Commenting On Someone's WA Blog Is Not Spam

Last Update: Jul 6, 2017


It's sad that I'm even writing this right now, but I was just told that I was SPAMMING someone's WA blog by writing a comment on it.

To be fair I did write one previous comment on it that the author deleted. When I wrote a second comment inquiring about why my first comment was deleted the author told me that they did not know me and to stop spamming their site(WA blog).

If you want to know what SPAM really looks like then take a look at this set of rules that Kyle laid out:

and then look at your WA activity feed. You'll quickly realize how much "spam" and violations of those rules that goes on. You'll also realize that the person you are ranting about in your post is just trying to point out those rules and the people you are encouraging are actually breaking those rules.

However, that's neither here nor there.

What I'm really getting at is that if you want to delete my comments that's fine. Just realize that I'm not going to spend any more time interacting with you on your blogs or answering any questions you may ask.

You obviously don't care to hear a dissenting voice or an opposing opinion. You obviously don't care about the time it took me to type quite a lengthy reply. Therefore I'm not going to spend any more of my time interacting with you.

Edit: While you are concerned about people quitting because other people are complaining about their off topic posts, it seems that you're not concerned about people quitting WA because of all of the off topic posts!

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I don't know the background of this specific incident, but I'm sure this type of thing goes on a lot. In fact, if you post anything too negative about WA it will get ghost banned, meaning you will still see it but nobody else will. This means WA could be full of unhappy people complaining but we would never know...

Yeah, I think I've seen the ghostbanning happen to a few people. I remember trying to go to one of your blog posts and it just not appearing anymore. That's a very good point about people being unhappy, but no one being able to know.

As much as I love WA, there definitely can be a nasty underbelly at times. One of the things that amazes me is how easy it is for people to get their write privileges revoked when WA members abuse that feature and use it to censor someone when they disagree with them instead of it being used for a true abuse of the platform. Then on top of being locked out it might take them a week, two or three to finally get their write privileges restored.

There is quite a bit of puffery that goes on with WA being the greatest and each new feature being the greatest, but sometimes it just isn't the case. Case in point, SiteDomains still can't let you create and implement your own CNAMEs. I realize there is a lot of technical work to be done and there are other benefits of using SiteDomains that compensate for that deficiency, but that is a basic feature that most people associate with being able to do with a domain registrar/reseller.

Yes, I've had my content ghostbanned several times. The first time I noticed it was when I went on a rant about the SiteComments tool.

I'm actually genuinely surprised I've never actually had my write privilages removed. I'm sure I must have come close to it a few times. Or perhaps affiliates of WA are less likely to lose write privilages because we still need to be able to help our referrals?

There are some great things about WA, but it does sometimes feel a bit like a bit of a cult. To me, that very much seemed the case when I saw how people reacted to the recent attack on WA by a rival. It seemed like everyone here just automatically dismissed it as nonsense. Or perhaps it only seemed like that because most of the comments criticising it got supressed?

I don't trust the consensus here at all. It's manipulated and distorted. Totally free speech is not allowed here...

Marcus, that platform was using this platform for traffic, that tactic could not be supported. Also they were writing untrue and abusive stuff, very aggressive and unhelpful and had/have people in here 'researching' and publishing very false stuff - so it is not a cult to disallow bad tactics and slander.

Say anything too negative about WA, even if it's valid, and you'll get ghostbanned. I understand why it's done, and maybe I would use that tactic too if it was my business. All I'm saying is, be aware that you don't have totally free speech here. Perhaps in the grander scheme of things that's a good thing overall, I don't know. It just seems a bit unfair if it happens to you, that's all.

The first time I noticed it had happened to me, I was a bit shocked to be honest. Okay, so I went off on a bit of negative rant about the problems with the SiteComment tool, but rather than actually have an open discussion about, it got buried.

Regarding the issue surrounding the competing product, you and I obviously have very different views on that and it doesn't look like either of us will convince the other, so there's probaby not much to be gained from continuing to debate that specific issue.

We have to have the courage to know that everyone can have a different point of view. Thanks for sharing.

One place where I think a lot of WA members could use improvement is conflict resolution. Just because someone is saying something different than what you believe doesn't mean they are personally attacking you. Also, you don't have to demonize one half of WA just to empathize with the other half of WA.

right now I have a new member following me around like a troll making very defamatory accusations - a direct attack on my personality, writing things like I'm 'jealous' is pretty crazy stuff and I've already asked the person to only write what is true so I would consider such comments spam - and I'm not the only person she has attacked either - how this stuff gets through the filters is not good for anyone

I've had a lot of members say they will actually stay in the platform and thank me for being honest in what I write, there are a number of members though turning up and writing seriously negative stuff on my profile - that is spam comments - and the one thing they have in common is their pride in wa rank

I agree, comments like that are personal attacks. It's amazing how people don't want us to "judge" their posts that are off-topic and against the rules, but they turn around and belittle every single person who doesn't agree with them. However, in some sick, twisted way they don't think they're being judgemental, they're just standing up for people to be able to pods what they want. In most cases their content isn't being judged it's just being pointed out that there are rules that they're breaking even if there are really no consequences to breaking thise rules.

People want to make it seem like they get nagged about every single post that is slightly off topic. That's simply not the case. There is an avalanche of off topic content. I only point it out if I feel it's really bad or excessive.

I'm to the point where I'm just going to not care. Obviously, Kyle and Carson don't think it's a problem, so I'm not going to worry about it. I think it's kind of a lose-lose situation for them. If they crackdown on off-topic/against the rules stuff they alienate the WA members that like that content. If they don't crack down then Wa Members that don't like the off topic/against the rules stuff will slowly become annoyed and engage less and less.

It's just sad to see the people who are breaking the rules think people will leave WA because they are informed of the rules, but show no concern for the people who leave WA because other people are breaking the rules.

Hey ThomasPaul, I'll preface this with I'm way new here. I have see some of your responses and your help with folks and interactions over the last couple of months . I believe you are very educated in much of affiliate marketing stuff . And folks sometime don't take you the proper way because your style is direct and straight forward. Once I kinda figured that out I started appreciating your comments more. Because I take them at face value and don't try and wrap any other meaning to your smart informative words. You are someone I can learn from because I know if you say "this is the way it works", that is going to be how it works. Feel like some here can get bogged down in the weeds over s proper constant or to personal content. My view is you don't like it don't read it ....and move on's to short to spend to much time down in the weeds. I'll follow any training you have out there and I hope when I got a question I need help with that you'll be there for me and the WA community. I know you will be...cause that's you. Thank you sir. ATB Carson 1

Here is one area we definitely can agree Thomas. All comments and opinions should be received with an open mind and ears whether they are in agreement or in opposition.

I welcome all opinions on my treads as long as they are respectful. And I've never deleted a comment.

I definitely agree with the respectful part. I don't really care if people have an open mind and ears if they treat me with respect.

Saying something like "Thank you for sharing your opinion. However, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree." or "Please don't comment on my blog anymore" gets them to their desired goal a lot faster than deleting a comment and then throwing a false accusation of being spammed by a person.

Also, I find that too often members want to empathize and console a person who is often having some sort of mental and emotional anguish, but they do so at the expense of other WA members. You don't have to bash other WA members in order to empathize empathize with another WA member.

Hi Thomas

I am sorry that this has happened to you. You are a true helper. I understand what you are saying and I agree with your stance. However, many like me appreciate you and need people like you for guidance. Don't stay angry too long

Best Regards


Hi Des,

Thank you for the comment. I try to help out when I can. I'm no where near being a success, but I've picked up a thing or two over the years and try to help and encourage others as much as possible. I never stay angry for long. I usually just back off and just let it roll off my back.

Hey Thomas.

I'm afraid that I've given up trying to help newcomers, the timeline is now so polluted with social content, unnecessary rewrites of established training, clickbait titles and irrelevant comments that I find it's more frustrating than rewarding. I "commented" on this a while back on one of Alan's posts. It's such a shame, as my success is solely down to WA and the incredibly talented members who helped me in my early days. I was happy to return the favour, but nowadays I'm not willing to sift through all the noise. I also don't refer, so anyone alienating members by treating WA like FB aren't impacting my earnings, making it easy for me to sit back and let them get on with it.

I've suggested in the past that WA needs a Business filter, like the Success filter, and that it should be necessary to tick a box saying that the content you're posting is Business related. That way, those who want to treat WA as social media and ranking-as-a-game are catered for, and those whose reason for being here is to found their own businesses will hopefully be able to focus on what's really important to them as well as getting the help they need to succeed from more experienced members.

Oh, and in my opinion, anyone who deletes a comment instead of answering it doesn't have the right attitude essential to building an online business anyway, and so is probably best ignored going forward.

Rich. x

hey rich how you doing

Hey Steven, I'm fine-and-dandy, thanks! Yourself?

Well, there's a username I haven't seen in a long time. I primarily come on here to answer questions here and there when I can. I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed and how daunting certain tasks can be when you're new to something. I try to lend a helping hand to help minimize the feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless.

Like you, I get frustrated with the WA activity feed. One thing that polluters of the feed like to say is "You don't have to read my post" or "You don't have to comment on my post."

Well, unfortunately there is no way to filter you out of my feed, so I do at the bare minimum have to read the title of your post. If it happens to interest me then of course I'm going to click it and read it. Oftentimes, it's not until I've read through a post that I realize how strongly I feel against what they have read for whatever reason, so of course I'm going to voice my opinion.

I've toyed with the idea with writing another post called "Don't pee in the swimming pool" or maybe "Don't crap on my cupcake and tell me it's chocolate icing." Basically, the premise would be that you may think you're not harming any one by peeing in the pool, but you really are affecting everyone. You may think that someone should be able to swim around a turd in a swimming pool and not be bothered by it, but that's just not the case.

I wholeheartedly agree with you on the social filter, but I don't think one will ever be implemented.

Let's hope that the people who delete comments never venture out into the Wild West of Youtube. If someone can't handle a person simply pointing out another perspective, they won't survive the brutal comments people can leave on videos.

It would be so much nicer if people would just follow the rules that have been set out for the benefit of all. As it is now I'm very choosy about which posts I read because of all the off-topic "noise".

This is a business website not social media.

Those are great words Marion. Thank you!

I agree with you 100%, Marion...


I agree Marion, but I think we're preaching to the choir. I really think that if certain rules aren't going to be enforce then they should delete them from that list. What's the point of rules when people are flagrantly violating them?

Ultimately, it's really just an honor system and as such some people will follow it and others will think they are above it and lash out when they're made aware that they're not following the rules.

For the most part I tend to ignore most of it, but sometimes I just feel compelled to comment.

I would go with what MKearns has said. If you dwell on it you will just get negative vibes from it and it's not worth it

Yeah, I'm over it. That person can keep on living in their fantasy world.

With so many different cultures, backgrounds, ages, etc it stands to reason that there would be friction. I must have not opened the post in question. I delete most of them anyway. No time to spend on them.

Yeah, I ignore most of them to. Some posts I just feel compelled to make a comment.

I know.

Spamming is one thing perceived intrusion is another.

That's a good distinction Michael, but what was I intruding on? A bashing party for a WA member?

Anything someone posts on their WA blog is available to the entire community to comment on, so it's definitely not an intrusion. If somebody needs a safe space where everyone sings Kumbaya, it's probably not the best thing to go around attacking WA members.

It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth that someone is going to accuse me of spamming which is definitely not what I was doing and instead of taking the opportunity to hear a different perspective they are just going to silence them. Just another person for me to ignore at WA.

I really wish there was a button I could use to permanently eliminate people from my WA activity feed. I can avoid clicking on their posts and comments in my feed, but unfortunately I can't avoid having it show up completely.

There is bound to be discord In a great community like this. Even the best of machines has friction in it's moving parts. If a part is worn, move on, discard replace! As we focus on positivity the noise will fade!

Well said! :)

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