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Why is my conversion rate so low?

Why is my conversion rate so low?

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WA Affiliate Program

I keep wondering how I can improve the conversion rate between starter to premium referrals.
Most my referrals don’t set up their accounts, even though I tell them ho

I think something has changed rather drastically in the WA funnel. Looking at my stats history, in 2016 my conversion rate from Starter to premium was 14.5%. In 2017 that dropped to 8.6%. In 2018 that dropped even further to just 5.6%. So far in 2019 it's just 2%.

One thing I am sure of, is my optimisation is a lot better than it was in 2016, yet the conversion rate is less than half what it was back then for 2018.

It's gotta be something WA has changed in the way they try and upsell Starter members to Premium.

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, Darren! I see I’m not the only one who’s going through this. In my case, in December 2017 (when I started getting referrals) my conversion rate was 10% and last year it was 7-8%, but this year it’s less than 4% so I wonder if it’s the products I review or what’s the problem. I wonder how many active affiliates are experiencing this.

Your pattern sounds the same as mine, so I doubt it's the products you review.

I think it's likely something on the WA end, the email sequence they send out to new members. I'm sure that would have changed over the past 3 years.

We have our part to play getting people to the platform, but like any affiliate program, once they arrive at the landing page, sales page or whatever, it's really up to the company selling the product to really close the sale. We're just referring people after all.

Like, if I send someone to a ClickBank product, I don't then join the ClickBank product and keep trying to close the sale on them. It's up to the product's owner to do that part.

We have no control over WA's email sequence or how they present the site to new members. I really think something has been changed there that's not converting anywhere near as well.

Sometimes it will be the kind of traffic that's joining, but even then, if they've read our WA reviews first, they'll know what they're getting into. It won't be a surprise or anything.

Fact is most people want a get-rich scheme. They don't want to do the work. They are also the ones who will pay a fortune for an empty promise and get burned every time.

I understand what you are saying, but unfortunately don't have a solution. I've had 5 people accept my invitation for the free membership, but they don't follow through with setting up their accounts either, much less go to Premium.

Probably they were curious and just wanted to see what WA is about and decided it's not for them, or they wanted the make-money-overnight scenario.

If I remember correctly, I think Kyle said the conversion rate was around 12% or something like that. So you'd need 100 referrals to go to Premium to get 12 successful sign-ups.

I think the conversion ate is way lower than 12% these days. It used to be that high. Something has changed, but I don't know what it is.

It take a lot of time to convince people to join. I really do not think you are doing anything wrong. Like Robert mentioned, you can lead a horse, and let them decide if the want quench their thirst or not.

Hi Mirren - what is your conversion rate and what is the average, do you know?

I think a lot of people just don't want to do the work and keep looking for get-rich-quick schemes.

I don't mind getting rich slowly :-)

Good luck with your progress.

You got good advice just keep trying and you are putting in the effort yourself. Share with them the love that exists at WA community,


Miren its just like taking a horse to water but you cannot force them to drink it.

You will be like the rest of us and probably have lots of people who signup but then after the 7 days trial they leave or they stay as free members.

Some of them will not even put anything on their profile page and a lot of the time not even a photo.

Don't worry about it and keep working on your website.

Enjoy your Thursday.

I am wondering if you have the auto E-mail messages set up for when they first join and thereafter.


Yes, I do.

maybe you need to prequalify people coming over here.
maybe you have a quiz - where people have to put in effort to get through to wa, these are the ones who are more likely to sign up and take action?
just thoughts.

I tell them what they need to know before joining and also tell them not to join if they’re not willing to take action.

yeah but people see free account and sign up - what it should be is a low fee like $1 for 30 day access.
so maybe you create a high quality product for a low fee and let them in that way, as an upsell?

See if this helps

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