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Since I have joined three affiliate networks I want to share some lessons learned. There are 3 areas you need to address that are in my humble opinion the most important ones. Let me ask this question first. Why should you join an affiliate network like Clickbank, ShareASale and CJ Affiliate to name three of the highest profile companies? These are the ones I have joined just in case you may be wondering. The answer is like DOH! It is an easy way to have access to thousands of companies who of
I am writing this article mainly for new members. Let's assume they have already selected their niche and their website theme. And completed their About Me and Privacy Policy pages.Others who are also strapped for time may find this article helpful. What if all you have is 2 hours a day to spend on your affiliate marketing business? And what is the most effective way to spend them? Here are some ideas that could be helpful. The first question is what time of the day is best. The answer will be
When you check for the rank of your post using the Site Rank tool on Jaaxy do you only use the keyword based title?Or do you also try using the subtitles and even mixing up your original title to see what changes in rank you can get?If you have attended any of Jay Neil's webinars on SEO and ranking, you will have seen Jay state that your blog posts can get ranked for many other phrases (keywords) within your article besides your title. This Blog Post will demonstrate this significance when you
In this blog I will be going over the steps using the lessons learned from Kyle and Jay on various topics. Following these lessons helped me to get ranked high in the Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines. My main purpose in writing this article is to help members who are not familiar with this process yet, to show what I did to get the ranking results that I will reveal at the end. Consider this a teaching moment from another student like you.For those who are familiar with these procedures an
I felt it was time to write my 100 blog post on Wealthy Affiliate at the same time as I published my 50th on my Affiliate Marketing website. How quickly the time has passed. When I started at Wealthy Affiliate just over a year ago, I didn't think about writing blogs here. After I started to read some very good ones I thought why don't I try to learn from the best.For my 50th website post I decided to do a review about the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program. It was a culture shock when I discovered
We're well into 2020 and I hope that you have made a great start towards your new goals. It is easy to get sidetracked. And if that happens how do you react? Do you beat yourself for lagging behind? Do you feel that the goals you set are looking impossible already? Or are you on track. I'd like to share the 4 F's of a goal. Be FOCUSED On Your GoalThis is the easy one. How so? We consider goals very important to help us achieve our dreams. If we do not have the necessary focus, we will not achie
I have recently applied and been accepted into three Affiliate Networks:ClickbankCJ AffiliateShareASaleThere were several members have had reported rejections or delays in getting accepted by these three affiliate networks. Hence, I decided to share the approach I am using that could be of help to members like myself, who have yet to build significant traffic.What Advertisers Are Looking ForNo, they are not looking for big signeage like the one's in Times Square! They are looking for WORDS that
I joined ShareASale a week before Christmas and got approved for their Program within two days. My main reason for joining was to promote a debt renegotiation company called National Debt Relief that has helped me immensely. I discovered they had an affiliate program as a merchant in ShareASale. As soon as I got approved for ShareASale I applied to be an affiliate for NDR. I used my affiliate website email address as that is preferred by merchants. I received an Email the next day saying they r
I was delighted to receive this One Year Award Badge from Wealthy Affiliate! This past year has flown by so fast. I've already written about my past year at Wealthy Affiliate in this blog: I won't repeat myself.When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I knew nothing about Affiliate Marketing except the name. Amazon came to mind as one way to earn money as an affiliate. However, I was made to believ
You may wonder why have I got a ShareASale graphic in the picture below. Hint - It is connected with the Affiliate Bang subscript of my title.Before I explain what this is all about, let me wish each and every one here a Very Happy New Year and a Fantastic new DECADE! In many of my posts recently as well as in responses within the forums, I talked about how we all need to pay particular attention to how we use SEO on page and off page.Translation for those who are not familiar with these terms,