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Well, I thought I had written something in this earlier. Anyways, I'm 34years old. I got into internet marketing february 2009.





What hardware and software are you using to render 4k video?

What hardware and software are you using to render 4k video?

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Video Marketing

What are you using hardware- and software-wise?

I recently rendered a 20 minute 4k video recently and it took 3 hours with my laptop I purchased 5 years ago that has an

I haven't done this, Thomas!


I am not :) Using but :) I found this!

Anyone else have problems creating an instagram account?

Anyone else have problems creating an instagram account?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

I tried creating an account via the web browser and I would receive the Instagram code, but it wouldn't accept it in the browsers no matter how many times I re-sent the code.

Instagram…customer service…..broken link….lol.
I feel the pain.

Hey Thomas,

You could try calling them (see screen print below) or emailing them.

Hope this helps you.

Hmm, if that was a legit way to contact them, then I think they would have that phone number listed on the Instagram site.

I was able to get in tonight with the original password I set during my first attempt. I'm not sure what the issue was, but glad I finally got in.

Yeah :) I change location :) and it worked

Thanks for the suggestion. I gave it one more try from my phone and the password from my first sign-up attempt and it let me in.

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Should I let someone use my youtube video for their channel?

Should I let someone use my youtube video for their channel?

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Video Marketing

I started a new YouTube channel and I've been uploading content to it. Today, I had someone ask me if they can use my YouTube video to make a compilation video for their chann

If they were using your content and saying it was there own, that's one thing, but there's pretty much nothing negative that can come from someone using a portion of your video for a compilation and giving you credit the way you described.

It's not taking any views away from you, if anything it's letting a new audience know you exist.

If your portion of the compilation is significant, it could actually lead to people looking for the original on your channel.

If it's just a quick few seconds in a long compilation, nothing negative comes from that.

And if they have little to no traffic, nothing negative comes from that either.

Basically when we publish to YouTube, every use of our content other than people trying to say it's their own or trying to portray you in a way you didn't intend is a positive one.

I'd have no problem with it.

My video is only 16 seconds long and they would probably use almost the entire video. I only uploaded the video 24 hours ago.

I feel like if people watch the compilation video first and YouTube recommends my video later, then they'll recognize the scene from the video that I use as the thumbnail image and choose not to watch it.

This would potentially give me less views, watch hours and subscribers and negatively impact me reaching YouTube partner status.

I wouldn't be as concerned if it was an old video that had stopped getting views, but it's a new video and generated quite a bit of commentary on a forum I posted it to.

I suppose I can try it and see what happens and decide if I want to let people use my videos in the future.

If your video is 16 seconds long, there's nothing to worry about here and you're totally overthinking it.

To get to YouTube partner status and the 1000 subscriber threshold and ad revenue your content needs to be quality.

Shoot for 8 minutes minimum. Once you get to the 1000 subscriber threshold, 8 minutes is the minimum for ads to be placed on It. And that's big, cuz trust me, YouTube ad revenue adds up fast.

But there's nothing to worry about here for a 16 second video.
Put your focus on uploading great quality content and you'll be fine :)

Yeah, I tend to overthink things, but only because I've been burned in the past by not being very thorough and thinking ahead.

That's a good point about it needing to be 8 minutes long to place ads on it.

I'll have to rethink my strategy once I get Partner status and suddenly it makes a lot of sense why the big channels in my niche do the 10 minute long compilation videos.

It sounds weird, but 16 seconds is quality content, ignoring the 8 minute minimum for ads, unless I'm stringing together my own compilation videos.

I have a different 14 second video that's netted me 7,200 views and 7 subscribers since February. Obviously small fry in the world of YouTube, but it's a new channel.

Let's say my channel was about wildlife cams. It's not, but it's probably the best comparison I can make. Every once in a while I might catch something interesting on camera.

I can't make this happen at will because you can't force wild animals to do stuff, but still I'm able to capture interesting enough clips that other people are interested in watching.

I can either hold onto these clips and wait to collect enough of them to reach the 8 minute threshold to publish a compilation video or I can release them piecemeal as I get them.

Do you think I should do a compilation of my own videos?

I was thinking the really good clips might get lost inside of the compilation videos and is why I had just been releasing the individual clips. That and I wasn't aware of the 8 minute thing for monetization.

Actually, I just read the 8 minute thing is only if you want to enable mid roll adds in addition to ads at the beginning and end of the video:

"When you upload videos that are 8 minutes or longer, you can enable ads during the middle of the video (known as "mid-rolls") in addition to having them at the beginnings and ends of videos."


https://support.google. com/youtube/answer/6175006?hl=en#zippy=,frequently-asked-questions

Right, 8 minutes is what you want to shoot for to get 100% ad monetization. That's exactly what I'm talking about. On top of that, your audience wants quality. Imagine sitting through a 15 second ad only to get to a 16 second video, know what I mean?

If you're really looking to explore YouTube, I see you're a Premium Plus member so definitely check out my full expert class series on it. Sounds like it would be right up your alley. The better quality content you create the more views you're gonna get, the longer the views will last, the more revenue and conversions you get, etc.

If you want to go super short with your content, there's tik tok, instagram, etc., but with YouTube you want longer form content, and personally I feel there's so much more upside to YouTube.

I would want to know a lot more about their compilation. It could certainly benefit them more than it does you.

Have you been able to check out their website to learn more about them.

Basically, they would take my video, combine it with other interesting videos, and add it to their channel.

They're getting the benefit of having my video in their compilation. In essence, they're using other people's content to make content for their channel.

I don't think they have a website, just their YouTube channel.

Hey Thomas.

Having seen several compilation videos where proper credit was provided to EACH video creator, so the only thing you would need to know is how they will be using your video in their compilation.

You know, if they will be saying... here's what you shouldn't do... that sort of thing, as of course, you would NOT want your video okayed for THAT usage.

You could always ask them to let you SEE how they intend on using your video in their compilation BEFORE you can authorize their using your video live.

This way, they could easily create the video and upload it as UNLISTED in order to get your approval.

Oh... and you need to remember too that compilation channels CAN be monetized. So... technically, their compilation video that uses your video COULD bring in more money for them than you.

So, there's that to consider too.

Personally, if they'll let you SEE how they intend on using your video FIRST, then I would definitely go with that option PROVIDING their usage was NOT to do harm to YOUR business.

However, the ultimate decision is still yours to make.

Hope you find this helpful.

Looking at their other compilation videos, it's basically just putting my video in with other interesting videos to make a 10 minute long video.

It definitely wouldn't be anything negative that would damage my channel's reputation.

There are some channels in the niche that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers that do these compilation videos, so it seems this is what they're trying to achieve with their channel.

I'm just not sure whether it would help or hinder my efforts to become a YouTube partner.

The old adage "If in doubt, chuck it out!" comes to my mind whenever I'm in THIS much doubt.

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