What Role Does FAITH Play In Our Online Business Creation?

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This Blog addresses the lessons of Chapter 3 of Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I just read this Chapter and learned some valuable techniques on how Faith can play a significant role in how your business evolves. Its success or failure depends on having a strong faith in yourself that you will succeed.

Chapter 3 was filled with valuable nuggets of ideas. I found a few that truly crystallized the message to me that I want to share.

The message that bridged Chapter 2 entitled Desire to Chapter 3 called Faith was:

There Are No Limitations To The Mind Except Those We Acknowledge.

Both Poverty And Riches Are The Offspring OF Thought


Napoleon Hill defined FAITH as the visualization of and belief in attainment of desire.

Let me throw in a few quotes from this chapter:

"Faith is a state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of autosuggestion."

In the previous chapter Desire, we were tasked to write down what the goal we want in specific terms, when we want to accomplish it, followed with the plan we will be using to achieve it.

Then we had to read this twice a day so that over time it would be embedded in our minds. This will put the power of autosuggestion to the test.

This next suggestion may seem obvious. But think about it:

"Perfection will come through practice. It cannot come by merely reading instructions"

Isn't this so true regarding the training we receive at Wealthy Affiliate? Just reading the lessons won't give us any results until we practice what we learned over and over again through doing. We have to take ACTION!

Here's another quote that is relevant:


"It is a well-known fact that one comes finally to believe whatever one repeats to one's self, whether the statement be true or false."

If we constantly tell ourselves we're going to fail, we are right. We will fail. The contrary is true as well. If we constantly tell ourselves that we will succeed, we will. So why not keep telling ourselves the latter? Even if we don't feel that way at the moment.

Later on Napoleon Hill goes on to reinforce the above with the following:

"The subconscious mind will translate a thought into reality driven by fear just as it will translate into reality a though driven by faith and courage."

Self Confidence Formula

One of the biggest hurdles we face is a lack of self-confidence. Chapter 3 gives us a 5 Part Self Confidence Formula that we all need to read over and over again. Not only read, but act on this formula as part of our lives.

I look at this process as programming our minds. We can program it to fail just as easily to program it to succeed. So why not do the latter?

This is one of the reasons to associate ourselves with positive thinking individuals. Which is what being a member of Wealthy Affiliate does for us. It may be difficult to do that in our personal lives.

One of the reasons being we are too accommodating of negative thinking people many of whom are our friends. We don't want to offend. And I can understand that as I feel that way too.

Play The Game To Win!

Being a member here changes the game. We might as well play the game to win!

Chapter 3 imparts a very powerful message. Please share what points in it that strongly resonates with you.

Thanks for working on yourselves to help improve how we work on creating our online businesses.

All the best in your affiliate marketing journey.


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"Faith: The evidence of things not seen."

Coming from very humble beginnings, my desire to "change my script" was fed by faith.
It is all I had - faith that one day I would be able to give my self and my loved ones a better life.

The journey (continuing) is not an easy one.
I made a hell of a lot of mistakes, loved, lost, drifted, derailed, self-sabotaged.
You name it, I did it.

My professional path zig-zagged and along the way I encountered "messengers" and "helpers" in the most uncanny places and ways.
They proved that what I saw and believed in myself was alive and real.

Today, when I look at my daughter every day, I see my faith reflected in her eyes.
She is my BIGGEST supporter - no one can even come close.
She is God's way of saying to me: "Your desire and faith are not in vain."

With my self-confidence at its strongest ever, I now play to win - and I will - on my terms and in my way.

Thank you, Edwin.



Faith...While Napoleon Hill gives several explanations for this one ,this stands out for me: "faith is the 'eternal elixir' which gives
life, power, and notion to the impulse of thought" and is "the only known antidote for failure"

We need to have faith that we have the ability and will reach our end goal (in my case, and many here I assume to have a successful business)

Self confident, I say, I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects. This is my promise!

I will succeed by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use, and the cooperation of other successful people.

All the best,

Very powerful statement Luc. You have the right idea. I an hardly wait for your insights on Chapter 4, Autosuggestion.



According the Hebrews 11:1; Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I admit that verse never made much sense to me. But after reading TAGR chapter 3, titled Faith, it now makes sense!
Faith is a state of mind that is introduced by auto suggestion or self suggestion. The nature of our faith will be determined by what we are introducing into our mind. For faith to be strong and positive, we must repeat the positive desire, success, and steps of our goal daily.
Therefore, I commit to giving my mind a confidence message each day, along with my steps of what, how, and when I will achieve my goal.
Truthfully, at first I gave myself a negative message when I heard I had to spend a half hour doing this. I said, "I don't have an half hour!" But then I realized I self talk each morning while in the shower and preparing for the day. There's my half hour right there. Now to train my mind to Think rightly so I can Grow Rich!

Well stated Barbara. One of the things Chapter 4 emphasizes is how we need to use autosuggestion. We got to memorize our desires and how we plan to get it and talk it aloud with emotion. That's the key. Using autosuggestion in the shower is a great idea.

Thanks for a wonderful response Barbara.


As Edwin stated, Chapter 3 delivers a powerful message.

What follows are the various thoughts and ideas that floated toward my mind's surface as read through this chapter:

* Faith is a state of mind.

* We are products of our environment. What we see, hear, learn becomes, by default, assimilated into our subconscious.

* Faith is the element that allows our thoughts to become things. We believe – we know this or that will happen. This is what gives power to our thoughts.

* Thoughts combined with any emotion become magnetized. This is how we can have faith that our bank account will read a positive number, or we can believe our bank account will have a negative balance. Either way, we are guaranteed to receive what our thoughts have said we will receive.

* Side note * This brings to mind conversations from the past where I’ve been told, “You need to think positively”. My response: “I’m positive this will not work!”.

* It is interesting to read how history is repeating itself.

The Great Depression: “Fear paralyzed the wheels of industry and business”. “Business is due for a reform”.

Today’s Pandemic : Fear is paralyzing the wheels of industry and business as well as our healthcare system and cultural norms. Today’s social, economic and healthcare models may be forever changed.

* It is through FAITH (that our lives will evolve and be better as a result) and COOPERATION (a house divided cannot stand) that we will emerge / survive and even thrive from this current pandemic and all the mayhem it brings.

* As a hat tip to the United States Steel Corporation - I have FAITH that humanity, like iron ore that is put through fire, we will come out on the other side strong as steel.

I love your analysis of Faith playing a big role in our lives and society at large.

If we don't have faith we can succeed, the solutions will not reveal themselves to us. The next chapter goes into more detail on that aspect by the power of autosuggestion.

I liked reading your response. Thanks for your contribution.


The chapter about faith was very easy to relate to. Lack of self-confidence is something I have struggled with, and I still do. But I have proof of the fact that you can make yourself more confident with autosuggestion!

I have experienced that quite recently, less than 6 months ago. I went to driving school last year. I'm 34 now, so I started driving late. That's because I didn't need the license when I was younger.

I was VERY nervous about my driving test. I failed my first test, because I was so nervous. I had my second attempt 2 weeks after the first one. I knew I had to do something about my nerves.

I found a "Pass your driving test" hypnosis on YouTube and started listening to it. It is a 30 minutes hypnosis, and I listened to it 5 times during the 3 days before my second driving test.

I had my last driving lesson just before the driving test. Even during the driving lesson, I drove without making mistakes. I just kept repeating in my mind the sentence that was repeated on the hypnosis: "I am a confident driver."

During the driving test I did the same thing; every time I felt insecure, I repeated on my mind: "I am a confident driver."

I was still nervous, but I didn't make mistakes and I passed my second driving test! I'm sure I wouldn't have made it without the hypnosis. I needed the confidence boost to be able to pass the driving test.

I was able to pass a driving test by boosting my confidence with autosuggestion. So, it is possible to make it work for other things too. Like succeeding in business. Maybe I should go find "succeed in business" hypnosis or something like that right now!

What a story! This is a perfect example of the power of faith and how our every thought becomes a reality!


Your driving test story is a perfect example how we can use autosuggestion to solve a problem. I loved your story.

Thanks for your very interesting response.


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