Think and Grow Rich - Chapter VIII, Decision

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Chapter 8 - Decision, is one of the shortest chapters so far in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, but an extremely important one.

It's premise is so simple and so profound.

The Price Of Indecision

Individuals who are most successful in life are good at making decisions quickly and are slow to change them. This also applies to people who have the ability to accumulate wealth.

Conversely, those who fail more often and find it hard to accumulate wealth are very slow to make decisions if at all, and are fast to change any decision they make.

Can you relate to that? Napoleon Hill teaches that it is OK to get the opinions of others and do our own research. In the end we have to use our brains to make our own decisions promptly.

Otherwise, we will let the opinions of others dictate our future. Or procrastinate and cause us to miss opportunities and fail to reach out goals.

The Effect Of Family & Friends

I found it interesting that all those years ago Mr. Hill saw that family and friends, although well intentioned, ridiculed those close to them who shared their plans.

With no facts to back up their advice they can cause a lot of harm to those who they give their opinions. Negative thinking people are prone to do more talking and less listening.

The best way to avoid getting into this situation is to keep ones plans quiet, except with your trusted mastermind group. Otherwise, we need to keep our mouths shut but our ears and eyes at full attention.

I love this advice given, "Tell the world what you intend to do, but show it first. Deeds not words are what count the most."

Decisive - The Declaration Of Independence

Napoleon described a time in the history of the United States of America where this principle was put into full force.

The 56 men who authored the Declaration of Independence were decisive. And staked their lives on it if they failed. In creating this momentous document they put into action the qualities of Desire, Decision, Faith, Persistence, the Master Mind and Organied Planning, all principles described in Think and Grow Rich.

When we seek to improve our lives or achieve an important goal, we must use as a minimum these same principles.

These words resonated with me, "Know What You Want and You'll Generally Get It." The problem most of us have is confusion in knowing what we want. It is imperative this must be crystal clear.

The last paragraph of Chapter 8 summarizes it so very clearly.

Your Life's Experiences and Decision Making

In my life the quickest decision I made was to resign from my job in England and Emigrate to Canada to seek my fortune, Once I made that decision I didn't inform the company I worked for. First, I had to apply to the Canadian Government who had to accept my application. It involved an interview at their Consulate. I was impressed with the Canadians as they made their decision on the spot to grant me an immigration visa.

It was only after that did I resign. I was so encouraged with the words of the head of my department. He had visited Canada many times on business and told me this was a good move for me. And I would love the country. He was totally right.

Oh Canada!

I didn't make this decision in a vacuum. I had family and friends who had moved to Canada and they all encouraged me to make this move. When I flew to Canada I decided to fly to Halifax in Nova Scotia and take the train across to Vancouver and back to Toronto my final destination. I scheduled a month for this journey and stopped at various cities along the way to get a real feel for my new Country.

Money was tight so I stayed in Youth Hostels, YMCA's and with family and friends.

I stayed one week in Vancouver with long-lost friends who had emigrated there from Calcutta, India where I grew up as a kid. I took a ferry ride over to Victoria on Vancouver Island.

It is a sobering thought that when I visited Vancouver Island, Kyle and Carson were not yet born! There were no personal computers, Internet, mobile phones back then.


Oh Canada was so beautiful. Even though I landed in an Atlantic snow storm.

Closing Thoughts

There were several times in my life I had to make life changing decisions. Fortunately I made them promptly after weighing up the facts.

Yes, there were times I had procrastinated and suffered the consequences.

Can you think back in your life and remember one or more incidents where making a quick decision worked in your favor?

And one where you procrastinated before making a decision and then changed it very quickly that worked against you?

Sometimes we can luck out by not making a decision. When we do not make a decision to act on something using reason, that in itself is being decisive and doesn't count as not making a decision.

As always I shall be adding a link to this article in my original Think and Grow Rich blog post"

Think and Grow Rich Can Be Worth A Million Dollars To You

As a reminder, if you are following this book study group, do not forget to reprogram your mind twice each day using what you learned in Chapters 2 and 4.

If you cannot remember then it will be beneficial to return and read it. It's all about changing our habits to ones we must incorporate into our daily routine in order to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

If we do not do the right things right and consistently, why are we even here?

It is OK to do the training at our own pace. As long as we do the right things right and regularly.

And if we fail, do not beat ourselves up. We all do. Learn from it and just fail forward.

Looking forward to hearing more great comments in the discussion area below.



P.S. I was told by some that because everyone receives so many Emails and notifications it is easy to overlook my posts if it doesn't specifically state it has to do with the Think and Grow Rich book study. I listened and decided to use a title that makes it clear what these posts are about.

I thank those who gave me that excellent advice.

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Recent Comments


I take on this brief chapter:
1) procrastination is the opposite of decision., Something I have to conquer once in a while too.
2) Taking decisions at all costs ,risking all. Well, while I don't have to fear for my life (like those who wrote The Declaration Of Independence and put their name under it) I would not put all at risk now to reach my dream of being an online entrepreneur.
Because it affects not only me but those I have to take care of as well and that is my family.(my 2 sons)
If you would ask me this question 30 years ago when I did not have that responsibility and it would be only me, I would yell loud and clear: Yes!!!

There were two main points from this chapter that I welcomed:

1) Reaching a decision. The ability to do this quickly and definitely is the result of knowing exactly what you want.

Those who are indecisive or unable to make a decision at all, do not know what they want. You cannot acquire something if you don’t know what it is you wish to acquire.

2) Keeping your own counsel – a lesson I learned a long time ago. I also refer to this as giving away your power.

I don’t let others know my dreams or aspirations unless I am 110% certain they truly wish to see me succeed. I have to admit, aside from my husband and anyone who follows me here at WA, I don’t talk to anyone about my plan for the future.

Napoleon alludes to the following concept in chapter 8 and I have seen this play out many times in the past - just in my own situations but other's as well.

The reality of family (especially family) and friends is that very few genuinely wish to see you succeed. They are comfortable offering sympathy when you fail but are unwilling / unable to offer encouragement or even congratulations when you succeed. Your success is often perceived as a threat to their own sense of self-worth.

Do not share any idea of any value with these types of people. Life is hard enough as it is without "Debbie Downer" piling on more manure.

In summary, make a plan then make the decision to put that plan into action by involving only those people who wish to help you succeed.


You got this Susan. I enjoyed reading your response. The next chapter will be ready on Memorial Day.



A decision or lack of it can make or break anyone including myself. Somehow we know which ones need our decisions immediately. Big events or issues require quick decisions. When the opportunity to join the US Navy while I was an engineering student in Manila, it did not take me long to decide to drop out of college and hop on the first bus to Subic Bay where the Navy recruiting was. I was very fortunate to have been selected that day. A few thousand did not make it.

Decisions can indeed make a huge difference.

Great post Edwin.

Joe Joson
US Navy Retired

Thank you so much Joe. Thanks also for sharing how an important decision influenced the direction of your life.

Oftentimes I wonder where I would be if I made a different choice when I came to the myriad forks in the road. I wonder if there is a computer program to figure that out just for the fun of it ha!

Regardless, I have no regrets about most of the decisions I have made. There are a few I wish I could change but that is what makes life challenging and interesting.

All the best to you.


Making a life altering decision like the one you made takes a lot of courage.
Later on, did you ever stop and have one of those, "Wow, I'm so thankful I made that decision" kind of moment?

Indeed I still get a big smile on my face as I recall all the hurdles I had to jump over to achieve what I was shooting for!

Thanks for the comment Susan!

Keep on sailing on!


As we get a bit older, Alexa might come in handy in making big decisions in life for us. Ha ha ha.

No regrets is it!

Thanks Edwin.


Smart machines will be taking over the planet one day. Wouldn't it be hilarious when one machine creates a blog post and other machines make affiliate purchases from it.

Maybe machines will be able to earn an income like humans, and pay for stuff to be delivered to their owners homes to their delight ha ha!

All the best.


At Wall Street, machines are now making money for people. But it would be something to see affiliate machines buying from other machines without any human participation!


I know, right? I said that in jest ha!

Decision making is the cornerstone of all success which is why this chapter is so important. In order to make a decision you have to make a choice and to make a choice correctly you better know exatly what you want and have the courage to follow through.
Knowing your goals helps you to make the right decisons along the way in order to reach those goals. Not having any goals allows you to drift without accomplishing much or having to make any real decions.

The great men of history were great men because they had a clear vision which enriched everyone and they had the courage to see it through, usually at great personal sacrifice. We aren't all called to greatness but we are all responsible to make the most of our lives and our gifts. This involves decision making.

Making a decision makes you vulnerable in a way which might be why people tend to avoid it. But if you have a clear purpose, a clear end result, it's way easier to make the right decisions.
Another great chapter!

Hi Veronica,

Your analysis of this chapter is spot on. Excellently done! liked how you linked decision making with making oneself vulnerable. You followed that up by showing how to mitigate that result.

Great job indeed. Thanks for participating regularly.



I never thought of the vulnerability that accompanies making a decision - could be why making a decision, especially a difficult one, takes a certain amount of courage.

You not only have the decision to consider but the result of that decision as well. If the outcome is good, no problem - that's a result that is easy to live with. However, if the outcome is not so good, we also need to courage to live with just as well.

As you stated, if you have a clear purpose, making the right decision is easier to do and the results of that decision are easier to live with.

Well stated, as usual!

After reading this chapter I asked myself if I were quick in making decisions or not. I believe I am, compared to people I have known who obsess over choosing. But when I make a decision, it must be made based on research.

So I was happy to read the section on tips to making your own decision. Hill says to keep your own counsel and tell only your Mastermind group of your plans. Furthermore he says to keep a closed mouth and open ears and eyes.

This is one of my soap boxes; we need more good listeners in the world! So I was encouraged by this section, because I tend to be quiet in groups. He states we will learn more if we listen.

He also states that "deeds and not words are what counts most". I agree, and that is a principle I find in James 1:22 in the New Testament.

I guess I am obstinate also. My mother said I was stubborn; and it gave a negative connotation to my behavior. Now I can view it as a strength of principle.

And that applies to building our online business. Some days are a struggle to sit down and work. But with decisiveness of purpose and decision, we do it anyway.

Thanks again for this opportunity to be involved in the discussion.


I fond it heartening to read your comments to this chapter. Isn't it amazing how we can go through life thinking we have a weakness only to find out later it happens to be once of our strengths?

Right now I am battling the keyword syndrome. I cannot write my article until I have the best keyword I can derive This takes up so much time I've got to find a better way. Since the keyword has to be part of the first paragraph too I feel I must have it down before I write my article.

How do you handle this Barb?

Thanks for your fine comments.


There is stubbornness and then there is decisiveness. Being stubborn is often a label given to someone whose ideas or opinions differ from our own or from what we feel they should be.

I'm glad to see you held onto your sense of "decisiveness" - it will help you accomplish any goal you set and allow you succeed in your online business!

I think you are much more of an expert than I in the field of website building. But here's my approach. 1. Remember your audience! I saw some great advice that said think of one person you are writing for. Keep them in mind as you write. 2. Craft the keyword around that person. 3. My keywords don't always reach the over 50 average or under 100 QSR, but I try to come close.

I imagine that you are very precise, given your engineering background. I wonder if constrains your decisions about keywords?

I don't think I am successful enough (yet) to give you advice, but I hope this helps. If I find anything else about keywords, I'll PM you.

Thank you again for creating this forum!


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