave it as it is or change it back to a post? [Kelsey]

It should be a page, it's steady content, just like the privacy policy

Hi Loes, Thanks, got it. It stays where it is.....Page. Pardon for the late response. Just got up from bed local time. You have a great day ahead. [Kelsey]

Not really, it's bedtime here 02.27, catch up with you later:)

Ha ha ha. It's Mon morning 8.30am. So good night to you. Catch up with you later on. Sleep well. [Kelsey]

Kelsey, you are ok as I have mine as a page rather than a post so don't worry about it. xxx

Hi Cheryl, Thanks for the concurrence. We are on the same frequency. [Kelsey]

Yes I have it on my menu bar on a drop down along with my privacy policy. xxx

I have mine on the bottom right footer. [Kelsey]

That is totally fine Kelsey. xxx

This is what I use: Hope this helps you.

Hi Trish, Thanks for the video clip. I didn't know that there is a plugin for this. This comes in really handy. Much appreciated. [Kelsey]

You're very welcome Kelsey!
Glad to have helped you.

None. Put is as a widget in the footer, good enough for Amazon.

Hi Jovo, Thanks for the note. Yes, I think this is neat and sweet. [Kelsey]

According to the FTC the affiliate disclosure should appear before or near to every affiliate link on your website.

The FTC instructions are guidelines, they have no force of law, even in the USA.

According to the FTC
"Although there are no fines for violations of the FTC Act, law enforcement actions can result in orders requiring the defendants in the case to give up money they received from their violations."

Hi Marion. Thanks for the link. Will digest the article to have a better understanding. [Kelsey]

"Are you monitoring bloggers?
Generally not, but if concerns about possible violations of the FTC Act come to our attention, we’ll evaluate them case by case. If law enforcement becomes necessary, our focus usually will be on advertisers or their ad agencies and public relations firms. Action against an individual endorser, however, might be appropriate in exceptional circumstances."


"What is the legal basis for the Guides?
The Guides are intended to give insight into what the FTC thinks about various marketing activities involving endorsements and how Section 5 might apply to those activities. The Guides themselves don’t have the force of law. "


It depends on the program, but for example, you'll find it easiest to put Amazon's Affiliate Disclosure "“We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.” in the footer, using a Text Widget as it needs to be displayed where ever you show Amazon links.

Hi Richard, Thanks for the advice. That a good idea to place the Affiliate Disclosure. Will look into that. [Kelsey]

No probs. you're most welcome! :)

I have mine on a Page. I suggest that you leave it as a page.

Hi Luna, Great. Thanks for the concurrence. Yes, it stays where is it....Page. [Kelsey]

Yep, I would definitely post the affiliate disclosure as a page since it's not something you'll be updating often. That, your privacy policy, and about me section can all be published on your site as pages. Hope that helps.

Hi Pete, That's what I have done too. Seems like great men/ladies think alike. Ha ha ha. Thanks and much appreciated. [Kelsey]

I would leave it alone. On my site I made the website disclosure statement a page that can be accessed through my sub-menu. On my About Me page if you hover over this link in my navigation a drop down menu is displayed. It includes disclosure statement, privacy policy, and my contact page.

Good question

Hi Ken, Thanks for the early bird reply. Much appreciated. On second thought, I did the right thing after all. I have mine on the footer beside the privacy policy. [Kelsey]

My take is that an affiliate disclosure is important enough to be placed as a page. It should stand out and doesn't change as frequently as most content!

Hi Michael, Thanks for the prompt reply. That's what I thought too. I think it is appropriate to leave it as a page. Nobody will ever comment on it. And it is very unlikely that I need to update it all. [Kelsey]

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Plugin clicky to track web analytics?

Plugin clicky to track web analytics?

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Everything Wordpress

Is it worthwhile installing the Clicky plugin to track web analytics? There were 2, one by clicky and another by Yoast. Which is better? Anyone using either one? Your feedb

Hi. Kelsey.

Listen...I'm going into my second year here and have not even completed the training modules yet. I am in no hurry.

I have however, followed Kyle's suggestions on leaving certain things alone regarding analytics, etc. because the WP SEO and 'Google Analytics' take care of themselves.

This is my opinion only. I am not a big fan of 'plugins' But everything that I am doing now might change over time.

I am a firm believer that a 'Website' is a living, breathing thing that needs to be nurtured daily.

I have no idea what 'Clicky' is but I thank you for bringing it our attention here at WA.

Sorry if I am off track regarding your question but hope that my response helps in some way.

Kindest always,


I would like to know also

Uninstall seo all in one after installing yoast?

Uninstall seo all in one after installing yoast?

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Search Engine Optimization

After installing Yoast and de-activate SEO -All In One, should I also uninstall it completely or just leave it there as it is.

I suggest a complete uninstall if you aren't going to use. It is not a good idea to have unused plugins taking up space on your server. Also you can always reinstall it if you decide to switch back.

You are right. I deleted it to remove cluster on the site. [Kelsey]

You can delete it if you want. I deleted All In One off all my sites.


Done. Has just deleted the All-in-One. [Kelsey]

Apparently deactivating all in one allows complete Yoast overly!

Got it. Thanks. [Kelsey]

I believe this training has it all.

It offers more information per page or post as to whether your content is compliant to Google.
Below are some of the items that are checked for by SEO Yoast. These are actual from one of my page. There are actually gree lights and red lights next to each item. As you correct items the lights will change from red to green.

OK SEO score
You have not used the focus keyword in any subheading (such as an H2) in your copy.

OK SEO score
You've used this focus keyword once before, be sure to make very clear which URL on your site is the most important for this keyword.

Good SEO score
This page has 0 nofollowed link(s) and 6 normal outbound link(s).

Good SEO score
The keyword density is 1.1%, which is great; the focus keyword was found 7 times.

Good SEO score
The meta description contains the focus keyword.

Good SEO score
The length of the meta description is sufficient.

Good SEO score
The images on this page contain alt attributes with the focus keyword.

Good SEO score
The text contains 665 words. This is more than or equal to the recommended minimum of 300 words.

Good SEO score
The page title has a nice length.

Good SEO score
The focus keyword appears in the URL for this page.

You don't get this kind of info from All In One.

Hope this helps

Hi Ed, Thanks for the good summary for using Yoast. [Kelsey]

Thanks. That was a good training video. [Kelsey]

If you've already deactivated All in One, there's no reason to keep it installed. You can always reinstall it if you decide to switch back. (Deleting it will also keep you from being pestered with notifications of updates.)

Hi Bob, Thanks. Will delete it. [Kelsey]

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