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Stop being wa member can still earn commissions from wa?

Stop being wa member can still earn commissions from wa?

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WA Affiliate Program

If you stop being a WA member, can you still earn commissions from new members that sign through your articles you wrote earlier on WA and Jaaxy?

If you cannot earn any

If you're no longer a WA member you won't be paid commissions.

Thanks Mark. So it is therefore not worthwhile writing articles promoting WA if at any one time you decide to quit WA esp if you are on their affiliate bootcamp?

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How to permanently delete viglink?

How to permanently delete viglink?

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Everything Wordpress

After reading many good reviews, I decided to install Viglink on one of my sites. I found out later that this was a big mistake as the ad that keeps appearing whenever I want t

Hi, I was searching for the viglink procedure, so I found your question. I was also about to copy paste the script. I was searching out the affiliate program for BURBERRY brand, Google showed the viglink website, Now what should I do? I need Burberry affiliation.

Hi, Fashionholic. From my experience, I am not sure if Viglink is good for your site. I have seen in other affiliate networks such as LinkShare(Rakuten), that has fashion houses selling branded name. Maybe Burberry is one of them. Check them out.

Site Support my be able to help

Hi, Marion. Thanks for suggesting this. I just submitted my support ticket to TS. Will keep you posted on the progress.

Here's the update: Technical Support could find the 'pop out' or 'opening in new tab' and suggested I try to clear browser cookies, cache or temporary internet files and flush DNS cache.
Link on how to do so:

I tried this and it doesn't work. Told TS but as to date, yet to resolve this problem.

I will probably try changing the theme and see if it works.

I have not even heard about it so I can't help solving your problem. However, I am thankful for your post as it helps me (and other readers) to be more careful with it in the future.

My understanding is they have hidden some code into your site (smells like a kind a virus, doesn't it). As for computers, there different cleaning software available. But I don't know if there is any for websites.

Thanks, egonsarv. Yes, I think it does sounds like malware or something like that.
It is frustrating when a reviewer goes over the top on a product, which turns out to be a big disappointment.

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Why wa show someone's webpage when I request for comment?

Why wa show someone's webpage when I request for comment?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

When I requested for website comment, WA will generate someone's web page in the preview section. But if you click on that web page, it takes you to my webpage i.e the actual w

I haven't had that problem either. Yes definitely contact support about that, it shouldn't be doing that.

Hi, MelissaW1. Yup, will do that. Thanks

I haven't had that issue. The system still has a few bugs, might want to contact support and make sure they are aware of it.

Thanks Boothe, will do that

I just found out that site support is for issues related to your own website. Not WA platform

A PM to Kyle or Carson might be the best way to go, then. :p

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Know of any good free ebook creator software?

Know of any good free ebook creator software?

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Email Marketing

I am planning to do a company profile book (a bit similar to company annual report) in A4 size using ebook creator (you can use this software to create something similar to giv

Take a look at canva.com


I just came across Reedsy

I haven't actually tried to use it yet, but it's free and looks like a pretty good option.

Thanks kdev. I found joomag and will be trying this. Will also check your link.

Hi, Mazlan.

Google "Free e-book creator software" and find one that suits your needs.



YUP, I did that and found Createavist but the function looks lacking in features. So I asked if anyone had used it before.

I did a further search and found this magazine creator, joomag, which looks good. I will be trying this out. Free subscription does not allow for download, have to upgrade to premium in order to do that.

That sucks.
I'll do some searching tomorrow also.


You might like to have a look at this web page -


Enjoy your Wednesday.

Thanks, Robert, will check it out.

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Link not opening in a new tab?

Link not opening in a new tab?

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Everything Wordpress

For my recent post, I checked the box for a link to open in a new tab and it works just fine after I saved it. The next day, when I click on the link, it opens in the same tab

Hi Marion, Labman, T1967, and others that are following this thread. It's almost a week now since I had this link not opening in new tab problem and after tweaking the site as suggested by Labman and Marion, I can safely say that it is now back to normal. Thanks, Marion and Labman for your help and suggestions.
That's why I love WA..we have so many talented people who are always willing to help and share their experience and expertise with others. Thanks a million guys!



Glad you got sorted honey :-))

Hey honey, did you get sorted :-))

I am still watching. As of now it looks OK. Marion and Labman had suggested to check my MesoColumn theme and the plugins. I did that and all look good now. Giving it a few more days before i can safely say it is sorted out.
Thanks for asking.

Keep us posted :-)) do me a favour will you and hit the LIKE button under my comments please :-)) thank you :-))

done :-)
By the way your cat team is still not onboard? I only see the dog team..they are awesome!

LOL....you mean the MEET the TEAMS > TEAM CATS Bio;s ? :-))


Yeah, the voting will end today and they will have to make a decision, i think #CHARLIEthecat finally has a pawdle on things....he has been working so hard, bless him :-)) Cheers honey :-)) MEOW !!

Like Craig (Labman) says it could be your theme or it may be a plugin. If your theme is up to date deactivate all your plugins and see if it's still happening. If it's a plugin problem then re-activate them one at a time and keep checking as you go.

Hi, Marion. I will do as suggested and let you know what happens. Thanks for the advice.

Check the last updated date on your theme. This sounds like it might be theme related.

OK I will check and see. TQ

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