Broke My First $100 In A Single Day (June Update)

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Some of you are aware that in November 2017 I started a new Amazon niche website, using a specific approach.

It was more of a case study site (to see if the "best of" approach works) but now I work on it full-time and even hired guys with WA commissions to help me out with content.

In early May I blogged about having my biggest sale, which brought me $30+ in commissions:

This month I expected to write a post on how I broke my first $100 month but life had its own plans :) and I am not complaining!

Yesterday I broke my first $100 (minus 28 cents) in a single day.

And I sure do expect it to grow (read: "snowball").

With outsourcing, I am aiming to publish twice a week and have enough "info" posts too, so that I don't have all affiliate content.

Anyway, I know that there are a lot of new members that doubt Wealthy Affiliate's training - we've all been there.

I can just share one advice:


There's no shortcut around it.

It took me a while to finally accept my websites as businesses and actually follow the training. Don't make the same mistake. Don't get distracted by other shiny objects.

Just do the training and plug away to make it happen.

Mini-Rant/Another Advice to You

Also, don't let your friends or even family interfere with your progress.

They won't believe it until they see "real" money, and by real I mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month.

This is where we ALL can relate.

Heck, my parents still try to make me join the government office type of job even though I've made my first sale (from my first website) a while ago.

Their response is that $100, or $200 or even $500 is not enough to make a decent living, especially in a city like Toronto.

Even explaining them that at the beginning of the year I had like 40 cents made from the Amazon website (compared to the $200 month now) doesn't make them realize the potential of having an online business.

I mean, $0.40 vs $200 in 5 months. Am I the only one who sees the potential?

So I've come to realize that some people are entreprenerial-minded, and some have the "secure office work" type of mentality.

And there is nothing wrong with that. We are who we are.

We all should realize that at the end of the day, it's our life and we should pursue what we believe in.

It still kinda upsets me but, thank God, now I am a point in life where I am confident in what I am doing now, despite other people's disbelief.

And you should build that "stamina" too! Don't try to argue or explain to those who don't believe in it, these arguments will likely just upset you too.

Better save your energy for your website business.

When you show them a $1000 or $5000 check, that's when they will believe in what you're doing.

Let me say this again, basically just stay shut and work on your business to make it HAPPEN.

Dig your way to success!

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Congrats Zarina!! I'm sure this time next year you will be making a full-time income =)
I completely relate to you, I reached the $500/month mark but my parents still want me to look for a job. I believe parents would see the potential of an online business if they knew how this works or if they personally knew someone who's successful doing this.

Thank you very much Miren! Fingers crossed it happens faster than I think lol.

It's pretty crazy to be honest. I mean if you think about real brick and mortar businesses, it takes YEARS to succeed and much more expenses. Without any guarantees too.

And they still want to push us into the office like jobs. Can't really change their mentality but I don't need to, as long as I don't let naysayers affect me.

Fantastic! Congratulations Zarina. It's a wonderful feeling when you have your first $100 day. You can only go up from here ;)

I still remember mine like it was yesterday, albeit it was with dropshipping and not affiliate marketing.

Thank you for sharing your success, it makes me want to work even harder :)


Thank you for your support and encouragement Kyle!

Also, I see you're new to the community, welcome to WA! :)

By the way, I recommend you check out Dylan's posts @dylanrieger, he's the main reason I started a new Amazon niche website using his strategy. :)

I have been so excited about my own website and when I attempt to talk about it with my family they get this certain kind of look on their faces, so now I don't bring it up anymore. I just continue to work on my site and hopefully, in the near future, I WILL prove to them that this is worthwhile. I am not giving up! I can do this!
Best Wishes and looking forward to another post from you letting us know of your $200 or even $300 a day earnings.

Thank you Tai, and good luck on your journey too!

Awesome Work Zarina
I understand EXACTLY where you are posting from, and its that FIRST dollar that fuels the dream.
Love what you said about the SHINY OBJECTS LOL
Always GURUS looking to give you a Easy way out.
The outside noise is easier to shut out but when it comes from your parents its a lot more difficult, but Good for you for sticking to your dreams and making it happen.
Again Awesome post and thanks for the update.
More to come

Thank you very much for your support, Dino!

Great work, you must be very proud of yourself as you should be,CONGRATS.


I am despite my parents' disbelief :) Thanks!

Even Better,

That's a great post.

You're right to follow your own dreams - I did the government job route and want out so bad it's not even funny.

The public thinks you get paid too much and have the best benefits in the world - reality is, you rarely get a wage increase and most don't EVER keep up with the cost of inflation. I left government for 5 years to contract and working in the "private sector" was much, much better (wages AND benefits). I won't even talk about the culture in a government job as it's so much worse than anywhere I've ever worked.

Now, I just want to be my own boss and I'm going to get this with WA...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, you reaffirmed it for me that I don't want to work in a government office type of job. I mean I never planned on going there but still it's nice to know I've made the right choice without having worked in such place.

I wasn't really aware about the culture in a government job, another reason it's not for me! I am positive, extravert kind of person, so I'd die in such an environment fast lol.

My best advice is to stick with the training! Also, check out Dylan's posts @dylanrieger, he was the one who inspired me to build a new website with a specific approach.

My best wishes to you, Dave!

Great to hear, Zarina. I look forward to hearing more successes.

Keep snowballing,

Can't wait for snowballing to happen :) Thank you!

Congratulations Zarina, it does take a while to silence the doubters, but you are doing it. Keep pressing on.

I surely will! Thank you, Harvey

Great work!

Yeah most won't believe in it at first but you've got to shut them out sometimes. I find trying to convince them doesn't work, so I just don't talk to people about it who I know won't get it.

I make more now than I ever did in a "real job" but my parents still think I should go back to a "real job"! So its never enough in money terms. Some people just don't understand the idea of making money outside of the "traditional job" model. Like you say, some people are entrepreneurial-minded and others aren't.

Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing your progress (looking out for the first $1,000 in one day post!)

Oh wow, really? I thought that once you show them you make consistent solid income, they let it go :/

Well, my parents probably will, as for them it's more in money terms. Which I understand given how a financial setback our family experienced in 2017.

But again, I am not giving up. A year ago, I would probably stop doing work for weeks but now, it just slightly upsets me, then I let it go and continue working on my website lol. Thank God that I have enough confidence in myself now.

So, so, so important to have enough confidence, then you won't need reassurance from other people!

I am really hoping to hit $1000 month real soon. And will definitely share it here.

Thank you for your support and encouragement, Nathan! Appreciate it :)

Great! Congratulations! Keep going!

Hoping to hit my first $1000 month like you soon ;)

I still didn`t have a $100 day... So, hopefully I will hit that :)

You definitely will :D

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