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Hi everybody!

My name is Miren.
I'm 23 years old and I'm from Spain. My native languages are Catalan and Spanish, and I can also speak a little bit of English and French. I'm currently studying international trade and working as an intern in the purchasing department at a precision metal stamping company. I also joined a MLM company some months ago.
I'm interested in music, art, statistics, languages, travelling, human behavior and online marketing.
I got to know about Wealthy Affiliate and other programs through my research about the online business world. I know there are a lot of scams out there so I looked for reviews about all programs I found out. After reading a lot of positive reviews about WA, I decided to join.

I really hope to learn a lot and enjoy my time here :)

*Update June 2016:
I already graduated in International Trade and finished my internship, and I'm not in the MLM company anymore (MLM is not my kind of business). I've not been here all the time I wanted, but I've really enjoyed the time I've spent in this amazing community. I'm glad to say that now that I'm done with school I can spend so much more time here than before!! =)

P.D. I may not always answer all comments but you can send me a private message and I'll reply when possible
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Good Day Miren
I am a new member and I am at the third video where I have to think about a niche
I am into fashion and I love fashion
So I have decided to create a niche that has to do with men’s fashion
Please I will need your assistance to guide me
Thank you
Miren Premium
Hi there,

I'm glad that you already know your niche and you're passionate about it. Have you chosen a subdomain or built your site yet? What lesson are you in?
I am in Lesson 4
I have not built my site yet
I have been communicating with Kyle, he told me which section of men’s fashion and I told him
So now I don’t know if my niche should be men’s fashion or should be men’s fashion formal shoes, just using formal shoes for example

Thank you
Miren Premium
I recommend that you first focus on a subniche (it could be men’s fashion formal shoes) and then expand it from there.
Thank you
I told Kyle this
Men’s fashion
Clothes for example suits and blazer
Shoes for example formal shoes
Accessories for example belt

And he told me he will tell me which one resonates with me
Maybe you could help me out so I can get my website started

My Instagram:@itz_reo
To check which one is better for me to start with
glen66 Premium
Hello Miren,
I joined the "free" website offer / invite to learn all I can before going full speed ahead. I just decided to join about an hour ago and I'm reading everything I can on the site to learn as quickly as possible. It was most kind of you to offer your help. I have a feeling in a day or two I will have a couple questions. If you don't mind I will take you up on your offer and explain more about my background and business experience as well.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact me and share your business experience, I look fwd. to contacting you soon. It sounds like your education in International trade will be an asset for you.

Best Regards,

dburnett8 Premium
Hi Miren, I did not know who I registered into Wealthy Affiliate with until now. I finally found where it said that in the help center my sponsor would be the third person listed. You are the 3rd person. I am having problems staying on track and was wondering if you have any suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Miren Premium
You can always send me a private message if you feel lost or stuck. What lesson are you in?
NegarT Premium
Hi Miren,
Again I need your help, please.
I am struggling with publishing my first post.
I just finished this training and I created my content and published it. But there is a problem when I published my post the window that opened was bigger than the window that Kyle opened after his published content and I chose to see my website. The title is on my website now, but the body of the post doesn't show anywhere!!
How can I fix this problem? Would you please help me?
Thanks for your time and attention.
Miren Premium
Hi Negar, sorry for the late response, been trying to solve some problems with my site.
Did you manage to publish your first post? Can you link me to your site to see how it looks?
NegarT Premium
Hi Miren,

here you are this is the link:


I am kind of disappointed in building my website. I stuck in the second step of training. I think I should just give up and cancel my membership.
NegarT Premium
Hi Miren,
I bought my domain: nikavart.com and I want to transfer all the information on entier negart.siterubix.comubix to this domain that I bought.
After log in to my domain there is an error message:
Your Website Administrator Users ×
Oops! We ran into an error on our side and we're working on a fix

What should I do? Please help me.
Miren Premium
Hi Negar, have you contacted SiteSupport? When I have some kind of technical issue, I send them a message. They usually give prompt responses.
NegarT Premium
No,I didn't.Thank you.
okinawan1 Premium
Hi Miren. I loved your post on why not to join 25 One Up so much that I went all in on WA. I’m a 57 year old who retired early because of spinal injury. I see my 44 year old wife working a very stressful (but well paid and she likes the stress) job but I want to make more money so that she can stay home and I want to take care of her like a man should. (I’m not being sexist or offensive). So, thank you and I’ll learn from everybody here at WA
Miren Premium
Glad that you loved my post! Congrats on joining WA and taking action =)
Sorry to hear about your injury... I hope you will love this community as much as I do, I'm sure you can achieve your beautiful goal if you go through the training, apply what you learn and never give up. You have lots of support on here!
patgdut Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

You can learn the secrets to create a successful money making website here. All it takes is focus, going through the training and implementing the lessons learned as soon as possible.

Within days of joining my website was indexed in Google and soon after my pages started getting placed on the first page of search engines.

I could never have accomplished this on my own. It was by following the instructions by Kyle that it was possible, And whenever I got stuck, I asked for help to the WA community and so many experts responded to help me resolve my issues.

WA is the best game in town. Use it!

You can do it. I wish you much success in building your online business!

kezsam-Sam-F Premium
Been a while and I believe I still have a lot to learn. https://bestplace2.com is my website to date. I starting to get search engine traffic hits yet not so many and impressions maybe 15 a day on average. Still getting very little conversion of any form including subscribers.

I referred a bunch of people and I talking over a hundred with next to no action other than a couple of them did their profile picture. I reached out to them several times with no avail.

Love some ideas where I can improve my efforts if you have time to look over my website.
Bonjour Miren! je suis du pays de Samuel Eto'o, pays du tiers monde d'afrique fracophone! J'aimerai savoir si parmi les pays membres de cette plate-forme, mon pays, le Cameroun en fait partie et donc par conséquent, si je pourrais avoir une facilité d'entrer en possession de mes gains une fois que j'aurais commencé à faire la promotion?
Hi Miren, I'm Chris Lam. I've just joined Wealthy affilliate using your link. To be frank, this is the 3rd time I join Wealty Affiliate. I've used different email with the 1st & 2nd time.
The 1st time was back in 2014. That time I was not ready. My core business was doing really well.
But this time is different, I'm ready. I join using your link because after reading your whole review of Legendary Marketer, I think you are a very genuine and helpful person.

I also have some experience in Online Marketing. I've created a Shopify site 2 years ago selling my brother in law's coconut oil products. Now it's ranking 1st on Google with some specific keywords. There's some sales coming in every month. The reason I join Wealty Affiliate is to add more revenue to myself and probably to add more to my Shopify website with Affiliate links. I actually did all the SEO for the Shopify site myself. I know it's not easy ranking with Google. I don't mind upgrading to Premium. My question is "Can I or is it advisable for me to enhance my Shopify site with Affiliate Links so that I can results much faster or totally start another website?"

Thank you
Miren Premium
Hi Chris,

Thanks for accepting my invitation! Glad that you are here =)

This platform has improved so much since 2014, now there are new features and more training for the same price. And I've heard that there are going to be some surprises this year :)

By the way, congrats on your success! I'm glad that your hard work is paying off :)

If you already love your niche, I believe it's fine that you add affiliate links to your site to increase your revenue. You could add a blog to your store, create content to increase your traffic, and then send your readers to your affiliate offers.
In case you would like to get into another niche, you can start a new site. Here at WA there's not only training about affiliate marketing, there's also some training on e-commerce so I believe this is going to be helpful to you.
DaliborT Premium
Hey, I joined here via your link that I found on your website byscammershellomoney (or something like that). I have completed setup and I would appreciate if you would look it up and tell me does it look ok. Also, since I joined at late hours, I will continue investigating this site tomorrow.
Regards :)
Miren Premium
Happy that you are here! =)
Congrats on completing your account setup, I’m glad that you are taking action!
Looking forward to working with you :)
Good night by the way, sweet dreams!
DaveAsprey Premium
Hi there.
Just wanted to send you a quick message to say hello.
I hope 2019 is awesome for you and you reach all your goals here at WA
If you want to contact me for anything or just want to say hello, don't hesitate to leave a message and I will endeavour to get back to you ASAP
I will follow you and feel free to follow me in return if you like
Kind regards
kpercival55 Premium
Hi Miren!
Thanks for the follow, I’ve returned the favor.
Congratulations on your graduation and internship!
You are obviously smart and possess many talents, which will serve you well when building your online business here.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, there are always people available to help you.
I look forward to seeing your success!
All the best,
michaelvgATN Premium
Hello and welcome!

You can put your mind to anything you want. If by signing up and coming this far, is something big, and by writing many articles, you will see success within 12 months.

I feel completely privileged to be able to follow and be followed by you, also to be able to share a successful journey that which we both want.

Women - 😉🤯

I hope you reach out to me because I think we both have a lot to offer and wouldn't want anything to go to waste. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you all the best with your future endeavours as an Affiliate entrepreneur and hoping you reach success fast.

Men - 😁😎
Wishing you all the best with your future endeavours and hoping you reach success, it truly is a pleasure.

If you have questions please reach out and ask me, i'm always available.

Thanks again,

Michael V
CDarling1 Premium
Hi Miren, I'm having a bit of a problem on my word content. Could you look at my site and let me know if I'm on the right track? I'm sort of confused on whether I should publish before finishing which I did. I'm on my second blog but I'm not sure about the topic. myhealthandwellnes.com is the name of my website. My second blog is on meditation. I would appreciate it if you could look at it and let me know what you think.

Thank you so much
Miren Premium
You’re very welcome! I just sent you a private message =)
I signed in on your site and thought it was well presented. It made me consider WA and want to join. To join I am having a hard time getting started. It was only after I made a hard copy of your presentation and understood what was being said that I made a decision. I was at first negative because you looked too young.
Miren Premium
Hi William,

To get started go to the level 1 of Online Entrepreneur Certification training course: Glad that you understood what I explained =)

Do I look too young? Lol I’m 22
I think so
Miren Premium
Hi Jason,

What do you think?
JonLake Premium
Thanks for the follow Miren. It’s nice to meet you and feel free to connect with us further on the social networks shown at the bottom right of our profile

We look forward to reading your success as well as sharing additional marketing tips and strategies. If you need any help please feel free to ask

Jon and Debbie :)
Miren, thank you, You were my link to this world. I almost got in2 a money market scam than I was directed by, I’m gonna say “GRACE” to your web n low n behold here I am. Only been like 2nd day here so I’m still “diggin” in to the whole process but WOW! This is truly awesome n DEFINETLY “NOT” a scam. Thank you again for saving a newbie from making a major mistake. Best of to you
Miren Premium
You're very welcome, Keith! It means a lot to me to know that one of my posts saved your money and time.
By the way, glad that you're taking action =) If you ever need help, do hit me up.

I hope you have an awesome day! :)
Macffiliate Premium
I would like to thank you for the welcome to the WA community. I can tell from your scam blog that you hate haters and scammers as much as I do. They make life more difficult than it has to be, and steal time and money that I don't have the luxury of giving away for nothing. I notice that you are an educated woman and it appears that your heart and mindset are in order to tackle what lies ahead in your journey. I have a degree in Petrochemical process Technology with an emphasis in Environmental Quality and Recycled waste streams. I enjoy meeting challenges head-on yet I try to be flexible . I am up against a learning curve on this avenue that I believe is my best course of action towards gaining the freedom of time and finance, and I don't mind helping when and where I'm able , yet I think I going to be needing the help as I try to gain the knowledge base to succeed going forward on this new path. Good luck in all that you attempt and I hope that you might be able to offer some more insight on the recognizing of potential scammers.
EPaine Premium
I have asked this b4, i am very poor, and investing money already in another "money online" thing, i don't know how i can afford this right now. I am about to move out, and be paying for rent, utilitiy, and phone bills w/ min wage job.
this means working for two and a half weeks just to pay all that, leaving me with not enough to pay these fees.
It is so frustrating bc i was counting on this being a way to supplement my very low income, now it is going to be taking money.
ps... not upset with the ppl, just the situation
Miren Premium
Hi Elliott,

I'm sorry to hear about your situation... If you could tell me what other "money thing" you are involved with, I could help you better.

What lesson are you in? Have you already built your site? You can remain a free member for as long as you want. Investing in the premium membership means investing in your business and proves that you are serious about it.

This business takes time and work to build, depending on your niche and the time you dedicate to it, you can earn an extra income within a year, as I did.

Anyway, if you can give me more information I will be glad to help you =)

Take care,
EPaine Premium
Hey Miren, well some things have happened since i posted this, and one is a much higher paying job to fund everything at WA. which im happy about and have since upgraded to premium. As for the other money thing it is a 300$a mo. fee with an online group doiing something different than Affiliate or whatever it could be. They are wonderful it seemed at first like i couldn't do both, but now i can and anything else you'd like to know about them, or about what im doing is great. I sense the strong support of community and help here, so i know im in good hands w/ WA.
I do have new questions regarding the steps between a "finished site" and actually making money with Amazon as an Affiliate?
Patman1 Premium
I've gone through the lessons up to buying a domain. I'm guessing that i should have the siterubix one look as good as i can before I consider moving to a real domain? With that in mind, my site is pretty bare looking so far. Are there more lessons to help to make it look good; like back grounds, images and the like.
Miren Premium
What lesson are you in? Can you link me to your site so that I can give you some feedback?
Patman1 Premium
Open to any suggestions. Thanks
Patman1 Premium
Im at buying a domain.
Miren Premium
Hey Patman,

I just noticed you bought the domain. I took a look at your website and have a suggestion.

On your site focus page, I recommend that you post a picture of yourself so that your visitors know there's a real person behind the site, this will show transparency which will give them more trust =)

Other than that, congrats on taking action!
Patman1 Premium
That sounds like a good...I will. Also trying to come up with more free images. So far I'm having trouble finding out what I might be able use from the manufacturer that I have signed up as an affiliate.

Miren Premium
What manufacturer have you joined as an affiliate? Some websites where you can find free images are unsplash.com and pixabay.com =)
Patman1 Premium
Wilson Electronics. I'm coming up pretty dry on the free sites. I'll find some somehow. Will let you know when I do if you want.

On another question; How do I get my name to be Patman on the posts instead of pcandreas (which is the email I signed up with)?
Miren Premium
Yeah, do let me know =)

You can change your username on your account settings here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/home/my_profile
Thank you! I really want to be the best in the affiliate marketing business. But I have a small problem which is related to my English writing skills. I am concerned about it because I am not a native English speaker. This is my second language. So what do you think Will I succeed in this sphere?
I would be very happy if you could give me your advice.

Thank you in advance.
Best Regards
Miren Premium
Hi Fikrat,

Welcome to WA!

Don't worry about not being a native English speaker. What's your first language?
English is not my first language either and it's been over 2 years since I joined and already making money.
Not only me, there are many members that are succeeding without English being their native language.
As long as you understand the lessons and take action on all the tasks, you can do this!!

This platform provides many ways you can ask for help and support, so you are not alone!

Have a great day =)
lesabre Premium
Hi Miren, Thank you for the follow and I will be following you right back. I have found out that WA is one of the better places. The help is great the community is friendly all with substantial knowledge if you need any questions answered. I wish you all the best.
Ian840 Premium
Hello Miren, having read your latest post, I feel so very sad that anyone could take advantage of another in such a way. You obviously put a lot of effort into you research and posts, and you should be the only one to benefit from such effort. You certainly are talented with your written English, also a very hard worker as well. I wish you well Miren, and would be honored to follow you, and hopefully you may wish to follow in return - kindest regards - Ian
AffilateMAN Premium
Hello Miren
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliates Premium, a great community to learn how to make your websites and make some Money out of them. Besides the Lessons, there are huge amounts of information and a helpful community eager to help one another. I am following you and invite you to follow me and work together helping one another to our success my friend.
Best regards."
FilthyRich Premium
Hi Miren,
It's great having you here at Wealthy Affiliates, it's like one big happy family, and I am sure you will love it here.
Thank you for the following, and congratulations on all your achievements at such a tender age, I would say that you are a very ambitious young lady.
Keep up the good work, stay with WA, and I will see you at the top.

michelemarie Premium
Hi Miiren
Thank you for the follow, best wishes to you on your journey.
Let this year be a year of growth; in knowledge and expertise
and success!!!
And most important!!
The best part ever, the friendship, goodwill and kindness of so many people in WA Community across the world!!!!
WRaleigh Premium
Hi Miren,
Happy to meet you and thanks for the follow which I have reciprocated. You have graduated in International trade, my area of interest and endeavors over many years, it can be frustrating, full of bogus joker brokers, exciting, devour funds quicker than you can blink and also make you a ton of money. So good luck and if I can be of any help give me call.
Hello, Miren. The English language will occasionally be familiar to you as it has stolen words from every other language ever known. The resulting mishmash is a vocabulary that is endless and a syntax that is the reverse of most European grammar lessons. Welcome to your last, and longest running intellectual exercise. Now having said that, even we English speakers love Spell Checkers. Thank you for the following on my site as I build it.
grkuria Premium
Hi Miren.
I am sure we are going to enjoy being part of WA as they seem to give out all the knowledge unlike other companies who hold back knowledge such that you have to search for answers elsewhere to feel up the gap. WA is able to help us connect the dots for that missing gap in our questions.
Madek Premium
Hey, Miren!

I feel great having you as a follower! Wish you high achievements and success in your marketing venture at WA. Keep moving forward! Come to me on my G+ through https://plus.google.com/u/0/116531398108257503951
I also invite you to cast a glance on my website www.lifeandhealths.com
Hope you enjoy! Cheers!

JooKwang Premium
Hi Miren, thanks for the follow. I am glad to know you and WA is a great place to start. All the training and resources will help you understand what to do next, step by step. Do share your questions to the community if any. I often learn through that as well.

Trujunco Premium
Thank you Miren, for following me. I see that you have actively posted, for this reason I am excited to learn what you share in knowledge. The degree in International trade tells me that you have a mind set upon the global market and this of special interest to me. Best wishes for your 2018 endeavors and may you benefit from following your dreams. Respectfully, David.
XavierPerez1 Premium
Hi Miren, Welcome to WA, I also studied International Business a few months ago, and I believe we have ancestry dating back to Spain. But that is another discussion. I hope that you find what your looking for here. Best of luck and see you down the road. I have only been here about a month so I am new to this venue. Seems to be a great place with lots of support.
DaveAus Premium
Hey Miren, nice to meet you, and well done at getting Google indexed! - I just got mine today...yay! lol

The great thing about this business is that YOU are the boss!
Nobody in your "up-line" telling you what to do..

What sort of music do you like? - Do you mind if I ask your niche?

Rwstretch Premium

Thank you for the follow,

I will be following you right back! I have some new training available involving social media grouping and creating organic traffic for potential Conversion Strategies (Creating Sales).

This system alongside our WA training has brought me much success. If you are looking for some extra reading material please feel free!

- Creating Content For Articles, Such as Images, Logos Etc. - Creating Organic Traffic For Conversions Happy Holidays!

Thank you,

- Ross
YourBizTips Premium
Thanks for following me Miren, I have followed you back and I am happy to be part of your network.

I look forward to seeing you around and reading your success stories.

Please make sure to contact me at any time if you have any questions, okay?

Season's Greetings from the south of France!

John ツ
dcrnanick Premium
Hi Miren, thanks for the follow. Wow so young and you already have some great experience, that's great. I've only been on WA a short time but I am learning tons and after seeing a few scams myself am confident that we are in the right place to learn about internet marketing. Good luck with all your endeavors
haroda Premium
Hello Miren! It's a pleasure to meet you. Your English is excellent. Thank you for following me. I had an opportunity to travel to Barcelona many years ago and it was so beautiful when I was there. I would love to come back and visit when opportunity arises...

Glad to see that you are back again and congratulation on graduating from International Trade. Best wishes in accomplishing your goals here at WA.
julesnp Premium
Good day Miren,
Very nice to meet you here at WA and I thank you for your follow. I am also following you back. I may be late in replying to your follow since I am still involved (too much) in liquidating my business. I still have a few weeks left and then, I can be full time with WA. I was also involved in Network Marketing for a short time but did not agree with the concept. I wish you the very best in all of your projects.
Have a wonderful day.
MichalB Premium
Hola Miren,

thank you for following me.
I follow you right back:)

I am still newbie here, having the internal obstacles like procrastination searching for righ niche and so on
Just yesterday I wathed a video from Nathaniell where he talks about the keyword research and how one can find a topic to write about.

This is great being in WA since it helps you to progress.

anja1111 Premium
Hola Miren, thank you so much for adding me to your network. Lovely to see there are fellow Europeans here at WA too :) I speak a little Spanish by the way, I love the language! I look forward to our connection here at WA and wish you a wonderful day. Buenas días! ☼
DorianDaRock Premium
Hello. What a beautiful country. The locals are so nice and friendly. Like a different world over there. Been to Spain three times while serving in the Military. Rhodes, Palma and Alicante Spain. Loved every moment there. Will be going again. Wish you success here. You have a bright future ahead of you. Cheers y felices vacaciones.
lakbar12 Premium
Hi Miren, just dropping by to say hi and nice to meet you! Thank you for allowing me in your network, I followed back. I look forward to learning from you and all the WA members here. I wish you the best in all you do.

To Your Success,
frmcf Premium
Hi Miren, thanks for the follow. I am following you also. Welcome to WA and the Community. I read your Bio and was quite impressed. Sounds like you have it really together. I too tired MLM and didn't care for it. I found WA about a year ago, and it was the best platform that I ever come across. I wish you much success with WA, and our Great Community. :-) Frank
RKunzig Premium
Miren, welcome aboard! I just started 2 weeks ago and have never been associated with such interesting, caring and supportive people. First class operation. As you did I researched the Internet for at least 2 years. And during that time WA kept coming-up as the place to be.
My oldest daughter studied in Seville for 2 years following her 2 year fellowship from Emerson College Graduate School. She majored in International Communications. In the 2 years in Spain and quite a bit of time in Holland, she came home speaking fluent Spanish, Dutch and French. She loved Spain.

Good luck to you moving forward. At this juncture I do not know enough to be able to assist you; however, I do not plan to stay in this 'little-knowledge' position very long. Perhaps, we will chat many times down the road.
1signbanner Premium
Welcome Miren thank you for the follow young lady!
May I do a caricature of you. I'll make you into a
Hawaiian Hula Dancer.

Yeah I know this is foreign to you. I'm sure you might
be asking, "Where the heck is Hawaii?" Trust me it's far
from you! How's like the Pacific ocean.

When looking at the world map, look between U.S. and
east Asia. See those tiny specs? 7 islands see it? Yep,
that's where Hawaii is. You may already know it but
most in Europe (that's where you're from) don't know where
it is. I find that funny, but I'm sure it's not.

Don't have to respond to me, just for now give me the "go" and
I'll shoot you that Hula Dancer....you, I promise!

You will love it. Show it to family chances are they might not
know what that is. lols!

Your Uncle from Hawaii,

Frank Uratani
lorilee3 Premium
Hola, I am so glad you choose WA to join. Welcome! Thank you very much for following me. I am a beginner too, I am still taking Level 1 lessons right now, almost done:) I feel pretty good, Kyle is a good marketing teacher. I ever made a short trip to beautiful cities Seville and Barcelona, the scene there is unforgettable. Wish one day I will go to there again and travel around whole country of Spain if it is possible. Best wish for you finding successful here, good luck:) following back
BradB18 Premium
Hi Miren,

Very nice to meet you!

My godson was in Spain last year and he said Barcelona was his favourite destination. He loves Barcelona.

I am not a fan of MLM. I have never liked that concept. It only really benefits the people at the top of the chain. And some of the products I have seen within MLM companies are not good and expensive.

I thank you for following me and I wish you the best in all aspects of life.

Los mejores deseos,

RodClark Premium
Hi Miren

Thanks for the follow - much appreciated. You have some nice profile pics :0)

You have certainly achieved a lot for you age - well done. I will follow you with interest.

Being multilingual will be a great asset in your chosen field of international trade - all the best for your ongoing success.

Hope the turmoil in Catalonia settles down soon.

DEversley Premium
Hi Miren!

Your english is superb.
Welcome to WA.
You are fairly busy but you can do it through listing your goals and objectives and following a plan. I know you have got this covered though.
MLM is not for me either. Here is where I want to be.

All the best to you.
MiaLambert Premium
Hi Miren,
Nice to meet you. Thanks for the follow. I'm following you back. When I first joined WA I was in one MLM company too, and like you left it. MLMs are really weird in my opinion.
But, anyway, we are now here. Wish you a lot of success.
heikob Premium
Hi Miren, yes i am aslo quite impressed. I was like that when iwas at about 20 years of age. Very ambitious and (almost) unstoppable. Keep following your dreams and keep going. Thats what i do and live by every day. Int he online business world as in any other business, you will experience ups and downs. Thats part of it but you will grow stronger and with it comes experience. Good Luck.
Creasean Premium
Welcome back Miren and thanks for following me. Your bio reads of a well read, goal oriented person with diverse interests! I believe that WA - at the very least - is the right platform to be a part of if one wants to learn how to become self reliant. Stay plugged!
haiderkh87 Premium
Thanks for following me. I'm following you back :)

I've been part of the Wealthy Affiliate community since August 2017 and absolutely loving it.

Please feel free to follow me on social media:

Twitter - https://twitter.com/HaiderKhalid_HK
Google+ - plus.google.com/+HaiderKhalid_198
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ourtechplanet/
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/haider-khalid-82689722/

Share yours too and I would love to connect with you on Social media as well. Wish you the very best :)

Haider Khalid
D-AnnTaylor Premium
Hello Miren,
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I really enjoy seeing people join WA of a diverse culture and from all over the world. This just wonderful. You will be treated with nothing but kindness here and you nothing but support from a great group WA members.

I wish you much success on your journey.

By the way, thank you for the follow. I am connecting with you as well.

cwelliver Premium
Miren, from time to time I like to check in on some of the folks that have either followed me or that I have followed and see how they are progressing here in WA. Hope everything is going well for you here, and make sure to finish that training, it will help you to build a solid foundation moving forward toward your ultimate success.
wozzy Premium
Hi Miren, it's great to meet you and thank you for the follow. I agree there should be a total ban on MLM's because all they do is make the scammers richer and richer 'cause they have the money and know how to play the game. All the best, Mick
beachlife Premium
Hi Miren. Thanks for the follow I am now following you back. You are so right about what an amazing community we have here at W.A. Like you I really enjoy it, and even though sometime the learning is hard I find that I just want to keep going as the community always helps me feel that it is possible. Much love to you from me in New Zealand. Together we will all live our dreams.
ttabor Premium
Hi Miren, nice meeting you here. My son was in Barcelona in 2005 I believe. Beautiful city.
I am terribly sorry for the horrific events in Barcelona the other day.
Wonder which city do you live in? We are from Melbourne, Australia.
Please, follow back and keep in touch. Thank you.
Miren Premium
Hi Tom,

I followed you back :)
Yes, I have no words to describe how terrible it was what happened last Thursday... I was in a cruise that day and couldn't get online from there, so I didn't get to know about that until midnight because I saw the news on TV. Anyway, I live in a village that's like an hour far from Barcelona and only go to Barcelona like twice a month.
I'd love to visit Australia one day =)

Best wishes
ttabor Premium
Thanks Miren for your response so quickly.
I'd love to visit Spain one day...my family is living in Holland and I've been there few times but somehow never went to Spain.
Wonder which MLM business you were involved with in the past? Hope you don't mind me asking?
If you prefer please PM me. Thank you.


Miren Premium
What part of Spain would you like to visit? I've been in 2 MLMs, one was Amway and the other one was a digital MLM called Wealth Generators. MLM may be great for some but it's not my favorite business model, I find affiliate marketing is easier to understand and implement. You can PM me whenever you want, sometimes I may not reply fast but I'll eventually do.

Have a great day =)
McWord Premium
Welcome to the WA Community and thank you for following me! I'm following you back!!

You'll find the community has tons of help for anyone who needs it, so don't hesitate to reach out. We are interested in our mutual success and there are plenty of people willing and able to assist!

All the best,

Pamela111 Premium
Hello Miren, Welcome back to WA. MLM looks too scary to me, especially after one of the really big one went bankrupt. Hope that wasn't the one you were in. I read this recently, all the WA successes. Check it out.
phildora Premium
Hello Miren! And a big welcome to WA! Thank you for following me. I agree MLM was definitely not one of my favorite adventures. Lost a lot of time and money. Congratulations on earning your International Trade degree and completing your Internship.

This shows how committed you are in accomplishing your heart's desires. I know you will excel at WA.
MarkHanley Premium
Hey Miren

Thank you for the follow. I will most definitely follow you back.
Everything today is internet. I came here to increase my knowledge as to how it all works. It has been very rewarding so far. The community here at WA certainly is really wonderful and helpful. I am glad to be. Part of it all.

Have a great day
fondevilla Premium
Hi Miren.Thank you so much for the follow. I wish you great success in your online business. Please let me know about your website so that I can visit and leave you a comment. In case you enjoy love poems or you are a Christian in need of uplifting devotion, you can visit my website at beautiful-words.org. Feel free to leave a comment. Have fun!
MizBurke314 Premium
Hello, Miren--

Thank you for the follow. I am following you, too.

In finding yourself with more time to spend here, I do hope you will now move closer to your goals. It can be frustrating, wanting to be on here more often and just not finding the time. Am going through that right now, myself.

Best wishes for your future successes here!

abrosco Premium
Thank you for your FOLLOW especially from one here in Spain, my adopted country now! I do wish you great success in your online endeavours. I certainly agree with you on MLM. Not my cup of tea either! Funny enough I was directed to WA by an expert in writing about scams on the Internet. He also a highly ranked member here as well as being truly open and honest so feel very grateful to him. Am slowly plodding thru the training. I don't find it as "quick & easy" as many claim, but am stubborn and will perservere. How long did it take you to create your first website?
PhilMorton Premium
Thanks for the follow Miren. I have flirted with a few MLM companies also and they are not for me either. I believe they suit a certain type of personality which I don't possess. I wish you all the best with your Wealthy Affiliate journey. Good luck, or should I say, Good management!
ihani Premium
Hey hey welcome back Miren. Loved your blog and how you are interested in music, art, statistics, languages, travelling, human behavior and online marketing. My type of interests too. You seem like a very active and outgoing oerson who doesn't give up and will chase her dreams. I know you will make a great online business, it just matter of time . I wish you all the best Miren
HisbelA Premium
Hola Miren,
Which language have you adopted for WA? I usually write in English, but if you prefer to use Spanish is ok with me too.
Thank you so much for following me, I do really appreciate it.
Congratulations on finishing your course! Well done! I hope to see you more often around here now, and wish you success with your ventures and happy learning.
All the best
LunaVC Premium
Hi Miren,
I left a comment on your post. I had to sign out of my computer and when I signed back in I could not find the page that the request was made. I hope you don't mind me posting my URL here.

I hope you will like my comment.
Miren Premium
Thank you Luna for your comment, I just left a comment on your post too :)
6315tfks Premium
Hi Miren, it's nice to meet you. this is a wonderful place to be the people here are very knowledgeable,helpful and very nice. I think you're going to like it. Go through the training, one step at a time, you'll be fine. If I can help, let me know.

My Best To You.
DavidHenke Premium
Hello, Miren, Welcome to WA. You were wise to investigate and joining WA and I agree with you about the quality of this program. Have you picked a niche yet? With you language skills, a website like, www.letstalkcatalan.com might be a neat way for you to build an email list. Just a thought. Best of luck. Cordially; David
AfqmBiz Premium
This is my appreciation message to all community members that willing to spare your ample time just to following me together networking under WA.

I wish all the best in your 2017 journey and beyond!

Keep it up and Welcome aboard! :)

*P/S: Glad to being able to send out my message to every following friend Dashboard Page on my networking. I take this opportunity to briefly know each and everyone. Hopefully I can remember all :)
Eustaquia1 Premium
miren you will go a long way .Just be patient .withe the enthusiast i feel you have in your heart achievment of your of your goal soon,sooner than .keep going .good attifude,miren ,keep it up.with WA.good luck,dont hesistate to share me what luck is waiting for you. ok !!!
RWB Premium
Hello Miren, Nice meeting you here. Hope WA is serving you well. It's definitely the place to be to build a real, honest, online business. Stay focused and be patient and the sky is the limit. Thanks for following me. I'm now following you as well.

I wish you all the best,

Randy B
OldGeezer Premium

It has been awhile since I have been able to spend any time here at WA which is obvious from the lack of content on my websites. Also, my non-interaction with other members here. Really not much to follow for a long time, until I started adding more content. Which I'm writing now and will post soon.

Hope you check in on every once in awhile and keep me focused.

JHaugland Premium
Thank you so much for following me. I hope you will find what you are looking for here at WA. Just be patient, persistent and willing to learn and you will find it all here. And if you need assistance, don't hesitate to send me a message. I will help in any way I can. Best of luck with your journey here at WA.
Merlster Premium
Hi Miren! ¿Que tal? When I was a child, I lived a couple of years near Alayor, a small city near Mahon, which is on Menorca. I follow you because I hope to learn a lot from you during your journey here at WA. You seem to be very motivated to beat the Vegas challenge which is why I want to watch you paving your way to success :)

All the best, Miren!
rlocke64 Premium
Hello Miren,

I did the same thing researched WA and found a lot of positive reviews and decided to take advantage of the Black Friday deal and jumped into premium status. It's been hard work and time consuming but I feel it's worth it in the long run. Wishing you the best in 2017
caterinamac Premium
Hi Miren you certainly sound to be a very accomplished person.I envy you being able to speak and communicate in multiple languages.All the very best with WA.I have found it to be an mine of information and learning and just wish I could spend more time doing it,Cheers Cate
Migdawnaw Premium
you rock girl and welcome to WA i just came on bored myself this month and i am loving it. I spent 20 yrs trying to find the one that was not a scam i have been scam so many times you wouldn't believe it .i have lost so much money in this game trying to tap into this market business I am exited about WA it is a lot but it is really fun , i might say. so welcome Miren
OlderGuy Premium
Hi Miren,

Thanks for following me; I'll also follow you.

I wish you the best with W.A.

We all make many changes in life; hope you find the one that will make you the happiest. Work hard at whatever you do; experience and people are the key to success.
167daisAl Premium
Congratulations Miren on your graduation and finishing International Trade. Do hope you can pursue your Online Affiliate Business. The WA Community is just what we need to succeed in this business. Happy Holidays and since you're from a Spain, I can greet you "Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano". I'm from the Philippines but my great great grandparents came from Toledo, Spain..the Cortes Family. Now residing in Long Island New York.
OsaD Premium
Hi Miren:: Like you I did a lot of research on MLM opportunities and joined one and gave it my best shot for a year. From that experience I learned two things. 1) MLM companies make money off it's members whether or not they succeed and 2) Those who are very successful in MLM have the ability to sell a dream without any tangible substance. I cannot do that! . A little over a year ago, I started looking at WA and found that it was as much of an academy as it was a developing business venture. We all enter as a student and develop our skills from apprentice to managing our own business. The real benefit is that we can learn and earn in parallel.

I had to drop out of WA early this year do to other obligations. I just rejoined last week to continue where I left off. Much to learn.
ownonlboss Premium
Hi Miren!
Thanks for following me. It's great to connect with people.
Good that you went out of the MLM. When I read that the first part of your profile I thought hmmm hope she won't get hurt. Got some experience in the MLM too and feel its not correct way of trading, not so much because of the products but more about the peer pressure from above.
And Catalonia is a fantastic place.

Don't hesitate to contact me. Always open for a chat and who knows I might be able to help out too, as we all have different skills.

Ali-M Premium
Dear Miren, how are you?) Hope you are fine and everything is great with your business progress ). I've recently followed you in WA.

My site is about technology and since I've started to build my network, I would like to have you in my network and your following back )
Here is my links and I would be happy to have you in my social networks too (If you like of course : ) ). Also if you leave me your social network links; I'll be able to following you back.

Here is mine:
Google: https://plus.google.com/+AliMonajemi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Digital-World-Guru-847606122036894
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ali_monajemi

Wish you great success in your online business,

mickeyb123 Premium
Hello, Miren and thank you fro following me. I am following you now, also. I hope I am exciting or informative enough to be followed!

You come from Spain and have already worked in marketing! Affiliate Marketing is something that you should enjoy, so grab hold, hang on and learn what you need to fill in any holes in your knowledge!

I stand ready to assist in any way that I can, so reach out and tell, ask or even help.

Again, thank you for the follow.

LeonilaT Premium
Miren I'm glad to meet you here. Thanks for the follow, so grateful I follow you back. WA is exemplary to all online business mention in the lips of Internet gurus. To name one of the features you cannot find outside WA is it's community. Every one in the Top is pulling you up, great energy. I wish you all the best.
Miren Premium
Thanks a lot and yes, I totally agree! I've not found another community like WA, everybody is so supportive here =)
Capu1 Premium
Hi Mirem,
Thank you for following me. It is a pleasure to connect with you.
Based on your profile, you have a very busy life stile. Well, I am sure you are enjoying the community. Your academic background is a big support for your success in this field.
Thank you again and looking forward to keeping in touch.
SerahAO Premium
Hi Miren, its so nice to meet you! thank you for including me in your network. I hope you're doing fine so far here at WA! Its such an awesome place. Congratulations as well on graduating :-) we are all here to help each other out so if you ever need help just ask okay. I wish you all the very best. Cheers!
Sripada Premium
Hello mired,

Thanks for following me. Congrats for graduating. About MLM , you can do it when you find a good one. Because MLM is a future product. But. If you can study the system thoroughly, you know which one to pick. Nice to be at WA. System is perfect. Good luck to you to reach your dreams in the coming months and years.
WLG Premium
Hi Miren,
Thanks for the follow, I am returning the favor. I hope things are going well for you here in WA. If there is anything I can help you with, just ask; if I can't provide assistance I know who to go to for the answer to ensure that you get whatever help or answer you need.

I hope you accomplish your goals and be as happy as you deserve to be.

wweb53 Premium
HI Miren, I wanted to say hello and to say I know you will do great here! You are way ahead of me because I am limited to how much time I have right now, but I am working on that now. So I wish you a good day.
kmer6 Premium
Good evening to you Miren, my name is Ken and I welcome you to WA and thank you for the follow. You have the potential to build your career to be anything you wish to be. From your computer, you can control your destiny by learning how to see the opportunities available to you from the training you will get here at WA. I recommend you review the lessons from the Get Started Here [top left green box] and learn them well. Do them all, don't skip, and if you encounter difficulties, ask the community for help The community is the secret sauce to WA.

I wish you much enjoyment, success, and prosperity in reaching your goals.
Deale Premium
Hi you are part of my network so..
My first blog "I want you to have this." is up, and in it there is a tiny gift waiting for you, enjoy :)
TW2016 Premium
Hi Miren, it's so wonderful being able to connect and get to know you. Great, we are expanding our network at WA together. Before I forget, let me give you a warm welcome to WA and look forward if we can journey at WA together learning from each other on site building and also our discussions and encouragement together. Do you have any niche idea in mind already, if not how about we brainstorm together, wouldn't that be a good idea. I'm very excited and really look forward to working with you together at WA as it gives me lots of motivation and encouragement everyday working at WA with you; it will be so wonderful. I look forward to hear from you soon. Keep in touch and take good care. Terry :)
shakem9 Premium
Hello Miren, thanks for the follow I followed you back. I take my hat off to you. Most 20 year olds that I know aren't interested in learning a set of skills that will allow them the freedom to pursue all their dreams. Welcome to the family.
Cheers to our success,
brooksbode90 Premium
Thanks for following me, Miren; that's very kind. I think your English is commendable. You've got it so right, WA is a truly remarkable place. I find the education very relevant and the people very supportive. I think we just need to stay focused on the tasks so that we can advance our lives. Here's wishing you the very best.
bnaylor Premium
Hey Miren ... Thanks for connecting and the follow... I truly appreciate the invitation to be a part of your "journey online"..

Welcome to WA... It sounds like things are moving along well for you, given your recent profile update... You're right MLM, is not everyone's cup of tea but if you have the right coaches and mentors, network marketing and affiliate marketing both, can be incredible business models... It's just a matter of doing things "right"...

If you ever have any questions or if there is anything I can do to help you along with your online marketing, please don't hesitate to ask... In fact, if you'd like to learn more about how I approach this business, please read the following post when you get a moment... Between that post and my profile, you should get a pretty clear idea on my thoughts on "internet marketing" as an industry and my approach... You can always PM me here of course if you have questions or you can message me through Facebook... I always seem to be logged into my Facebook account for various reasons, so that's likely the quickest way to reach me... My contact information is on my profile... Thanks again... Bryan
Give It A Go Premium
Hi Miren.
Thank you for including me in your circle of friends here at WA. I'm glad to hear that you can spend more time with it all. I know I struggle with time and not being able to do all I want to and it can get quite frustrating at times. But I don't let it get to me because I know that while my road may take me a little bit longer than other people, I will still get there in the end. Wishing you much success. Ange
Goldy4350 Premium
Miren thank you for the follow! I read your profile, and you lead and interesting life. You have much to offer, so what is your niche. At this point I know you have your website developed, and live. I'm not as diverse as most but I learn 90% by self teaching, and research. We have a desire for research in common. I like that , and it will be interesting where you go, so I'm following you as well.

I wish you all the best! I'm very much a beginner compared to you so please feel free to provide any advise that you can offer to an old lady lol!
LLiu Premium
Hi Miren,
Very nice to meet you and thank you for adding me to your network and I am adding you to mine.
I wish you every success in your endeavor's and on your journey here at WA.
If I can be of help just let me know and I will too.

Warmest wishes,

Linda :)
EdwardLarry Premium
I wish the best to you Miren My experience with WA has been the most useful in Website design, I have two sites and The thing I have learned their has to be a need for what your sales are Their are two ways that I know in advertisements One is social media and email marketing I hope you the best to your success.
Rpetry144 Premium
Hey Miren. Would love to visit Spain and Argentina. I love the spanish language especially music. I am in the process of learning to speak Spanish. They say you must put your self in the culture so that is what I did. I live with a Spanish family. So not just learning the language but Spanish customs too. Thanks for following and of course I will follow back. Cuídate Miren.

T1967 Premium
Hey Miren, thank you for the follow and i hope you are doing okay. If you need anything at all please let me know. I have found some great tutorials in WA that you may want to see. If you do , please let me know and i will forward them to you :-)) Keep in touch :-)) Tania