My 4 Year Old Website's Traffic History

Last Update: August 15, 2018

I recently just shared this info privately with someone here at WA, but I figured I might as well make this public for everyone. I own about a dozen websites in several different niche's, but what I'm sharing is from my site AffiliateMarketerTraining. The "make money online" space is pretty competitive, so this site took a little while before it really started getting some decent traffic.

A Little Background Info

The first article I ever wrote for the site (my "about me" page) was on April 19th, 2014. That makes it 1,525 days since I wrote my first article as of this post. There are now 640 posts and pages on the site. I optimize all articles on my site for SEO and focus on specific keywords as done through keyword research. I have never done any link building to the site whatsoever and my social media footprint is very weak other than a moderately active YouTube channel. For the most part, this is all Google traffic.

As you can see, this has been a long and slow climb, but so worth it! That site now earns me a full-time income all by itself.

I wrote a blog post yesterday about how long it REALLY takes to make money online and I thought this would be a good supplement to that post. Setting realistic expectations is very important, especially for those just starting out. While my personal website traffic might not be reflective of your site or even an "average" or "typical" website, this is just my own personal experience.

Google Analytics Website Traffic

Without further delay, here is a screenshot showing my website traffic over the past 4 years.

Click here for a larger view

Traffic By Month:

April 2014 (Launch Month): 7 unique visitors
July 2014: 162 unique visitors
October 2014: 364 unique visitors

April 2015 (1 year old): 1,791 unique visitors
July 2015: 6,600 unique visitors
October 2015: 8,032 unique visitors

April 2016 (2 years old): 9,124 unique visitors
July 2016: 8,077 unique visitors
October 2016: 8,395 unique visitors

April 2017 (3 years old): 11,131 unique visitors
July 2017: 13,933 unique visitors
October 2017: 13,186 unique visitors

April 2018 (4 years old): 20,201 unique visitors
May 2018 (last month): 21,289 unique visitors

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PMbaluka Premium
Wow! That's so great. It's always important to be patient as we build up our business
ZFlorez Premium
Thanks for sharing Mike. Your the man! :-)
HeidiY Premium
Thank you so much for sharing this, I really appreciate it.
TraceyM1 Premium
GailLowe Premium
Thanks for sharing this Mike. It is truly inspirational and well done you for sticking with it and getting yourself a full time income from your website.
It's great to hear such success stories and I hope everyone can see that this business, like any business takes time to establish but the benefit is, that you can now earn a passive income which is more independent of your time than if you were exchanging your time for money in a 'regular' job.
Excellent to see and congratulations.