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We had our Toastmasters District Conference today. This was the second virtual conference in two years as our last one went virtual because of the lock down. Throughout the day a wheel with all the attendees names on it was spun to pick prize winners. Most of the prizes were donated by companies that profited from the Pandemic, like Uber Eats, Postmates, Grub Hub as well as some restaurants like Starbucks. The typical prize was for food valued at $40. However, the grand prize was kept to the en
I've often wondered how many people confuse the difference between a coach and a mentor. What about you? If you know that difference kudos to you. Would you mind sharing your understanding with us? I cannot ask this question without giving you my two cents worth. You can also comment if you agree or disagree with me and state your reasons why. Don't worry, I will not get offended if you disagree. It is always beneficial to get different points of view. Most of us need coaches and mentors in our
Please read the title again and think about it seriously. In my book this is THE most important question students of Affiliate Marketing need to answer. Do you agree? If you do can you share your reasons why you agree.Do you disagree? If you do, can you share your reasons why you disagree.If it is OK with you I want to share my reasons why I agree.My ReasonsIt takes about a year to start seeing any traction in your business. Such as getting meaningful traffic. Hence, it makes sense to select a
Where did all this time go? Will you indulge me if I try to impart words of wisdom accumulated over time and many successes and failures? I was born in India during British rule. It was at a time of unrest on the eve of India's independence. Here is a dichotomy. India wanted the British out to gain their independence. However, the country loved Queen Elizabeth. As a child of 6, our family lined the streets of Calcutta for hours along with throngs of locals to catch a glimpse of the young Queen
April 17, 2021
I first thought of covering this topic in the Questions area. However, I wonder if other members have pondered this question. Therefore I decided to write a blog post about it here.One Long Post OR Five Short Posts A WeekIs it more effective to drive traffic to your website by writing five posts a week, each at an average of 1000 words, or one post a week at 5000 words? Of course the approach is to be consistent no matter which direction one chooses. The ideal is to write 5 posts a week, each a
Hello fellow WA members, I discovered something amazing on the WA site recently and want to share it with others. A caveat first. I have not been active on the WA Platform like I used to be and may have missed a possible announcement of this offer. If so I apologize for the duplication. I created a new blog post that discussed the WordPress Block Editor. To help my viewers learn more I decided to add affiliate links to the Block Editor webinar series Jay gave in September 2020. Just for fun I u
Recently one of my coaching sessions addressed the importance of being consistent in one's business. This inspired me to write this post to help fellow members at Wealthy Affiliate.Have you attended seminars, read books and paid for courses to learn what are the critical ingredients to become successful? There are many factors involved in achieving success. I have listed 5 of the major one's.VisionCreate a Plan that includes tasks and deadlinesHard WorkLearn and implement critical skillsNetwork
Over time, I have read several posts about the lack of quality of some of the site comments we all receive. I also have written about this sad phenomena. Sadly we tend to share bad news more often than good news. For a change I want to share some good news about Site Comments.New PostI recently published a new post on my website about teachers. In regular fashion I requested 3 site comments. A day later when I visited WA I noticed that I had all three waiting for me to check them out. As always
When did you complete Phase 4 in the Bootcamp training program? I had been dragging my feet on Bootcamp and only just completed it. I should have done all 7 Phases by now, especially that I have published 120 blog posts on my website. Why am I asking you about Phase 4? The reason is at the end of Lesson 10 in that Phase Kyle teaches us what it takes to view our business from a customers' perspective. I feel that this is so important I thought I'd like to share the link with you along with some
What Is TaaS? Have you heard this term before? You should become familiar with TaaS as this will be changing our lives as we know it in the years ahead. And with it, many aspects of our Affiliate Marketing business. Transportation as a Service (TaaS)What does this actually mean? The best way to understand TaaS is to leap to the future. Imagine a world where the concept of transportation is radically changed. When you want to travel somewhere you get out your smart phone, open up your transporta