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I recently attended Kyle's class called: Dissecting And Analysing The Make Money Online (MMO) Niche, link below: I expected it was chock full of superb information on how to approach research on the Make Money Online NIche. Every member has access to the template Kyle used as the basis for conducting this research live on the webinar. I'll show you how to access this below.The following resources were used to find the data to fill
After a long gap, I just published a new training tutorial on how to create your very own Wealthy Affiliate database and the benefit of doing so. Originally I started writing a post on this topic. It dawned on me to write a tutorial instead, link below: know that using bookmarks in Wealthy Affiliate is quite elementary. However, the bookmarking system may not be obvious to new members. When I discovered the ability to book
Now that 2022 is here in LA, it dawned on me that the US West Coast is always late to the New Years Party. After the blockbuster celebration in New York, who cares about Los Angeles! Hence, there is nothing spectacular ever planned here since the world will not be interested in watching it. It occurred to me that I have family in Australia, India, UAE, Switzerland, Norway, the UK, Canada, and the US.I can say categorically that our family celebrates New Year around the globe in multiple time zo
Do you traditionally make New Year Resolutions? If you have in the past, how many have you kept? There is a saying that resolutions are made to be broken. So why make them? Here is another approach that can really propel you forward in your online business. Business PlanCreate, or revise your business plan instead. Review your progress in 2021. See what worked, and what didn't. Where did you fall short? Did you learn new skills that you either failed to act on or used poorly?Even though 2022 is
It's almost Christmas. The grand kids are in bed. Time to have a rest before setting the scene for Santa's arrival. The girls made a list for Santa. We told them they should have done that a week ago. Santa won't forget them, but they may not get what they put on their list. The older girl said she loved Pokémon stuff. So I asked if she would like Pokémon cards? She said yes! As luck would have it I held on to my sons Pokemon collection. That gave me an idea. That collection will
We're giving our son a break this Christmas. He's a single father of 4 kids, 12 and under. Our grandson is only 18 months and this will be the first time we will be seeing him. Since our son is working 10-hour days this Holiday Season, we're driving to Utah to bring the kids down to LA for Christmas and the New Year, to give him a break. He will be able to spend a quiet and restful Christmas with his girlfriend. The last time we had kids in our home for Christmas was when our son was a kid hims
You read that right. The fear of failure is talked about a great deal. Have you heard about the fear of success? Do you think this is real?I don't know about you, but I believe it is very real. Let me give you a few reasons why I feel this is so and you can come to your conclusions.5 Outcomes From The Fear Of SuccessWhen people achieve success, there is pressure, real or imagined that they have to continue that trend. If it becomes stressful, several things could happen.The subconscious mind ma
Hi Folks, my wife and I celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary today. Some friends told us it was a Ruby Anniversary so I gave her a ruby and diamond ring. I picked a time at the restaurant event to present it to her and put it on my wife's finger. This got a lot of attention! Renewal Of VowsWe renewed our vows after Mass at the grotto outside the church. A Deacon friend officiated at the ceremony that was witnessed by a few friends. Have any of you done this before? The last time we renewed o
Hello Friends,Since I was asked by many friends here for a follow-up, here is a brief report regarding the fall I had after putting up the Christmas Lights: had my session with the Orthopedic Surgeon and the news was better than I expected. My elbow sustained a small fracture that does not require surgery. The doctor doesn't want to use a cast as that will make my arm stiff and tough to rectify. All I have to do is to keep it in a
We have a Christmas tradition that starts just after Thanksgiving. It's time to put up the outside Christmas lights. Since I do this all by myself, much care is necessary to avoid accidents.The riskiest operation is climbing the ladder to string lights above the garage and porch. Laying lights below are the least risky venture. Not this year!Crash! After everything was completed, adjustments were necessary for the ground lights. While walking in the dirt and aligning the lights, I told myself t