Sometimes You Just Have To Hit Them

Last Update: November 09, 2018

Headlines Need To Get People's Attention

Into today's busy world with many things to get our attention it is easy to skip over something important. People's email boxes are full and here comes an email from you saying you just made a post. Unless you post title or email subject gets their attention they are gone on to something else.

It is almost like you have to use words to hit them so that you can draw their attention. It is like your subject/headline has to be a marching band that will make them look at your email or post.

If you don't get their attention then your post is not going anywhere.

You can write the best content, have a beautiful site design, the best looking images and still not get people's attention.

The industry experts say that you subject/headline is the one most important thing to get a post read or an email opened. I agree with them.

What brought this up is watching the top 10 blogs here on Wealthy Affiliate each day. You can find the top 10 blog post on the Dashboard.

That is a good place to learn what headlines work. If they did not have a good headline they probably would not be their.

If you check it out over a week you will find that the ones that make you curious about what it is talking about are the ones that get the most attention.

Curiosity has always worked well for me in headlines.

You do not have to have a huge following on Wealthy Affiliate to get to the Top 10 and if you have a huge following it does not guarantee that your post will make it their.

It is all about getting people's attention with words. Short, sweet and to the point.

I have talked about headlines in blog post before so I am not going to go into how to write one here. The links to my blog post on writing headlines are below.

Look at the Top 10 Blogs and their headlines over the next week and you will learn something else about writing for your website.

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Great info Bo and loving the images :)
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I like using images
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Same Bo- love visuals :)
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Thanks Bo.
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Your welcome
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Nice, really nice,,,,, And so true. Thank you for all of this amazing info.

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You are welcome Laura
Jody4 Premium
Great post! It is something I need to develop but I am unsure how to find good keywords and headlines that catch people's attention.

We can not exactly say the house is on Fire when the post is about a topic completely unrelated.

Thanks for your post!

Proud papa of two,

botipton Premium
Yes in some way it has to relate to what you are talking about. You cannot say "You just got paid" and try to sell them something.
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Your headers always get me to read your post, your so talented!!!
botipton Premium
Thanks Beth so you see a good header works