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Hi, my name’s Egon Sarv

Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I’d spent 7 years as a Missionary in Indonesia.

I returned home to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. People struggling to make ends meet. I was very concerned.

Until I discovered and joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2013 (while I was still a missionary to Indonesia). Then I found a way.

If you’re on the fence over whether to get the full Wealthy Affiliate membership, I can honestly say, this IS everything they claim. (And as a devout Christian, I don’t lie.)

What you get here, which you don’t get elsewhere, is the complete package. All the tools, tutorials and support in 1 place.

So you don’t have to run around the internet reading endless articles. And you never fall victim to all those online scams and schemes.

As you can see, I am ranked in the top 1000 of 850,000 Wealthy Affiliates. In short, I’m using this a lot.

So if you have any questions – or just want to reach out – please send me a message.

I’d love to hear from you.

PS. My Twitter account is: @egonsarv

Come, say Hi! :)
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Shawn Martin Premium
Hi and welcome to WA!
TJ Books Premium
OK, Egon. I was able to PM you. J
TJ Books Premium
I tried to respond to your PM but was not able to send it for some reason. Anyway, I would not solely focus on selling WAU memberships. I do it and it has paid for my annual tuition every year and then some. I also sell JAAXY. I would focus on a big market like WordPress, promoting themes, plugins and educational materials. There are plenty of affiliate opportunities there and it would fit in with your money-making site. I don't advise having too many irons in the fire but in your case, spread out a bit. Hope this helps. John
egonsarv Premium
Thank you John. I got both of your answers - here and PM. They're helpful and clarify things for me. Thank you very much :)
TonyRomeo Premium
Hi Egon, :0) I admire the good things you are doing in Indonesia, especially on the issue of human trafficking. It takes a lot of courage to go all the way to a foreign land to serve the local people there.Keep up the good work there ! May God bless you : OP
egonsarv Premium
Thank you Tony, for encouraging words. We need encouragement to keep us going. God bless you too. And I follow you know.
Labman Premium Plus
Welcome to WA. Thanks for following me back. If I can help with anything feel free to ask
egonsarv Premium
Thank you Craig. I got your PM and it was very helpful :)