Amazon: I Am Lovin' It! (My Biggest Sale So Far)

Last Update: October 19, 2018

You see that image above? Yep, that's my reaction today LOL.

As some of you know, recently I created a niche-specific Amazon website.

It's been about 6 months and since then I reached a few milestones, such as:

After I saw traffic increase, I figured that I need improve my CTR to Amazon (getting more clicks to Amazon) and optimized my most popular 2-3 posts.

Optimizing my pages did help, and I started seeing from 15-20 clicks to Amazon per day (considering I have from 50 to 70 visitors per day).

Today, a new milestone:

My biggest Amazon sale so far!

13 clicks and 1 order for May 2, 2018.

And that 1 order came through my most popular post and the product purchased was some expensive tent (or is it an average price for a tent??).

Completely unrelated to my niche.

My niche products' commission fee is at 4%. For outdoors category it's 5.5%.

So, according to my math, this tent purchase should bring me around $30 and a bit.

Such sweet sweet news :)

Update May 4, 2018 - My math was right :)

I have no idea why I never started with Amazon website back in 2015 (!!???!!!).

Actually, no, I do have an idea. I wasn't following the training, was inconsistent and had some life stuff going on.

Anyway, a piece of advice to newbies:

If you don't have any serious reasons setting you back, DO THAT DAMN TRAINING! Lol.

Hmm.... I should probably add this to my old tutorial with tips for beginners.

And do consider building an Amazon niche site. When done properly, it seems that after 6 months, your business can really skyrocket.

I mean check out Dylan's page - he's my freakin' role model and I am forever thankful to him for sharing his strategy and inspiring me to create a new website.

Unlike him, I wasn't able to publish on a regular basis and behind on SWAG too but once I am back in Toronto, I am hoping to catch up on everything.

May 5, 2018 UPDATE:

Amazon Keeps Making Me Happy (Keep 'Em Pounds Coming!)

October 14, 2018 UPDATE:

It's Getting Better: $500 in 2 Days (Amazon Niche Site Progress)

Dig your way to success!

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delroy2222 Premium
Hi Zarina

Thank you for sharing.
Best wishes.
Zarina Premium Plus
Thank you!
5-qpq Premium
Hi Zarina,

Now I know why sitting here at 6:30 am reading this message. DO THE DAMN TRAINING, LOL. LOVE IT. HAHA!!!


Zarina Premium Plus
Haha I was thinking of submitting the post a bit later when Canadians/Americans have day time (I am in Moscow now)...

Until I realized that WA is global and someone will definitely be up LOL.

Good luck with the training and thank you for stopping by! :)
KMrwashu1 Premium
Thank you for the post, congrats on your the sale made. You are doing the Darn Thing!!! All the best
Zarina Premium Plus
Thank you, Kele!! :)
SuzaMarie Premium
Nice! Congrats! I'm with you...I'm redoing that damn training! lol!
Zarina Premium Plus
Hahaha good! Gotta have that laser-focus when it comes to WA and building your online business without jumping around :)
SuzaMarie Premium
So true! I'm working on my WA laser-focus.
Zarina Premium Plus
Good stuff :)
Kettei Premium
Thanks for your inspiring post Zarina!
I'm just getting started again and progressing on the training so this is the sort of post that people like me need to see to help inspire us to keep going.
Awesome! :)
Zarina Premium Plus
Hey Phil, welcome to WA!

I am really glad to hear you find this post inspiring. I remember how I needed that boost of inspiration so many times throughout the last couple years and I am happy to provide that boost to other WA members too :)

And yes, absolutely do the training! I was guilty of not having it completed until like last year or something lol.