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What Is TaaS? Have you heard this term before? You should become familiar with TaaS as this will be changing our lives as we know it in the years ahead. And with it, many aspects of our Affiliate Marketing business. Transportation as a Service (TaaS)What does this actually mean? The best way to understand TaaS is to leap to the future. Imagine a world where the concept of transportation is radically changed. When you want to travel somewhere you get out your smart phone, open up your transporta
If you are age 65 or over, or a health care worker, you are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination. Three days ago I received a text from my doctors office informing me that the medical facility he operates from had started offering these vaccinations. They invited me and my wife to call and make an appointment. We called three days ago and got scheduled for today. I'd like to tell you about our experience as I feel this is of interest to our members. Keeping healthy and immunized from COVID-19
Just before I joined Wealthy Affiliate I subscribed to an Investment Reseaarch Service. The fee was about $500 for every three months. Before the first three months was over I decided to cancel. I was not benefiting from any of the advice given. In fact, I was only breaking even. One of the assets the expert gave advice on was Cryptocurrencies. He offered a special newsletter where he promised to share information on specific Crypto's that his super duper computer system used its algorithms tha
Do you use the Classic Editor or the Block Editor to write your blog posts? I just made the transition to using the Block Editor in WordPress. It felt that giant wooden blocks were pressing me down. After using the Classic Editor for writing over 100 posts, the experience was like I had emigrated to a foreign country. I loved using the website editor in Wealthy Affiliate. It was simple, I loved its spelling and grammar correction tools. Access to a huge library of pictures was smooth. When my p
February 01, 2021
It is a weird feeling going on the WA elevator downwards. Meaning rank. The last time I was at position 50 was over a year ago. It was so exciting to reach tank 50 on my way up the elevator. Going down, it's like a non-event. Like the way up, it was my choice, So is the way down. I have no regrets at all as I feel I am making way for others who deserve to go up more than I. But I have one bit of good news. I have started receiving monthly PayPal deposits from Wealthy Affiliate commissions. How
Toastmasters International has helped innumerable people all over the world to become better communicators, presenters and speakers. Today you have the opportunity to check out how a Toastmasters Club works over Zoom. It costs nothing to sign up for the meeting as a guest.The meeting starts at 7 pm PST on Monday, January 25th. The links are as follows:FacebookLinkedInTwitterMeetupI recommend joining the meeting 10-15 minutes before it starts. Namely, 6:45 pm to 6:50 pm Pacific Standard Time. Th
Some members are successfully earning a regular stream of income through your affiliate marketing business. Others are earning an income sporadically. Most of us are still developing our businesses that will start to earn an income in the future. This article is intended to give some ideas how to safely invest some of that income. But first a disclaimer. I am not trained or qualified to give investment advice. Investing of any kind involves risk. A sound approach is to only invest money that if
When we are in business for ourselves, one of the advantages that is promoted is we can work our business at our own pace. Think about that for a moment. Pace can mean different things to different people. For some, it could mean a couple of hours a week. For others, it could mean a couple of hours a day. And for some, it could mean to do whatever it takes, no matter how many hours a day it will take to get results. Out of these three scenarios can you guess which approach has the better probab
January 10, 2021
After being a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador for over a year, my feelings are ambivalent not being one. I do not feel any obligation to visit Wealthy Affiliate as often as I used to. And that is new territory for me. It means that I do not follow the posts of others and learn from them. It follows that I do not leave comments either. Do I miss it? Yes I do!There was a routine I had developed that provided a most enjoyable way of life online. But that also resulted in not spending as much time on
Can you guess what that was? One of my referrals upgraded to Premium on Christmas Day! I was delighted to have a new Premium member in my group. Even more heartwarming, she is taking this very seriously and has engaged me with some interesting questions. Now that is a good sign,I have not been active on WA for a couple of weeks or more and the feeling is rather strange. In some ways I feel like I have traveled to another place. Wealthy Affiliate can be very addicting. It's almost like I am goin