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Hello to the WA community, My name is Dino and I am here as a " semi-newbie", for I started my online Learnings in 2012. Hired





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How do I fix new products structured data issues or not?

How do I fix new products structured data issues or not?

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Hello WA
I just received these warnings on my GSC, and it is an on and off again warning, not an error.

Is this something that can be overlooked, like some Missing F

Hi Dino,

I just found your blog. I received an email message from Google Search Console with the same issues.

How did you get yours fixed?

My issues apparently are:

Missing field "offers"
Missing field "review"

Grrr... thought I was getting some things accomplished...


Thank you

Hello Monica

yes it is frustrating for certain

Let me share what I have learnt to date and I have faith it will help shed some light.

First off let me share that not everything can be a fixable issue on GSC. So if these things are warnings and NOT errors sometimes we will have to live with them until it disappears on their own.

Note i have the WP Product Review Lite running on ALL of my review posts and that has been good for making GSC and the Schema Markup issue better

but that being said find out WHICH post are being affected.

For me It was only 3 posts, and i had 16 warnings now only 3 but realized that at this point it no longer a ME problem LOL

What i did was go to

and filled out the assorted information, once that is done it give you code that you can place into the post (i usually place it in the footer) and resubmit the URL.

Along with that am using Rank Math SEO Plugin, and also fill in the Schema section of the plugin...

Note when filling out the Schema Tips
• When filling out your Identification properties go with MPN - MPN represents a Global Manufacturer.
• Price valid until going with a couple of years in the future so 2022 to 2024
• Use your META Title and META Description for the areas that ask for description and titles
• For the SKU if you ever write a product review, and they do not have an SKU Make One Up. But this is under the identification properties, and you can go with MPN or SKU fyi
• The Post title is the URL Slug

Now you will have provided them with all of the relevant microdata
either in form of the HTML Code generated by that markup generator above, the Rich snippets plugin and the schema on the SEO Plugin.

But then what i mean by its no longer a ME problem is that I have given the a MPN number, and GSC is still asking for a SKU, even though its the same thing. etc. so these were the 3 warnings that I did not worry about.

I hope this helps

Let me know if i can help further



You're very welcome!

Thank you, Abie!

Yikes... I haven't done anything yet on my issues. I was out of town for a few days and am back now.

I'll look into the links you posted here this coming week. Thank you very much!

Have a blessed weekend.


Hey Dino,

Asking Google your question, I found they have answers available that you may find helpful. See screen print below...

If you're using WooCommerce plugin, perhaps this ticket may explain a resolve: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/structured-data-errors-in-products-reported-by-google-search-console/

There are many other tutorials that were offered in the search results shown in the screen print below.

Personally, I would run the same search and read over some of the tutorials professing to solve this issue, to see if there is a fix... or not.

NOTE: PLEASE BACK UP YOUR WEBSITE before making any changes. This way if you DO encounter issues with a change you've made, and you cannot fix that change easily... you can restore your website with your backup file.

Hope you find this helpful.

Hello Triblu

Thank will start digging

Have a great day

If these are just warnings and they seem to be self-correcting after time, I would just keep an eye on them and move on. It may be that the plugin owner needs to make some updates. I would watch for plugin updates.

Yes, thank you i am thinking the same thing.

You are welcome.

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All my amazon links just stopped working why?

All my amazon links just stopped working why?

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Over the last 9 days, All of my Amazon links stopped working?

They were created as Native Shopping Ads and Custom Ads.

It was ALL good for months, then GONE.

I've always used SiteStripe for my Amazon links, there was a top banner for a long time talking about how they were ending support for those two ad types. It's unfortunate, but once you convert everything to the SiteStripe links and format it that way, I'm sure you'll feel great about it!

It sucks to have to go back and make those changes, but it's necessary. Cheers 🍻

Maybe you could create your own images on whatever format you were using beforehand? You can use any product image on Amazon and maybe create a similar process? Wish you the best in converting everything 👍

Thank you Colton

It was great because you could easily just place a 4 picture grid with a number of products or a list or even just 2 images

Now I will just have to settle for one

And that's not the pain point it's that I have to go through all the post on the site

Anyway it's a process.

Agreed and thank you

How is that coming along? I also want to note, that you have to be careful using Amazon's logo within your content. There are some barriers when it comes to using Amazon's name, logo, and identity if you are going the route of creating your own "ads" to be similar to what they had before.

You can absolutely use any product image, but you should look into their affiliate policies within the dashboard of Amazon Associates and ensure that you aren't breaking any of their policies if/when you use your logo.

Hello Colton

Thanks for reaching out

Have been using Site strip but again it was not as good as the custom links

But at the end if the day Amazon will be a small part of my business

I appreciate you checking in

How are you?

The same thing happened to me; my custom links and native shopping ads. Strangely enough, the images stopped working as well.

So, I had to go back and edit all my links.


What did you do to edit them sitestrip?

Nope. I used the product images on Amazon for the items I am promoting.

Ok thank you
Appreciate the tip.

Your old links should work. The code is the same except for where you access your links. But yes, Site stripe is what to use for affiliate links now.

Thank you

What a pain lol

Yes it is.

There has been a new update in March.

I'd check links again.

Ok I might have to approach it from site strip
It's so frustrating
Thank you

You're very welcome, and hope you get it sorted sooner.

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