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Any words of wisdom before I transfer my domain to wa?

Any words of wisdom before I transfer my domain to wa?

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I have a website hosted on Bluehost (actually a domain and an addon domain) which I need to transfer to WA hosting. Reading WA questions/answers about this, it sounds like it ma

Sounds as if it can be rather involved. I found this when I looked up the information on this. Read this: it may help ya. :)

If it's just one website, and it's Wordpress, the support team in WA will transfer it for you. Is that what you're trying to transfer?

Yes, it's a Wordpress site, hosted by Bluehost. I'll ask support about helping me with this. Thanks :)

Fantastic. Let me know how it works out.

maybe I'm blessed. I have transferred from GoDaddy, Hostgator, and hosting 24... With absolutely no issues. I do have this plugin that backs up my sites in WordPress. I am not sure where it came from come I am guessing my security guy added it.

This was a difficult task for me. Watch TommyDillards video, take notes and be patient. I also found there is more than one way to skin a cat. I did a lot of trial and error and stuck to it. I went with namecheap and also got help from there side. Once you've done it it is a good feeling of accomplishment and things seam to be easier going forward.

I keep my hosting separate because if you leave WA you will have to transfer everything back again
And you will no longer have access to C panel - Just some thoughts to consider before you jump in


Make sure you pick a mobile friendly theme.

First, be ready for your page rank on your web pages to suffer for a while. I transferred from GoDaddy hosting to SquareTrade and my top 10 ranked pages on Google fell sharply. It took a long time to regain my position on Google.

Second, Wordpress.com states that they do not support FTP. There must be an alternative so I have included a link to a Wordpress support page here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/ftp-access/

I have never had a good experience transferring in the past so my personal policy is to stay put with my sites. Perhaps Wordpress transferring is different. I don't know.

... GrampaMike

I would ask support services they will be able to help

I would suggest opening a support ticket and asking them for help

Hmmm, word of wisdom ... Good luck ... :-)
No, you'll be fine. When you get stuck just fire out questions and jump into the chat. Someone will be willing to help.

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Is amazon affiliates and amazon associates the same thing?

Is amazon affiliates and amazon associates the same thing?

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Do I need an Amazon Affiliates account, or an Amazon Associates account, and can you only link to one site? Which Wordpress plugin is best? Thanks for your help!

Thanks, everyone!

Amazon Associates is the name of one of the Amazon affiliate programs. I've been an associate for many years. I had much difficulty initially what's getting WordPress to work the way I wanted with Amazon. But we worked it out. still the most of my sites are not WordPress... But I wanted to follow the WA family so I learned WordPress

Actually that's only partially correct... Amazon local associates is the newest Amazon Associate Program and there is another one that is also new that the name escapes me right now. These are all Amazon affiliate programs but slightly different.

Yes, they are the same. I have had an Amazon Associates account for years. You can link to multiple sites if you wish. I place Amazon links in my sites using copy and paste HTML code. I don't use Wordpress so I am unfamiliar with the steps for inserting HTML code into Wordpress. Here is the link to sign up: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/join/landing/main.html Hope that helps ... GrampaMike

Yes they are

Yes I believe they are I just watched the video and typing in both in Google search will bring up Amazon associates.

Yes the are same #

Check Kyle's lession how to became Amazon Associate, it is a simple process, regards:)

Yes - Amazon uses the word Associates instead of affiliate

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Could someone walk me through setting up an adsense plugin?

Could someone walk me through setting up an adsense plugin?

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I've trying to figure this out on my own, but feeling stuck. I've tried various plugins, reading through answers from previous questions posted, but I'm confused. I have several

Okay, thanks everyone. I'll be back with more questions if I run into problems.

Trust your question has been answered

Where do you want the Adsense ad to show? I agree with Nathaniell, you really don't need a plugin for this. Let me know if you want the steps for adding Adsense without a plugin. :)

I am in the same boat I'd appreciate any help mike

There are a few different plugins, so there is no single way to set them up.

If you want to put adsense in the sidebar, I would advise against using a plugin because you just don't need it. If you want to insert adsense onto every page as some plugins allow you to do, I would look at the setup guide for that individual plugin. The ones I've used before just need you to copy your adsense code somewhere into the plugin and then mess with the settings area (or add a widget somewhere).

Do you really need a plugin for this. It is just a small code which you put into text widget, just copy paste.

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Why a "142.direct" in front of my siterubix domain name?

Why a "142.direct" in front of my siterubix domain name?

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I started a new site today http://www.kentglassworks.siterubix.com since I don't want to purchase a domain for this site yet. I'm a Premium member, so I thought it was okay to s

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Hi Janet,

I guess you've noticed that we're moving your site to a brand new and much more powerful server.

When we move your website from server to server on the WA network, we do it with ZERO downtime. In order to do this there is a temporary URL that you will see like h142.direct.yourdomain.com

This is only visible to YOU because you have visited your site before and have the old server location cached at your ISP. Anyone visiting your site for the first time will see your real domain.

You can expect to see this temporary domain for anywhere between a couple hours to 24 hours. The time it takes depends on your Internet service provider to refresh it's localized cache. It's usually less than 24 hours.

As mentioned above, anyone new visiting your site will not see this. Google will not see this. It's how we can provide uninterrupted service to your site without making it unavailable during the process.



Hi Carson,

Thanks so much for your quick reply! Glad to know this is just a normal part of the process, nothing to worry about. WA -- from the courses to community to web hosting -- is just absolutely brilliant. Congrats to you and Kyle for creating a life-changing, delightful, world class site.



Glad you got that sorted - see what I mean about members response? marvellous

How are you doing today? Haven't chatted with you in a while!

Hi Janet,
Thanks for posting this question, and many thanks also to Carson for his reply. It will help us newbies as we go further in WA.

Thanks Carson as I had the same problem and like Janetto started again ;)

Very good question Janet and great quick response from Carson.

Encouraging reply. Thanks to Kyle and Carson.

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