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Napoleon Hill deemed imagination as being the workshop of the mind! In Chapter 6, Imagination is the 5th step to riches. The previous 4 being Desire, Faith, Autosuggestion and Specialized Knowledge.

We're well on the way to dissecting this whole book. Think and Grow Rich is designed to help us change our habits crucial to build a successful affiliate marketing business. The chapter on Autosuggestion tasked us to read it over and over again. Within it we were taught how to use a very focused form of affirmation to help us reprogram our minds for success.

Key Result Of Imagination

The second paragraph in this chapter sums it all up: "It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine"

Before you can achieve something, you got to conceive it first. Think of something as simple as a pencil. Or as complex as the smart phone in your pocket.

Neither of these materialized out of thin air. At some point in time, ONE person had to think that these could be made. A simple product may have needed just a few people to bring to reality. But a complex product would have needed an army of people, each with specialized knowledge to transform that original idea that was imagined into a physical product we can see, touch and use.

Two Types Of Imagination

Did you know that there are two types of imagination? Synthetic Imagination and Creative Imagination. Let's explore what Napoleon Hill said about these two forms:

  • Synthetic Imagination arranges old concepts, ideas and plans into new combinations. This achieve's nothing new. It only improves the status quo.
  • Creative Imagination as the term implies creates something new that did not exist before. It takes genius, "infinite intelligence" and communicating with the subconscious minds of others.

The type of imagination we use to make money is synthetic imagination. It is creative imagination that is the realm of artists, song writers and fiction authors. However, I was bowled over about the story of how Coca Cola became the icon it is today was through an idea born of creative imagination.

Ideas alone do not create wealth. Ideas require definite purpose and definite plans to convert to wealth.

The Importance Of A Heading

When I read the story about how a book that was not selling was transformed into a best-seller by the author just changing the title! The contents were already good and did not need changing. This is an example of using creative imagination.

Doesn't that sound familiar? When we write content, we do ourselves an injustice if we do not use a title that compels a visitor to our website to read what we wrote. We must learn how to be creative when we concoct titles, or put another way, keywords, for our article. Instead of thinking what Google will like to rank us, we should be thinking what title another person needs to see in order to continue reading our article.

In affiliate marketing we should use both forms of imagination for maximum results.

The Powerful Combination For Success

Napoleon Hill makes another critical point that can be helpful to our business. A creator of ideas won't make money alone. But when the creator of an idea combines forces with a seller of ideas, fortunes can be made.

Consider the creator of an idea as the person who uses creative imagination. And the seller of ideas uses synthetic imagination.

That is a powerful combination indeed. Virtually all our successful companies have both kinds of people. And that starts from the top.

Favorable Breaks

Many of us go looking to find a favorable break to turn our businesses around. It is hard for any one individual to possess both kinds of imagination. If you do, you're extremely fortunate.

What do you do if you are only good at one form of imagination? Seek out someone else who can compliment you to team up with.

That is how brainstorming sessions can break deadlocks. And solve problems. A favorable break occurs when creative imagination meets synthetic imagination.

Chapter 6 is filled with examples of the meeting of the two forms of imagination.

Can You Relate?

Can you share examples in your life when the two forms of imagination came together to achieve success for you?

Alternately, if success has alluded you, can you think if the reason could be that one form of imagination is missing? Please share your thoughts on this in the discussion area below.

If you can relate your example to affiliate marketing, or any other business situation, that would be very helpful indeed.

My Example

In a prior chapter I had mentioned how my career in cockpit displays blossomed to my delight. One of the reasons that occurred was I, an engineer, had teamed up with a marketing professional in the company I worked for.

Together we were able to accomplish a great deal that independently we would have accomplished nothing. When we visited companies within the US and Europe, both of us traveled together as a team. We won many contracts I am delighted to say.

Closing Thoughts

Never cease to dream. Be creative. Then provide a fertile ground for your idea to take roots and grow.

I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey.


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What I learn from this chapter:
Imagination is the workshop of our mind that we constant should develop and use.Important to know is that our imagination never dies but can come in a state or period of inactivity or dormancy due lack of use. It is up to you to let this not happen.
Developing it is converting desire into money.
Did you find your "enchanted kettle" ? I did :-)
That idea and the desire to make it a successful business. Lucky for me it will not cost me a million dollars,lol.
To make into a tangible reality of money, I realize I need a plan.
Cheers to you as I lift my Coca Cola zero :-)

Thanks, Edwin, for another great post.

All the while I was reading Napolean Hill's chapter about Imagination, I continued to be intrigued about the old Kettle and what value could possibly be gained from such an object.

Just as you were "bowled over", Edwin, when you found the answer, I was blown away to learn that the Coca-Cola empire resulted from that old doctor's sale of a Kettle that appeared to be ready for 'retirement'.

Many years ago, decades to be more exact, I struggled with an acid stomach. At that time I was employed as a shorthand-typist
in the engineering division of a New Zealand Airline company. Due to a large number of employees in the workshop, a qualified Nurse was employed. I was encouraged to see the Nurse about the problem I had. Eventually, she referred me to a Doctor. And, unbelievably the doctor's solution to my problem was to drink a glass of Coca-Cola, each night, before my evening meal.

Over recent years, drinks such as Coca-Cola and other fizzy drinks have been frowned on. Due to the negativity around these types of drinks I've wondered why that Doctor gave the advice he did. As far as I can remember, a Coca-Cola each night before dinner did help. But all I can imagine is that rather than rely on medical science, that Doctor must have read Think and Grow Rich and used his Imagination to conjure up a solution to my problem!!

My closing thoughts are that I've never had a sound synthetic or creative imagination. But now is the time to study and seek imagination, mostly creative. The reason is that I'm turning my back on my affiliate website I started in 2015. I've had too much trouble with it since changing the Wordpress theme.

Those are my thoughts at present. Maybe tomorrow my imagination will save that website and all the work I've done on it.

PS. I've just read Debbi's reply to you. "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

Just what I need. Thanks to you, Edwin, and to Debbi.

My best wishes,


Hill also states we will meet roadblocks and frustrations. But we have to persevere. I hope you can do so.
I still drink an occasional Coke when my tummy is upset. It works!

That's good to know, Barbara.

Fizzy drinks are not so popular these days in New Zealand. However, as with other items frowned upon, such as smoking and alcohol, I would guess there are still people drinking Coke.
Fair enough!

Ha ha, I love the Coke connection with the Imagination Chapter and that large kettle. I had no idea where he was going with that story.



Thanks for your article Edwin. Always thought provoking.

Did Kyle and Carson use synthetic imagination to create WA? Or creative? I think both. They had to synthesize all the available technology to creat a platform for use by it's members. But they had to use creative to make it a successful workable program that anyone could use.

I believe my synthetic imagination is what I can learn from all the training and community. My creative imagination is used to write my posts. Even though I do extensive research on my topic, I alone must put the thoughts to "paper".

Hill did say that creative imagination will become more alert through use. I am finding this to be true. The more I write the easier it is.

And as I conitnue to twice daily recite my goal (desire) I am telling my mind to think positively and motivate myself to action.

In the past I have had a few ideas that I thought were good inventions. However, later I discovered that someone had already invented them. I will not be discouraged though. Just proves to me that there is a massive amount of intelligence within all of us, just waiting to be developed.

Best to you all. You are my Mastermind Group!


Hi Barbara,

You are a shining light in a world of confusion. I feel you were spot on in your discussion of how Kyle and Carson used imagination in developing WA.

When you mentioned that you found out others had already invented what you thought about, that was a positive sign. It meant that your mind works in creative ways.

I commend you for repeating your affirmations twice a day. Somehow I don't think that most of those who are following this book study are. In my next Monday's post I shall be asking that question.

Glad that you are finding this as a workable Mastermind Group.

All the best to you.



Thanks for your encouraging words. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
I figure I better be doing all the steps if I want to succeed at this!
Best to you too Edwin!
Take care,

You wrote a great article and that makes me want to be a better writer. I like how you point out there are two types of imagination. Who knew? I didn't. I think your article also makes a good point that to have success you need to bring the imagination and creativity together, bringing the audience to you in how you use your Headings.

Hi Terri,

I am so glad you appreciated the two types of imagination. I didn't until I read Think and Grow Rich.

Thanks for your comments.


Great post.

I certainly did not know there were 2 types of imagination.

Using your cockpit example, I guess it would also be a better for a pilot to be involved in the design of the layout, rather than just an engineer who has never flown etc. Whilst layout may look pretty and nicely set-out, there is no point having the gauge that the pilot looks at most farthest, away from his or her eye-line

SiteFeedback is also very important. Many of us are stuck in our opinions. SiteFeedback can open up new avenues of creativity, just by having a second set of (neutral) eyes look at the site.

Thanks! Good point about the pilots. We worked very closely with the pilots.They contributed to the cockpit specs. And were involved in the high level testing.

It takes teamwork top down and sideways. When done well it works like a charm. When done badly it stinks to high heaven.

I was also involved designing displays for commercial aircraft. Those were the days before protection from terrorists. The cockpit door used to be open before take off and after landing. I used to chat with the pilots about how they liked the displays.

One of my displays got installed in Air Force 1.The 747 Plane at that time. We did the work for Boeing.

My most memorable military experience was when we visited a military base and did night vision testing in a cockpit after midnight to the early hours of the morning.

Fun times indeed.

Thanks for your insights.



They do sound like fun times. and experiences that you can be very proud of.

I think sometimes we forget what we have achieved in our history. And mundane life overtakes us.

It is reminding myself of my own history that makes me believe that WA is and can be my future.

I also think that WA is going to be a very big part of my future. I am entrenched in the training and building up my affiliate website. It is not easy, but well worth the effort.

All the best to you.


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