Think & Grow Rich - Could Be Worth A Million Dollars To You!

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Have you read the book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? This is one of the highest read books by entrepreneurs who want to succeed. I bought a paperback many years ago and it sat on my desk unread.

This was actually unfathomable because at the top of the cover it said:

"This Book Could Be Worth A Million Dollars To You."

I have problem reading books as I forget what I read after just a few pages.

In fact, I can read through several pages and suddenly wonder what I had just read. I then have to go back and read those pages all over again. This makes it very hard to read books.

Perhaps it's because of my ADD.

However, I am going to make the effort to read this book NOW!

Today I picked up this book and started reading the Publishers Note. And then the table of Contents followed by the Word From The Author.

I was hooked. Although this was first published in 1937, the information it contains is timeless. It contains the secret to success based on facts.

Napoleon Hill was tasked to write this book based on interviews he conducted with the top business minds of that era conducted over a period of 20 years.

The information he accumulated on what drove those individuals to success are contained in Think & Grow Rich.

His conclusion was that without fail, everyone who achieves lasting success uses one secret this book reveals, whether they know it or not. And those who do not use this secret, fail.

Business men like Henry Ford, Charles Schwab and John D. Rockefeller contributed to the contents in this book through the interviews they had with Napoleon Hill. They already were familiar with the secret it reveals, to build amazing businesses that continue to this day.

Many entrepreneurs who read this book after it was published went on to build successful businesses and even better lives for themselves, families and those who they mentored.

I truly believe that the secret it holds can help us with our online businesses too. Let me share the Table of Contents and you will see what I am talking about:

Table Of Contents

Chapter I - Thoughts Are Things

Chapter II - Desire

Chapter III - Faith

Chapter IV - Autosuggestion

Chapter V - Specialized Knowledge

Chapter VI - Imagination

Chapter VII - Organized Planning

Chapter VIII Decision

Chapter IX - Persistence

Chapter X - Power Of The Master Mind

Chapter XI - The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation

Chapter XII - The Subconscious Mind

Chapter XIII - The Brain

Chapter XIV - The Sixth Sense

Chapter XV - The Six Ghosts Of Fear

Quote From The Author

I want to share the first 3 paragraphs of A Word From The Author In The Folllowing Quote:

"In every chapter of this book, mention has been made of the money-making secret which has made fortunes for hundreds of exceedingly wealthy men whom I have carefully analyzed over a long period of time.

The secret was brought to my attention by Andrew Carnegie, more than half a century ago. The canny, lovable old Scotsman carelessly tossed it into my mind, when I was but a boy. Then he sat back in his chair, with a merry twinkle in his eyes and watched carefully to see if I had brains enough to understand the full significance of what he had said to me.

When he saw that I had grasped the idea, he asked if I would be willing to spend twenty years or more preparing myself to take it to the world, to men and women who, without the secret, might go through life as failures. I said I would, and with Mr. Carnegie's cooperation, I have kept my promise."

Insights You May Not Think Of

Napoleon Hill said that the secret although underlying every chapter, will not be revealed to anyone unless they are ready for it. It doesn't come without a price.

He says there is no such thing as something for nothing. Education does not play a role in this at all.

The secret may jump out at you in the first chapter or on the last page. Mr. Hill gives the following hint:

"All achievement, all riches, have their beginning in an idea. If you are ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it; therefore you will readily recognize the second half the moment it reaches your mind."

Intriguing isn't it?

Working On Ourselves

We spend such a lot of time working on our business we often neglect to work on ourselves.

Unless we learn about and use some or all of the characteristics and functions listed in the Table Of Contents we could fail in our efforts to find and implement the secret to success.

Can you answer the question what success really and truly means to you? And I do not mean money.

My interpretation of the idea is what do you want to achieve in life where money makes it possible.

Unless you know that very clearly, the secret of success will not be revealed according to Napoleon Hill.

A Suggestion That May Be Beneficial

I got this thought and wanted to share it with you. Why not a group of us read this book in the coming weeks?

You may already have it. If you don't you can get it as a free PDF download here:

Think & Grow Rich - By Napoleon Hill

If you wish to get a paperback, one is available on eBay for 99 cents and free shipping.

Think & Grow Rich paperback from eBay

Let me repeat what I wrote at the beginning. At the top of the front cover are these words:

"This Book Could Be Worth A Million Dollars To You"

May I suggest we read one chapter a week and discuss it among ourselves? I am looking for just a few members who are willing to do this.

We can use the discussion area of this blog post to share our interpretation of each chapter, and how the lessons learned, can help us in building our affiliate marketing business.

In this way we will be able to get different insights and learn from each other.

I will make a note of who would like to participate and we can work out the best method to do this via PM and then start here. Everyone has access to this blog and can visit and make comments too.

An Alternate Approach

If nobody wishes to do this that is OK. I will read the chapters myself and write a post about each, once a week in my Blog here to share what I learn.

However, it will be much more fun to read this online with others in sync and share ideas together. I am looking for like-minded individuals here.

The Coronavirus Break

Since most of us are in isolation during the Coronavirus break, isn't this a great time to do what I suggested?

I'd like to hear from other members about this idea.

With Gratitude

Thank you for reading this post and greater thanks if you decide to sign up to read Think & Grow Rich and share your ideas with fellow members.

Even if you have read this book before, it would be very beneficial to read it again. A good book can never be read too many times. And it is not a very long book either.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

All the best to you in your affiliate marketing journey.


Edwin Bernard

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Chapter 5

The Superior Value Of Specialized Knowledge

Chapter 6

The Role Of Imagination In Your Business - The Alchemy Of Success

Chapter 7

Organized Planning - What Does This Mean to You?

Chapter 8

Think and Grow Rich - Chapter VIII, Decision

Chapter 9

Persistence! Chapter IX - Do You Have It? - Without it Failure Is Guaranteed

Chapter 10

Do You Have The Power Of The Mastermind? TAGR Chapter X

Chapter 11

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation - TAGR Chapter XI

Chapter 12

The Subconscious Mind and How To Use It Effectively - TAGR Chapter Xll

Chapter 13

The Brain - TAGR Chapter Xlll : Do we have magical powers?

Chapter 14

The Sixth Sense, The Door To The Temple Of Wisdom - TAGR CHapter XIV

Chapter 15

How Does The 6 Ghosts Of Fear Impact Your Success - Chapter XV (The End)

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Recent Comments


I love the book - and I have read it cover to cover and in bits and pieces many many times. Much of what I do in business and in life is in part due to ideas and information from this book - which also laid the foundation for my own MINDSET and established my own beliefs and philosophies as to what I BELIEVE and WHAT I BELIEVE I CAN ACHIEVE... the MIND is a powerful powerful thing.

Once you fully grasp and comprehend that - there are very few real limitations.

Yet we do need to be cognizant that there are some additional true laws of this reality that Do exist - and stupidly ignoring them or pretending they don't exist will LIMIT personal potential and productivity.

For example, you can NOT flap your arms and fly - no matter how much you may believe it will happen. Nope. Not gonna.

I once watched an idiot on TV years ago - some guru - he claimed he had mastered his mind to such an extent that he was literally going to levitate and hover over the floor by a few inches.

I was much younger and I was very intrigued. He started meditating and concentrating while millions watched him live on TV - then he started moving his legs and hopping up and down while sitting cross-legged. He claimed SUCCESS! He said he was levitating... he did no such thing - he only hopped up and down and looked like a FOOL. Stupid man... and while it may not be politically correct to say - the reality is - there are indeed S T U P I D people in this world. Even worse there are Guru Garbage People who know they are full of it and just lie and scam for money - and the dumb ones who really do believe their own stupidity, yet no amount of stupid belief will accomplish what they seek.

Again there are limits - you can NOT Ffffing levitate nor can you fly without an airplane or aircraft of some kind. PERIOD.

Yet when it comes to business and most other areas of life most of the time people set their own limits FAR too LOW rather than too high.

They are capable of so MUCH MORE if they only would and could truly believe they could do it they could really do it!

So once again - the TRUTH is in the MIDDLE...

Great book - great post too.

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

Hi LD,

I apologize for not checking the responses to this post and only just read it. A year later. Thanks for having taken the time to write it and share your personal experiences derived from this book.



Not a problem my friend - and no apology needed.

I do the same thing often and it takes me awhile to respond at times. My courses have brought many students - for which I am immensely grateful, and the same with some of my posts, sites, groups etc. and I am so thankful for each and every person who takes my courses or reads my posts or consumes any of my content on any platform - though as my business grows over time it gets harder and harder to respond to people.

It is nearing impossible now - and soon will become an exercise in futility and it simply won't get done. So I get it! ; )

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

Hi LD,

Growth is one of the signs of success. Congrats on helping so many.



Thank you so much!

A dear friend of mine had loaned me this book to read a few years ago; which helped me to think and take actions as a successful entrepreneur does.

I do have some troubles with procrastination, I’m certain that reading this great book again will definitely get me back on track.

Thank you,

Hi David,
Glad you decided to read this book completely this time. Please do check my posts on this book that I release each Monday on a new chapter. Thanks for your comments.

I am with you. I read this book last year. But I also have the issue of forgetting. I remember main ideas but sometimes it takes more than two three reads to remember it very well. If I love the book it is easier comparatively.
I am excited! Let's read it. BTW thank you for the initiative and effort!

Love and best wishes,

Hello Shahila,

I appreciate your interest immensely. Since you express interest, I will send you the PM I sent out to all those who are participating in the group discussion. And I will add your name to the list in the following post.

Here is the link: It is fun reading the responses of the other members as it helps us get new perspectives on the book

Thanks once again for responding.

All the best.


I have the same difficulties staying focused when I read. Probably why I have started but never finished Napoleon Hill's book. I feel the time is now to get serious and learn what he has to say!

If you are still interested in adding another person to your group I'd love to join - it sounds like the best way for me to 1) finally read this book all the way to the end and 2) comprehend what I've read and put it to practice!

Social distancing at it's finest!

Hi Susan,

Happy to add you to the list. I'll be sending out a plan for all those who want to study this book together on how to do it. Expect a PM by tomorrow.

Thanks for your response. All the best to you.



I read part of this book many years ago. I'm not sure why I didn't finish reading it; that's too long ago to remember.

So, thanks very much for the PDF link. I have downloaded it and will read to the end, over a period of time!!

With best wishes,

Thanks for your encouraging response Valerie. You will go through it this time. Since you didn't request to join the review group I am not adding you to the list.

However, each week I shall be writing a Blog Post on our findings that will be open for any member to see.

All the best to you.


Edwin, I would like to join your study group if it's not too late.


Hi Valerie, it is not too late. I'm working on the PM right now and will include you in the group. We now have 24 including you and I.

This a reasonable size group to manage.

Let's conquer this book!


Thanks very much, Edwin.

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