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How can someone register themselves as an admin user?

How can someone register themselves as an admin user?

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Everything Wordpress

Someone (or a bot) was able to register themselves with administrator privileges to one of my websites.

Just in case anyone else notices this on their site, the username

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Please read this

Thank you Marion!! Your post is very informative and sounds like exactly what happened. I will definitely be more diligent about daily updates going forward! :)

In your dashboard Go to settings >>Memberships>>>unclick "anyone can subscribe" >>save

Oh dang, yep that had been enabled! I fixed that and made sure all the plugins were updated. Thanks!

I don't know for sure but make sure your themes and plugins are up to date. I know there was some sort of issue with the GDPR plugin but it was resolved with an update.

I'd reach out to site support and see if they have logs for when users were created for your site.

It sounds like that GDPR plugin was most likely the culprit. Thanks!

At least you caught it right away.

Check this out Kiersten

Thanks!! I totally missed that post. The GDPR plugin (and my lack of updating for a few days) sounds like the most likely culprit!

You (we) need to thank Marion :)

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Best placement for adsense ads on mobile?

Best placement for adsense ads on mobile?

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Website Development & Programming

I have had Google Adsense ads enabled for about 6 months now and never thought too much about it. I put one tall ad in my sidebar.

I have been making anywhere between 15

Thanks very much for this Kiersten, always good to know about these things. Xx

Great information to know. Thank you Kiersten.

Good to know about that through you later.

the millennial's use their mobile phones to do everything now


Hey Kiersten,

I did a quick Google search for "best ways to use adsense ads" (without the quotation marks, of course) and was presented with several great posts offering tips. Couldn't pick just one to share with you, so you MIGHT want to take a look for yourself. There may be something you could implement straight away to help you profit.

Thanks, yes, that's how I found out about the page-level ads and did get that implemented. It doesn't seem to be improving anything though. There were also several other mobile options discussed in articles that have since been deprecated by the Adsense program.

I know that Nathaniell uses them. He responded to my earlier question about it. Also, see his tutorial about an Adsense plugin which is in particular useful for mobile..

Thanks Jovo! I'll take a look at that.

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