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November 10, 2018
Smile Your On Candid CameraSome of you may be old enough to remember thisIt first aired in August 1948 and many say it was the first reality show. People like watching people on video.There were some real funny practical jokes on there.Videos catch people's attention.I know people that say they do not like to read but have found very few that say they will not watch a video.Video in Internet Marketing is here to stay. If you want to make things happen for you faster then you need to start makin
Headlines Need To Get People's AttentionInto today's busy world with many things to get our attention it is easy to skip over something important. People's email boxes are full and here comes an email from you saying you just made a post. Unless you post title or email subject gets their attention they are gone on to something else.It is almost like you have to use words to hit them so that you can draw their attention. It is like your subject/headline has to be a marching band that will make t
To find out why the picture of the Bears is here read to the end of the post.Most people on here don't know that I run a Center where people come to get help with life's issues and learn how to make the right choices so that they can live a good life. At least 4 to 5 times a week I sit with people to help them with their struggles in life. I have now been doing that for over 40 years.Because of that I have learned a lot about what people struggle with.One of the big things that keeps people fr
November 07, 2018
When I saw this it reminded me, that We Are Not Prepared To Build A Business On The Internet.Most of us when we first get on the Internet we do not know how to build a business on here. Even if we have had successful businesses before there are things to learn.Yes, some of the same successful principles, techniques, disciplines etc. still work but the ins and outs of running an online business need to be learned.Just like the image above says school does not prepare students to live life. Get
November 01, 2018
Yes, I have to go play the Doctors games again for a couple of days.I will be gone until Monday November 5, 2018.Still a lot of catching up to do but I am glad to be back. To all my friends thank you for all the kind words since I have been back. You are the ones that make Wealthy Affiliate what it is. You are also what convinced me to come back.Onward and upward.
October 31, 2018
Your Fired?Here is a question that all of us have to ask. This will probably be my least liked post of all of them. Stopping to think about what we are doing can be very beneficial. This is a lesson that I had to learn and for me it was a hard lesson.Learning it made the difference of working for someone else or working for myself.For many people who are good people, spend time on the Internet, and it just does not seem to fall in place this is something you want to look at.If you hired someo
Since I have been back at work more or less full time here is what has kept me from overdoing things or getting overwhelmed trying to catch up.There are only a certain number of hours I can work before I get tired. So I have to make sure I use that time wisely.I am glad I learned this lesson a long time ago.I learned that allotting time for specific task, keeping track of the time and focusing on the task helped me get much more done.For instance, I give myself 30 minutes to work through my ema
October 29, 2018
Hello everyone. Been a while since I have been on here. Just wanted to stop by and say that I am getting better all the time. As some of you know I went through some health issues that put me down for a while and I had to limit what I could do. I was to ornery to quit yet so I am stil around. Not sure how much I will be around here but I will be back more and more. A ton of messages to go through but I will work through them slowly but surely.Anyway to all my friends here it is good to be
April 26, 2018
Have you ever wondered what to write a post about?Wondered what people would be interested in?Have you felt lost when you set down at the computer. You know you need to write but do not know about what.Let me tell you a little secret.It is tried and true and I have used it many times.All you do is ask a question.You can do it on your blog. You can do it here on Wealthy Affiliate. Just ask a question.Look at these questions and see if you can get a blog post out of them.https://beta.wealthyaffil
April 25, 2018
Who are you lying to?That is a question you need to answer.One of the books that I recommend to people when they ask me what to read to help them get the right mindset to succeed is "Four Agreements" by Don Miguel RuizIf you have not read it then it is a great book to read. If you have read it and have not read it in a while it might be worth reading.The First AgreementIs Be Impeccable With Your Word.Now I know many of you and I know that you are very truthful people. That is not the problem.Th