The Sixth Sense, The Door To The Temple Of Wisdom - TAGR Chapter XlV

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Can you believe that we all have a 6th Sense? Yes, this is the final lesson of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. The "Punch Line" after the previous chapter on the Brain was, "The Ladder Of Success Is Never Crowded At The Top!"

Our goal is to get to the top of our business. And the way to get there is to use our 6th sense. Mr. Hill teaches that unless we have completely understood the lessons preceding this chapter, we will not understand how it is possible to have a 6th sense.

Remember, our journey started with DESIRE which was the starting point of all achievement. That was the 1st Step towards riches, The 6th Sense is the 13th step. Do you remember what the other 11 steps were?

If you have forgotten, or want a refresher you can return to the original post in the link below:

Think and Grow Rich - Could Be Worth A Million Dollars To You!

Definition of the 6th Sense

The 6th Sense is defined as how Infinite Intelligence communicates with us without any effort. In simple terms - hunches.

When we get a hunch about something it is usually to warn us about danger, or to guide us of an opportunity staring at us in the face. This is nature's way to help us take advantage of the moment either to fend off impending disaster or to propel us towards our goals.

It is like our Guardian Angel opening our minds to the temple of wisdom. Often it is the closest thing we can experience to a miracle.

An intriguing passage in this chapter is when Napoleon Hill relates how he used to have imaginary discussions with his round table of his heroes. His purpose was to absorb the best qualities of each of them to provide him with almost super powers that he could use for his own benefit. Although imaginary, he used to freak out at how real they seemed to him.

Changing Behaviour

It was a way to build power through the use of Autosuggestion. His sole purpose was to rebuild his character This is the only way to change our behavior to take the actions we need to achieve our goals.

Knowing what we need to do is not good enough. We must take action on that knowledge we acquire. Napoleon Hill uses examples of entrepreneurs of his day who used the principles in this book. A century later we have a whole new group of tycoons who have achieved remarkable results by using these same principles, whether they read this book or not. The chances are they did read Think and Grow Rich before they achieved the success we see around them now.

Modern Day Tycoons

I am I referring to people like, Bill Gates of Microsoft, the late Steve Jobs of Apple, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Michael Dell of Dell Computers, Larry Page and Sergy Brin of Google, Richard Branson of Virgin, and Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and Space X - the list goes on.

I doubt that any of us are striving for that level of success. However, in our world of creating an Internet Business we still need to have the same desire they all had and still have.

Although we talk about money, in reality it is NOT about money. It is about using our passion to make a difference in our world through helping improve the lives of others in our own way. Riches becomes the by product when we succeed in doing that simple task.

One person at a time repeated over and over again.

Key Section In This Chapter

The words that summarize what we have learned to date can be crystallized in the following excerpt near the end of this chapter:

"The finishing point is that brand of knowledge which leads to the UNDERSTANDING - understanding of self, understanding of others, understanding the laws of nature, recognition and understanding happiness. This sort of understanding comes in its fullness only through familiarity with, and use of the principle of the sixth sense."

We need to operate at peak performance to be able to do what we have to do to meet our goals. To do that we must employ our 6th SENSE!

My 6th Sense Examples

In my life I have had that experience just a few times. They usually happened when I had to make a life changing decision. Here are some of my examples:

  • After graduating, instead of starting a new job, I requested a three months break to travel overland from London to Delhi. A bold move that was granted.
  • After 5 years I resigned this job in England to go to Canada to start a new life, virtually broke.
  • I changed jobs again because a company in the US wanted to hire me for my expertise. I rejected their pay offer and negotiated a new, higher one. They met me three quarters of the way.
  • I went against the accepted procedures at work because I saw opportunities for this company others didn't see. This was unthinkable for an engineer. It worked and I was rewarded by given a promotion to lead a new department to bring my ideas into reality.

Call To Action

It is now time to use the powers of my 6th Sense to help others achieve success and in the process contribute to my own.

Can you share some of your experiences where you felt the power of your 6th Sense in action? Also, share any comments about this chapter no matter what they are.

The next chapter will cover the topic of fear. It's title is The Six Ghosts Of Fear. That will make interesting reading. I look forward to seeing you there.

All the best to you in your affiliate marketing journey.


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Like you , I found it an intriguing passage too when Napoleon Hill relates how he used to have imaginary discussions with his round table of his heroes. Made me think, who is on my table? Well, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and Mark Manson (self-improvement department), Kyle & Carson, Jon Morrow ( affiliate marketing/content creation), last but not least ,my sons ( we learn more from our kids than we might think or expect)

Wonderful post! The power of the sixth sense can be understood only if we have experienced it. The experience of one person can be different from the others but main objective is it is described in the chapter.
I have experienced it many times. It is an amazing experience. I feel that information is being downloaded on my mind and then it turns into questions and answers.
Thank you for keeping me on this journey!


Thanks so much Shahlla. I hope you have also experienced the power of the 6th Sense.

All the best to you.


My thoughts on 6th Sense are that this can occur while considering which way to move with a particular plan or project.
When taking time out and giving the brain a rest, it can be that an answer will appear from out of the blue!

Thanks for your great post on this subject, Edwin. A most enjoyable lesson.

With best wishes,


Thanks for your fine comment Valerie. All the best to you.


Yes, I do believe in a sixth sense. I think we have to develop a kind of listening to hear the hunches that come our way. They are like synchronicity -- sometimes an idea comes out of nowhere that arrives at just the right time to address a problem we are having. We do well to listen to such ideas.

Moving to my homestead was such an idea. It was scary -- kind of like jumping off a cliff and not knowing where we'd land. By following my dream, even though I knew nothing about how it would turn out, I was allowing the Universe to guide me and show me the way. It ended up being 20 years of what I like to refer to as "a high hill in the landscape of my life."

I wish all of us access to the right "hunches" to get us to that little-populated top of the ladder.

Thanks, Edwin, for leading us through this review of an excellent source of inspiration. I've enjoyed it, and enjoyed re-reading the book.

Hello Fran,

I returned to this post as I am creating a matching one for my website with affiliate links to this one. And I noticed several responses here that were new to me, including yours.

Didn't you say you built your homestead yourself? If so, that was an amazing feat. I would have no idea where to begin.

I am honored you found this book study helpful.

All the best to you.


Yes, though I did help from a friend -- a large-size man. He was 6'5. Neither of us had ever built a house before, but between us we got the job done. It was a great experience.

I see lights, have all my life. I never paid a mind to them when I was young, learned later on something was trying to get my attention. They are like the flashing light of an airplane in the night sky, but I can follow that flashing light across the clear night sky. These 6th sense flashes do not work that way. They center around my thoughts. If I am thinking of negative bad thoughts, a red light will usually flash. When a good idea or thought is in my head, then I will see either a white, bright blue and sometimes a kind of light green light flash.

When listening to this book in this chapter a memory was jogged from my mind of a time long ago when I was a four year old. We lived at that time in a two-story house, bottom floor was underground. My little brother and I were playing in the living room on the ground floor and it was early morning, I could hear a party going on outside. Many people and many voices so in my thinking there was a party going on outside. One of the voices started talking to me and I responded, he asked me to come outside and play with them. At that point, my mother started screaming at me to get my butt downstairs right Now!! I came running down to my parent's room only to find my mother sound asleep. I was very confused, I stood there and kept asking her what she wanted? When she finally woke, she got upset with me for waking her.

We do have guardian angels and mine was on duty that day!

We are powerful creatures, our time here is to create greatness for all. The more I give, the more that comes back to me. That goes against the flow of most thinking humans out there. Remember the mass looting?

I will continue to keep listening to this book over and over again through out my life.


Hello Dave,

I had thought all comments to this post had stopped. Hence, I didn't check. Shame on me.

When I checked today, I found several responses that I had missed, including yours.

You have some fascinating and thought provoking experiences. I believe that we have the capacity for events to happen in our lives that cannot be explained by logic. The best way to handle it it to accept then and show gratitude, like you did. They are never forgotten.

I wish your Guardian Angel will always watch over you.

All the best.


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