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It's been a long while since I posted in WA. Frankly, wasn't really active here. Thought I'd publish a post for the records purposes and to say hi to fellow WA'ers 👋Becoming a Premium Plus member:For whatever reasons I didn't upgrade to Premium Plus last year, but I've been seeing those expert webinars/trailers and was itching to watch them lol. So it was on the back of my mind that perhaps I should eventually upgrade...This year I decided to take advantage of the Black Friday deal and
I thought about whether I should blog about it here. Then I remembered just how much I love reading success stories at WA (still). And how this kind of posts are reassuring for folks who are just starting out, who have been at it for a while and seeing no results, or for those who are making over $1k already but can't "break the ceiling" so to speak.Now...If you are new here and don't know who I am, I strongly encourage you to read my 5-year WA-nniversary and online journey here. You'll see tha
Well... It's been 5 years since I joined WA. What a ride!There are 3 things I want to start off with today:1. Consistency and persistence matter. If you're not taking action, you won't see results. Simple as that.2. This journey can be tough! I can't begin to tell you how many times I thought about giving up or selling my site(s). Hell, I still have thoughts like this EVEN THOUGH I had a consistent 4-figure monthly income this year. Burnouts happen.3. You should listen to yourself/consider your
Hey WA fam, long time no post! This post is 1500 words long but I hope you'll still enjoy reading it till the end! And I hope it inspires you :)(I was reluctant to write this post but I want to give back to WA, I remember how myself I got inspired reading WA success stories.)Also, in this post you'll learn how I used my own post-surgery 2-year 'lockdown' to do the work and how now I'm collecting the rewards during the actual crisis and lockdown we see worldwide.(All thanks to Wealthy Affiliate'
Hi WA fam! It's been a while :)I decided to publish an update of how things are going for me thus far and I hope you enjoy this post :)So...Accomplishment #1Last month (September 2019) I celebrated my 4th year at Wealthy Affiliate.Grateful to Kyle, Carson and Jay for their hard work and their vision to change people's lives by providing affiliate marketing education on this platform. Grateful for this awesome community. Connecting with some of you was crucial to my success online.Thank you!Acco
Sooo... Did you recognize that guy on my cover pic? Did I catch your attention? 😄Hey guys,It's been a while. I must say I suddenly got a lot active in my life (work, family, health/physical activities, social life). In this post, I want to share how my Amazon niche site paid for my first ever trip to the US!But let's start from the beginning...Basically I have a friend living in the states that I haven't seen for 4 years.She was waiting for me to visit her, but during the whole surgery/
So...I read a few success stories here on WA about YouTube marketing (Dylan, Tiffany, Chris aka Benji's Dad) and I was eager to get started too.I started watching more videos on this, including Jay's live webinars here at WA. And thought I'd start with my experience on making money online channel or a channel that's related to my Amazon niche site (tech-related).While I was "thinking" it turned out that my sister in law who's a PRO when it comes to nails started making videos and sharing on Ins
Hi WA fam,Just another quick post, to encourage you not only help people but if anything ask them to help you too.Some of you may have read my previous post "Remember: You're In the Business of Helping", where I shared how I suddenly got a lot of (awesome) organic comments within a week.Well, I keep getting organic comments every once in a while.But: Recently I got a great comment that touched on something I don't have a lot of knowledge on... hockey photography. Like there are a LOT of nuances
Hi WA fam,I just wanted to let you know that my Amazon niche site that's 1 year and 4 months old suddenly got about 5 organic comments in 4 days.And they were great too! (With questions that really engaged me.)Such an awesome feeling that my website is starting to gain authority and non-WA people do actually comment on it and seek my advice. And then they come back and make your day:Here's the thing:I know that when we start out, money is all we think about. Listen to Kyle when he says that you
Hi guys,So this just happened...I was reached out by someone who works in Ezoic ads company.Apparently he came across my info posts published on my Amazon niche site and that's how he found me. (Do they always personally contact webmasters/bloggers?)His email:"My name is Kevin and I'm writing to let you know about Ezoic - a Google Certified Publishing Partner.We've developed a machine learning platform that learns which ad sizes and locations work best for each of your users to increase ad reve