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Converting Thought Into Reality

The first chapter of Think and Grow Rich brings into sharp focus how important thoughts can be. No matter how hard we work our business, if you do not think things through, knowing exactly what you wish to achieve, the chances of success are very slim.

We are taught to work very hard and to never give up. This is great advice. But it will come to naught without the smart thinking that is critical.

Edwin C. Barnes and Mr. Thomas Edison

In this chapter Napoleon Hill tells the story of how Edwin C. Barnes "thought" his way into a business partnership with Thomas Edison. Edwin was a great admirer of Mr. Edison. The problems he faced were he didn't know the man. Nor did he live in the same town as him.

Yet he was able to achieve this goal. It took a while, but he succeeded.

Henry Ford And The 8 Cylinder Engine

Another amazing story was about Henry Ford. He came up with the idea of creating an 8 cylinder engine cast from one block. His engineers told him this was impossible. He didn't take NO for an answer, and tasked them to go ahead anyway. There were several times when they returned to Mr. Ford to confirm there efforts confirmed this was impossible,

After a few years, as if by a stroke of magic the secret to fabricate what Henry Ford wanted was achieved. His persistence paid off. The rest is History!

This chapter relates several examples about how others thought things into reality.

Exercise For This Chapter

Read it. Make comments on it. Then relate one example in your life where you were able to make something happen though it seemed impossible at first.

Then consider the affiliate marketing business we are in. Name one thing that we are trying tom achieve that appears impossible. Tell us how you plan to make it possible using the lessons taught at Wealthy Affiliate.

In this way we can all learn from each others thoughts and experiences.

Use the discussion area below to share your thoughts.

List Of Participating Members

Updated Saturday, April 4, 2020

The following is a list of Wealthy Affiliate members who responded they would like to participate in this Think and Gorw Rich Book study. When I originally collated the list of members I overlooked many more because I didn't read all the responses correctly.

Members who I sent out the original PM describing the process are identified with a + sign. In owe an apology to the remaining members who I had left out.

Since this was my fault I am going to delay the start of Chapter 2 until Wednesday 8th April to give everyone a chance to read the responses of those who have yet to comment.

I will be sending out a new PM to everyone explaining this situation. We will be back on track when I release Chapter 3 on Monday April 13th.

This and subsequent Chapter Posts will have a link in the original post below:

Think and Grow Rich Could Be Worth A Million Dollars!

We have a total of 60 members in this study group. The Wealthy Affiliate PM system doesn't permit sending out PM's to multiple members. Hence, I will have to send out 56 separate PM's. I will not be using the PM system to communicate with the group like I had originally planned. Instead, I will be using my actual posts to do that. Please check for my messages to the group there.

Since I will be publishing a new post for each Chapter, I feel this should work out just fine. Thanks for your understanding,

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Recent Comments


Thoughts are things! Seek to do good and you will find that happiness runs after you! I have been studying this concept since I was introduced to this book by Bob Proctor about 10 years ago...

One of the most common "mistake" of people today is to think that something is impossible, I sure thought that way for years and years... One thing that brought me to think differently was a "failure".

As the book says sometimes it takes failure to gain success. My personal experience is that I tried to get a bachelor's degree (through an online university) at the age of 37 while working full time. I burned the candle at both ends working/studying 18 hours a day until I turned 41. Then, after years of working towards my degree, I ended up with a major depression and was unable to finish my degree being mentally sick for over 6 months.

However, this brought me to really look at my life differently, and through research, I found meditation and started daily practice. Through my own research, I also found people that were not educated (no degree of any kind) but were VERY successful. Bob Proctor was one of them, He introduced this book to me and the rest is history 🙂

I decided (after reading the book) that I would be pushing forward for the rest of my life and stop thinking that I wasn't "good enough".

Today I own a 12 unit apartment building and run a (now profitable) online business that I work on in my "spare time" after my regular job. BUT, my ultimate goal is to Fire my boss and do this online thing a permanent one. That is the ultimate freedom, to be my own boss...I am getting closer each and every time I put in some work towards it.

The "secret" I found in chapter one is to vibrate at the frequency of positive thinking and always dispose of the negative thoughts.

If we hold thoughts of wealth in our minds, the universe will return wealth to us!

"I will fire my boss"


Hi Denis,

Your story is a remarkable one. The fact that you were able to help yourself to come back from depression and then applied what you have researched and the principle of Think and Grow Rich to change your way of thinking and doing things so that your are now on the road to success. You are an exceptional individual. My hat goes off to you. Simply awesome!

Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. They do mean a lot! 🙂

You are welcome. :))

My professional career began in the insurance industry in 1983. I was always good at Maths and seeing that Actuaries were a rare breed back then, it was highly recommended that I study Actuarial Science.

My degree at University of London was a Sandwich degree, which meant that I had to do a one-year internship at an insurance company under a qualified Actuary. There were not many in the world at that time but my Mum knew the only Caribbean Actuary.

I travelled to Trinidad to intern with him. However, while there, mainframe computers were being introduced and the company purchased their first mainframe from IBM. I made the decision to pursue studies with IBM and qualified as a Systems Analyst and Programmer.

With systems up, we needed to find a way to communicate with our branches and I cam up with the idea that this could happen using the new computers we had acquired. Everyone thought it was an impossible task and no one really knew how.

It took me 6 months of trial and error and many sleepless nights (including a Christmas time when I slept on the floor in the computer room while working on the communication programme.

Then, on the verge of giving up, I was sitting at my desk staring at my screen when I heard a buzz! It took me a few minutes to figure out that one of our branches was trying to send me a message!! The event has gone down in history as being the first computer messaging using mainframes in our country.

I have always walked a different path. Never really one to follow the masses.

This chapter of TAGR is a huge motivator for me at WA. I am a single-parent professional and entrepreneur and once again, through WA, I am amongst the first in my country to take this enormous leap into Affiliate Marketing.

My desire to succeed is immeasurable as I want to ensure that my talented daughter has the emotional and financial freedom to pursue her talents in dance and culture - without fear or worry.

I also want to help - truly help - persons who may not be as well-positioned as we are. WA gives me the tools - technology and revenue to achieve all of those things.

I am determined to succeed.

Be safe. Be well.


What an inspirational read your story was. It's been years since I heard the term sandwich degree. I grew up in England and at that time it was popular.

You'd mainframe communication story sounds legendary. I feel you got what it takes to achieve your goals.

Having a little help from TAGR will move you along faster. I love the legacy idea for your daughter.

Thanks for your contribution.
I wish you much success in achieving your dream.


Edwin, thank you.

It is an excellent idea that you have implemented with TAGR.
I first read the book in my early insurance days - it is listed as a must-read. 😊

I am enjoying it and know that it will help me a lot in my digital business.

So pleased to be a part of this.


Hi Cassi,

Simply awesome! You perseverance and determination paid off. Never say never! The fact that you were willing to travel to Trinidad then deciding to pursue studies with IBM speaks volume of the person that you are.

Additionally, you surely will achieve your goals with WA to help your daughter and others. Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,


Thank you so very much.

I wish you the very best also.


You are welcome. Thank you!

Well I been thinking my way into winning that Lotto !! Been buying dem d'ere tickets for over 40years ... think I outta I give up !! lol JK
HI Everyone!

I have had more then my share of obstacles in my path over the years and was never really able to stick to anything for a long time because my life kept getting turned upside down. After the last carpet pull, divorce then another job loss (this time plant closure)(I've never gotten fired and only quite one job for a better job), I had lost everything. I had many skills but no expertise, I couldn't get a job. Bored outta my mind and lost, I wound up picking little jobs here and there and it turned into a small business. After about three years I had scraped up enough funds to go back to school. With the odds against me (mature student at 40years old, small children at home and in a course with only a 35-40% pass rate) I dove in head first. I quickly found out I knew very little about IT but I managed to pull off Honours and graduated with a diploma as a Computer Systems Technician. (and the crowd goes wild,!!! well at least my family did). I was really determined, probably the most drive I have ever had towards something and I persevered. Wish I could find that passion and drive again!! Despite the odds and many obstacles I had in those two very long years my thoughts were focused on success. Two jobs and 5 years later I finally got a great job in IT and then became Covid-unemployed!

This chapter reiterates my success that came by my thoughts, my thoughts that I was driven to stop at nothing to succeed, and succeed I did! This is the best my life has ever been, and it stems from that one big accomplishment.

Well, I gotta go do some reprogramming!!

See ya ll in the next chapter!!



You've proved you've got what it takes to succeed. I love your sense of humor too.

I feel you know what to do to survive. Following the lessons in these chapters will empower you to thrive.

You got this. I wish you much success in your programming. Could you use that skill online to offer your services for a fee?



Finished reading Chapter 1.

While reading a thought keeps coming to my mind... I need to read this book again and one read is not enough.

I got great insights and many things are new to me.

Important things that I made a note are...

Thoughts Are Things!

Core - Burning Desire With Definite Purpose

Basic Requirement - With Initiative, faith and will to win we can turn our desire into reality.

An intangible impulse of thought can be transmuted into its physical counterpart by the application of known principles.

One of the common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat.

More gold has been mined from the brains of men than has ever been taken from the earth.

I am just starting to watch my thoughts and learning about its power. Our thoughts can make us or break us.

My Achievement - By gods grace, I was able to become the month topper in sales in the outbound call center (highest number of sales). However, I invested a lot of hard work to achieve it 12+ hours a day and 6 days a week. But if I was aware of this great information I am sure I would have achieved great results.

Affiliate Marketing - My desire is to qualify for the Wealthy Affiliate Vegas Super Affiliate Conference.

I am going to implement what I learned in this chapter to achieve it. I have the Burning Desire With Definite Purpose...

With Initiative, faith and will to win I will turn my desire into reality.

Great response Paul.

A few key points I want to drive home about the TAGR lessons. We must write down our desires spawned from our thoughts. Plus our plan for achieving them.

Then place it where we can see it easily, especially when we awake and go to sleep. It's best to memorize what we wrote.

Twice a day we must speak it aloud with passion and conviction.

Through repetition solutions will flash through our minds. We need to act immediately that happens.

The 4th Chapter goes into this process in detail. You probably already know this.

Napoleon Hill emphasizes that if we skip doing it this way we won't succeed. What is your feelings about this?

Thanks for your support.


Indeed, it's very important to write our goals and how we gonna achieve them. I have written my goals and pasted it in the office room, living room, bedroom and in the toilet lol.

I want to remind those who are participating in the Think and Grow Rich Book Study Project, I will be rolling out Chapter 2 tomorrow, Wednesday 8, 2020. This will be a shortened period as I will be getting the study back on its original schedule by rolling out Chapter 3 next Monday, April 13th.

The entries have been amazing to read. Let me throw in my personal story on Thoughts Are Things before we move on.

When I read Chapter 1, the message Napoleon Hill taught resonated with me. The following story will explain why. It is long so I commend you if you read it till the end

My profession before I retired was in the electronic display industry. In my career I was an engineer who designed and developed cockpit displays. These are crucial for the pilot to fly the plane safely. Even with all the automatic systems on an aircraft today, the pilot must be able to use the instruments in front of him to fly the plane safely.

Towards the end of the last century, Europe was in the midst of developing the European Aircraft Fighter. They needed a number of high performance LED displays. Remember, at that time LEDs were not as efficient and bright as they are today. Hence we had to drive them harder and manage the heat dissipation effectively. This was the setting where I entered the scene.

During the previous years I had spearheaded automating LED display manufacturing and testing. I felt that our company was uniquely positioned to be a display supplier to the European Fighter Aircraft. But how would our company in the US break into a European market?

Here is where without knowing it I applied the lessons taught in Chapter 1. I thought very clearly that our company could compete in this market. We needed to find a way to connect to companies in Europe who were responsible at a higher level in specifying the types of displays needed.

My profession was in Engineering, not in Business Development. However, my projects involved working with many departments closely including Business Development.

I proposed that we go after this market to a Business Development manager. He was supportive and together we found the companies in Europe who we had to contact. But he was hesitant of taking it further for fear of being turned off.

My perspective was different. With little experience in business, I crafted a business plan that showed that we could make a decent profit in the many millions of dollars. I decided to bypass Business Development and went straight to the CEO to present this to him.

He was so impressed and tasked Business Development to go after the LED displays the EFA required. And the CEO created a new department in Engineering for me to lead. I was tasked of finding engineers to help design and develop these displays.

As the lead engineer I was the one who gave my team of engineers the ideas that they took and converted them to actual LED displays. The packaging of the electronics and the thermal management required the the use of multilayer ceramic structures with circuits embedded within the layers. These were manufactured in Japan, also where the LEDs were produced.

It all began with a thought that we could do it and confident enough that we would win the contracts. And management believed that we could pull this off with me leading the design team.

Can you guess that my new job involved making many trips to Europe? These involved the gamut from contract negotiations to after contract design reviews. I even took my wife on some of them. This was the culmination of my career in this company.

Since LEDs were at the heart of the displays I had to go to Japan on subcontract business and technical meetings.

The following link will take you to a picture of the cockpit of the European Fighter Aircraft.

The main large displays use LCD technology. Around them are smart multifunction LED push buttons the pilot uses to interact with the data.

The rest of the cockpit is filled with a plethora of small LED displays.

I hope you enjoyed my real life story about converting thought to things.

My task today is how to used Chapter 1 to help me in my affiliate marketing business.

The main challenge is to truly believe I can achieve the success I desire. But first, I need to do a better job in defining what that success means.

Since I am retired and just about living off pensions and social security. my life could be greatly enhanced by having the resources to do many things I have dreamed of.

Like remodeling our home. Buying a luxury car for my wife paying cash. Going on a cruise to Alaska and through the Panama Canal. Also visiting our families located all over the world.

One of my dreams is to have enough funds to finance scholarships to talented kids from poor families.

These are my thoughts. I must never give up in my journey to make my thoughts a reality.

Thanks for sharing the great story. Hats off to you on your dream (One of my dreams is to have enough funds to finance scholarships to talented kids from poor families.). For sure it will become a reality.

Hi Edwin,

Talk about converting thoughts into material things! Very impressive! For sure after this experience, you will be able to translate your thoughts for your affiliate marketing business into riches or material objects. Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,

Great goal Paul. This happens to be one of my goals too.

I created a YouTube channel a few years ago to promote the music of young talent. Kids gave concerts that I attended and videoed. I posted these performances on my YouTube channel. I now have over 13k subscribers and over 8 million views. I've met most of the talent and their families.

Most have rich parents. But some do not. It is those kids and others like them who I'd like to have sufficient funds to provide scholarships to. So much talent around not being supported.

Thanks for your great response.


Thank you Nichola.

You're very welcome Paul.

GOD bless you. Many want them to be blessed but We need to be a blessing for others.

You are welcome Edwin.

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