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Can you believe that we all have a 6th Sense? Yes, this is the final lesson of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. The "Punch Line" after the previous chapter on the Brain was, "The Ladder Of Success Is Never Crowded At The Top!" Our goal is to get to the top of our business. And the way to get there is to use our 6th sense. Mr. Hill teaches that unless we have completely understood the lessons preceding this chapter, we will not understand how it is possible to have a 6th sense. Remember, our
I just found out that starter members can communicate with their sponsors through Tasks in the Stats Area. I just got a new starter member and for the first time I have received messages in this way. Starter Members cannot use the PM system as that is accessible only to Premium members. These messages do show up on their Profile Pages. I've had starter members before but none of them communicated with me in this way. Has anyone else who has had referrals been through this experience? Just curio
I published a new post on my website two days ago. Today I was delighted to receive the following message from Kyle and Carson:I checked with Google Search Console. Here is a screenshot of the results:Notice the indexed confirmation and that my post is also mobile friendly. That is what I like to see. This improves chances of moving up the search engine rankings. My next step is to give it time to hopefully land on the first pages of Google Bing and Yahoo. I don't often post when my website art
I wrote an earlier blog post on Zoom. Here is the link just in case you wish to check it out: the pandemic lock down our Toastmasters Club, much like all others over the world, have been holding their meetings using Zoom. It was my turn to give a speech at our last club meeting this past Monday.Subject MatterGuess what my subject matter? How to use Keywords to rank on the 1st page
Napoleon Hill has subtitled The Brain as, A Broadcasting And Receiving Station For Thought, The twelfth step toward riches.What do you think about our brains? Can we use the brains we have to exchange thoughts with others without speaking? It appears this can happen when we develop the skills to use our brains at a rapid rate. The ProjectHave you ever been involved in a project with others where there is a high level of excitement? This happens when everyone involved has a heightened interest i
I tried to boost a post on Facebook where I had a link to my website article about a Jaaxy Review shown below:I applied to boost this post spending $10 over 5 days as my budget. I got a reply that Facebook rejected my request. They gave three reasons:The landing page didn't allow a visitor to exitI was promoting a MLM programThis was a get-rich-quick programLanding PageThe only landing page in my article was the one going to the Jaaxy order page as shown below:Do you agree this is a problem? Wh
First of all, do you believe you have a Subsconscious Mind? Chapter Xll not only confirms that everyone has a subconscious mind but how to use it to get whatever you want, including untold riches. If you are able to read this chapter first that would be awesome! The sad part is that most people do not use their subconscious mind and the result is disastrous. Negative and destructive thoughts fill that void that prevents you from achieving what you desire in life. The critical 6 Steps we were in
The Tale of 4 CatsSix years ago when my wife worked at the local animal shelter, we fostered four sibling kittens until they were old enough to be adopted. Guess who adopted all four! Three were females and one was a male. We named then Charlie and his Angles, Kelly, Kris and Sabrina, from the 70s/80's TV Series. The cover pic shows Kris. Two of them. Kelly and Charlie, died suddenly over the years. We were left with Kris on the left and Sabrina,A few weeks ago, Kris stopped eating and drinking
I was dreading writing about this chapter wondering how could sex be connected with the business of accumulating wealth. And I don't mean using sex to generate money.This chapter talks about the TRANSMUTATION of sex being critical in the pursuit of our money making goals.Let me summarize what I learned from this chapter. Remember that it was written when society existed in a largely male dominated world. This is changing, but there are ways still to go.Sexual feelings are the most powerful feel
I recently asked a question about my Keyword results on Avon: After writing about Avon, I wrote one on Mary Kay. This time I made a subtle change and the results I got were far better. I want to share them with you. You can read the change I made at the end.The Keyword I used was, "How To Sell Mary Kay Online Only" Here is this result on Jaaxy:No first page for Google, #8 for Bing and #2 for Yahoo.The Title I actually used in my post was, "5 Steps On How To Sell Mary Kay Online Only."These resu