My WA Affiliate Commission Report For June 2018

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Hi everyone! I've decided to start creating WA Affiliate Commission Reports. My intent is not to brag, but just to document my earnings and show that real people really do earn money with the WA affiliate program.

Just for a little bit of background, all of the earnings come from my site That site was first launched in 2014 and has over 600 pages of content, so this isn't something I built up overnight, but it sure is nice to wake up in the morning and see that I made new sales while I slept! If you put in the hard work, sometimes over an extended period of time, it really does pay off.

If you want to learn more about how long it took me to build this type of traffic, you can see a previous blog post I created here.

June 2018 WA Commissions

Here are some quick stats:

Clicks: 3,173
Unique Clicks: 2,189
New Sales: 47
Recurring Sales: 68
Resubscriptions: 4
Total New Referrals (free account): 294
Referral Upgrade Percentage: 15.9%
Referral Credits: 224 ($112)

TOTAL COMMISSION: $2,301 (including referral credits)

Here is a snapshot of my stats. You can get a larger view here.

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Thanks for sharing that. I look at my Google Analytics and think how did I read this. But I can see why its important over time to do the comparison over time. Thank you Jen. ps is that report off Google Analytics. I see its say WA Affiliate program. Im a bit confused. Im new to this. Thank you....cheers Jen

Great results, thanks a lot for sharing!
I feel as if I were missing out on something because I've been creating content consistently but traffic does not improve so I keep wondering what I'm doing wrong, and my "starter to premium" conversion rate is so low as well.
You have an amazing conversion rate from starter to premium =) Congrats!

Hi Miren,

I'd be happy to take a look at your site if you'd like. Feel free to either share it here or shoot me a private message and I'll take a peak for you, then offer any advice I can!

I just PMed you. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your help =)

This is awesome, thanks for sharing! Amazing conversions here too, congrats on that. I'm definitely missing something there. You also have amazing retention, that's a lot of recurring sales!

Enjoy your successes!

Thanks, Grace! Most of the people who sign up using my affiliate link know they are clicking on a link that is making me money. I'm totally transparent about that. I also tell them that if they use my affiliate link, I will be notified, at which point I'll contact them and offer free coaching. I then follow through on that and help out as much as I possibly can. This certainly helps my retention rates as people who get frustrated reach out to me instead of just giving up.

Most of my referrals have also been "pre-sold" to understand that affiliate marketing is not some get-rich-quick thing. It's a real, legitimate business and takes long-term strategies. This also helps my retention rates as I've given people realistic expectations on what to expect after they've signed up.

At least those are my theories, anyway!

Thanks for the kind words! :)


Thank you for sharing your story and your tips! And congrats on your achievements Mike! :)

You're welcome Mike. I love learning from other members and I really need to stress the free coaching too because I do - I respond to all my referrals on a timely matter and having someone like me could help them succeed big time.

I do presell them as much as I can on what you're saying too... and it's said earlier on my landing page.

I will add the coaching feature and see how that improves my conversions.

Thanks for your tips!

Hi mike
I am karim from Hyderabad how to learn affiliate marketing let me suggestions from ur end.

Great share Mike ! I appreciate this kind of candid sharing of one's personal achievement within WA. Afterall we are here for the extra income. Thanks Mike. : )


That's great result for June, MIke!
Thanks for sharing your success and advice.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!

Well done Mike, what an amazing and inspirational blog post! It is great that you have created a website with over 600 posts and now your hard work is really paying off, it just shows what can be achieved!

I actually looked into one of my affiliate accounts the other day that is attached to a website that I have added new content for a couple of years. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that just in the past week it had made three figures! It just shows the importance of building up content for the long term, in fact, I think I may start adding some new content to this old website!

Enjoy your day Mike and I look forward to hearing more of your success stories, they are highly inspiring!


I love to read such blogs because they are real motivation. It shows how true and real WA is. It's good to realize that it doesn’t happen overnight and so if anyone needs money immediately should actually look for a job first.

I have mine which I launched in 2016 and it hasn't shown any considerable traffic yet and I decided to continue building it until something really happens.

This is quite inspiring. Can't wait to hear more good news.


Absolutely Paul! Whenever I get a message from someone saying they need to make money quickly, warning bells start going off in my head. I spend a ton of time trying to explain to people that affiliate marketing is a real, legitimate business, and building a real, legitimate business simply takes time.

Thanks for your input and the kind words!

That is awesome, CONGRATULATIONS! And thank you very much for sharing - it surely is very inspirational!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Thank you!! :)

Wow, Amazing I can see the great efforts you invested to get these results. Thanks a lot for sharing got motivated. I often think and worry about my sales (Yet to make my first premium referral for this year) and your post gave me a lot of hope and inspiration. Please do keep writing "WA Affiliate Commission Reports." Wishing you all the very best!

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