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I "Don't Know what I Don't Know." (This is true for all of us. There are an infinite number of things we Don't Know & we are even Unaware they exist.)

There are things we know... they are called "KNOWNS"
There are things we don't know... they are called "UNKNOWNS"
The major category is "The Unknown *UNKNOWNS* "

"It's a good feeling, becoming Aware of something that's Unknown. "Then a decision can be made, if it's something worthy of Knowing."

"The first step is discovering what we Don't Know." "The second step is Deciding if it is something we want to Know." "The third step is Learning about it."

"Maybe we can help each other discover & learn."
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KLewis Premium
Hello Wally, Thanks for the follow.Hope that you are enjoying the program.I am following you back.Great minds think alike.Stay in touch.Ken
garyrethford Premium
Hey Wally, i was reading your comments on the customer purchase life cycle lesson, and it sounds like you have a lot of knowledge on the process, I'm understanding some, but still a little foggy. I noticed one of your comments was to keep putting out content sooner or later they would find something they are interested in, that I understand, and I get the part about coming across as What can I do for you, rather than what can I sell you, but targeting them with keywords, I'm still foggy on, anyway I thought I'd follow you and see if I can pick up some more of your technique's if thats ok. Thx Gary
davyrobot Premium
Hi Wally! -

It's Great to connect here at WA!

I am Now Following You!

** Have A Great Productive Day! **

Fannetta Premium
Absolutely! I am stepping in to do something I don't know, which I want to know and now learning to do the unknown! Cool!
affilicoach Premium
Welcome Wally, to Wealthy Affiliates and thanks for accepting my invitation to check it out.

There's a lot to learn here, the best place to start would be the level 1 certification course. So start with the first lesson by clicking on the link below.


Be sure to create a profile and add a picture, that way you'll get lots of help from all the peeps in WA. You'll find out how to do this in the getting started link above.

Sadly some people don't even get this far, for some unknown reason.

If you can do this, (i.e.) follow simple instructions, (implementing as you go), soon you will be on your way to making your first sale.

Please feel free to ask questions in the community through live chat or the Getting started classroom above. Or hit me up anytime you want in WA.

Anyway, I know you'd be eager to have a browse around so I'll let you get your feet wet.

Best of luck, and don't forget you can always ask me for help!

wb5yjs Premium
When I go to my WA Profile Page, I see in the right column where it says: "Create A New Blog Post".

Tell me about these "Blog Post".
1. What happens to them after they are created here in WA?
2. What is the intent or purpose of creating them here on the WA site? I understand about creating a Blog Post in Wordpress for the Website but I don't understand about creating Blog Post within WA.
3. I have created a couple at this location & I see them listed under my Blog Post. Now what?
4. If I try to create another one, I get a message saying that I can only create one Post per day. Why is that... I'm Premium & paid-up for a year?
5. Who see these Blog Post created here within WA? How do I get more people seeing them?

Thanks In Advance,

affilicoach Premium
Hi Wally,

If you look in my profile you'll see I don't spend too much time updating my WA blog post.

I only post when there have been a number of similar questions asked of me from my referrals and I believe my post would help everyone else out.

But, I think the intention from Kyle & Carson was to use it to document your online marketing journey here in WA.

The posts do get indexed by the search engines eventually, so keep that in mind when you create them.

Folks who follow you will get notified everytime you post, which could be the reason why there's a limit (I don't know for sure). But you can imagine what would happen if you were to post multiple times during the day - some might view it as spam.

So to get more people reading your posts - just get more followers, which could be as easy as following others first.

In my opinion, your time would be best spent creating content for your own site first, as this is where your sales will ultimately come from.

Hope that helps.