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Can a wa premium member earn premium plus commission?

Can a wa premium member earn premium plus commission?

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WA Affiliate Program

Dear Friends,

May I ask...

Can A WA Premium Member Earn Premium Plus Commission from his/her referral? Or he/she need to upgrade (to Premium Plus) to earn the Premi

Yes you certainly can !


*** Appreciate your question! ... looks like Louise has a helpful chart to see ... start counting the millions ... chuckles ...

thanks kindly .... :) ***


Hi there

Absolutely yes :-) Go to this link to see the breakdown:

Also, see attached a screenshot of the commissions' page. You find it under the $ sign .

Thanks a lot! Very helpful!

Only a pleasure :-)

This is a great question. I'm following this one. I would like to know as well.



Yes, no need upgrade.

Programs details, you'd see exactly what is your earnings.


Thanks for the information.

So very welcome.

Wow I learned something new today. Thanks AbieAj

Thank you Abie
Great to know.

It is useful isn't it

So very welcome Dave.

So very welcome Lula

I could have replied sooner but someone revoked my access so I couldn't so now I am back, thank you so helpful and absolutely.

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How many reviews can I write in my wordpress website?

How many reviews can I write in my wordpress website?

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Everything Wordpress

This might be a silly question but I am having this question for many months...

I am hosting my site here (Site Rubix Platform) and the website space is 30GB.

I am

I see others have given their best answers friend. But let me stir up a mess for you a little. if you said you already have over 600+ posts on your site and you're planning to write one post per day that includes 2000+words , 10+images, and 1 YouTube video embedded, then that might be an issue.
Videos and images alone take up lots of spaces. So, yes you will run out of space. If blogging alone, then you'll have tons of space. Based on what you're planning to do, I suggest you ask support for this technical issue. Or you could continue posting for about two months and see how it will affect your website. All the best!

Thanks a lot! I will keep an eye on that and monitor. Thanks a lot for taking our valuable time to provide a helpful answer.

This is what is called "a good problem to have"!

Ha Ha Ha! True!

You will be able to write hundreds of posts, so don't worry.


if you take a typical page site as about 2mb....
then as 1gb is 1000mb you can get at least 500 pages per gb
so 30gb is 30x that amount....
so you can keep going for a bit...
you do need to take into account plugins, theme, and anything else site related...
but your backups will show you how large your site is getting....
i think you have a little while to go yet.....
just remember to keep your images small....you need to for mobile speed anyway...
have fun

Thanks a lot for the valuable input. Very Helpful!

for your info
if you goto tools>>sitehealth
then click on info
open the section on directories and sizes and you will see the full size of your site as it is now and can then tell how many more reviews you can create....
have fun

Is that the Total installation size? or I need to add all the sizes?

Total installation size - 1.13 GB

WordPress directory size, Uploads directory size, Themes directory size, Plugins directory size, and Database size comes to 1.16 GB

If I add both 2.29 GB.

ti will be the total installation which is rounded up or down...not both added...
so you have a little space to go yet...

So I have another 28 GB left, is this correct, sir?

i always thought it was 10gb....but you will need to check with support...that may also include an allowance for your backup...but again it is worth checking with support...
if you do get a response then please update us Paul...

Thanks a lot!

I'm not sure about the answer to this question. Hopefully, someone will have an answer.

It's okay, Thanks!

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