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One of the benefits of Site Content on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform was the spell and grammar check feature. When Jay showed how he now uses the Block Editor on the WordPress Dashboard exclusively to write his content, I gave it a try too. I was right. Not having the WA Site Content's spellcheck and grammar correction benefits gave me a big feeling of unease. Grammarly. I kept hearing this term in various places, including from other members of WA. I decided to research Grammarly and found ou
Is there a good reason to purchase a domain name of your name? If you wanted to, the question is would yourname com, yourname org, or, still be available? If it is, I highly recommend that you get it immediately.Here's one compelling reason. Once taken, you can rarely get them back. If your name is not available, then this issue is mootJust after the dot com bust, I attended a USANA convention. At that time I was a distributor. I listened to a speech by Denis Waitley, a renowned m
I've heard about the importance of having backlinks to improve SEO. Until recently I thought the only way to accomplish that was for the owner of another website giving you permission to leave your website URL as part of the comments' you leave. Every website I had visited to leave comments' I felt uneasy to leave my website URL in case it was considered spam,Then I came across a website where the comments' area allowed you to leave not only your nae and Email address, but also the URL of your
Twice a year Jay Neill devotes his Friday webinar session to reviewing members website. Prior to the event, Jay invites members to fill in a detailed application to sit on his HOT SEAT if they wish to have their website criticized, no no no, I really meant analyzed by him for all the WA world to see! During that hour Jay usually has enough time to cover about six websiteI had applied to be in the hot seat on several prior occasions but was not selected. Can you imagine my consternation when Jay
June 21, 2021
Earlier this year I decided to dive into Email Marketing. Confusion set in and I did nothing. I am a very slow learner and barely graduated from University. It takes me a very long time to figure things out. Here at WA we have several means to solve problems. We can ask for help in the Questions area. There is real time chat. And there are all kinds of classes not only by Jay but also by other members. The BasicsI knew a little about the basics of Email marketing as follows: For example I need
It is not unusual to think of the following two phrases as being the same:I Want SomethingI Need SomethingYou can insert anything for that something. If you know the difference between a want and a need, that's awesome!. Even so, I'd love it if you continued to read my blog post as I have a request for you at the end.A Tale Of Two CarsI'd like to use cars to drive the point I want to make home. Let's say. you need to change your car and have about $60,000 to spend. Either in cash, or you can qu
I recently had the opportunity to watch a very special TEDx Talk Event. It featured six speakers and one singer who ranged in age from 14 to 20. The theme of the event was, "Lead By Example!"Let me list who they were. Since they are all influencers in their own fields you may hear about them or even from them in the future. One of these speakers brought this event to my attention. I have known Logan Guleff since he won the MasterChef Junior competition several years ago. He was listed by Time M
There is a specific lesson we all learn here at Wealthy Affiliate as well as through other successful individuals. If we wish to achieve a goal, we can achieve it if we devote a significant amount of focus in pursuit of that goal.It will take time.It will take learning and using new skills. It will take consistent action.It has been proven over and over again, if we do that, we can achieve our goal. Do you think if you followed these guidelines you can reach your own goal, be it personal or bus
Do you like the stats Site Content provides you on all the posts you create and publish? As well as the posts you create and don't publish?What about the spellcheck and grammar check that Site Content provides you?I started writing my content directly within WordPress because I liked the editing features that the block editor provides. Such as the ability to change font sizes. Having the choice to add color to your script. And the build in table creating tool. However, you do loose the benefits
We had our Toastmasters District Conference today. This was the second virtual conference in two years as our last one went virtual because of the lock down. Throughout the day a wheel with all the attendees names on it was spun to pick prize winners. Most of the prizes were donated by companies that profited from the Pandemic, like Uber Eats, Postmates, Grub Hub as well as some restaurants like Starbucks. The typical prize was for food valued at $40. However, the grand prize was kept to the en