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I started My journey right here at Wealthy Affiliates in January of 2008. What a journey it has been. I can say it is unlikely the I would have accomplished much with out the luck of finding WA.

My first real money came in building sites for small business throughout the mid west. I would prebuild these sites...get them ranked and then rent them to business in that niche (Siding Wichita KS). Much more to the in's and out's of this later.

To add the the portfolio I then had a company build me a ticket site. Like sports and concerts events...That worked well once I figured out how to get traffic! http://bigwarehousetickets.com,

Now days I build small easy to rank for niche sites that don't take much backlinking.

Just had my 70th birthday so maybe will retire when I turn 80 :-)...

I play some golf and do veggie gardening...not as much golf as i used to...

For anyone that is starting in IM'ing my best advise is do "Something" every everyday...stay focused...and do your Internet business before you read your emails...

After all this time here at WA have not been very good a taking part in the community..I am changing that...I hope over the next years to be a contributor here.

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splashduck Premium
Hi Ronny, I'm Robbie, nice to meet you and thank you for following me. I read your profile comments. You've been around here for some time and sounds like you've found successful methods for making an income.

I've earned a little income doing keyword research for folks but it's not taking off like I hoped it would. I suppose I must just keep trying and be consistent. If you would ever like me to do some keyword research for you I'd be happy to help out.

Hope the golf and gardening is going well. Robbie :)
kaliinozarks Premium
I am following you Ronny. You seem to have the right stuff.

RonnyG Premium
Hey Kal...OK a Royals fan...OK maybe this is the year... The I 70 series was a long time ago...but what a series it was....
kaliinozarks Premium
I was lucky enough to go to several games of the I-70 series. I've just not been too impressed since then. After moving to the Ozarks, everyone here seems to be a Cardinals fan, so maybe I need to switch. My favorite team of all time is the Cubs, maybe I just like the underdogs.

Think about it from a business perspective though, you have a horribly losing team that is just the favorite of all the Chicago people. This just goes against everything I learned in school about business. Maybe I just like Chicago as a city. Who knows.

Hudson Premium
Hi there, thanks for the follow. Only 68 this week so not nearly as young as you,
RonnyG Premium
If you don't catch me ...that means I still tickin!
Frets Premium
Hi Ronny ... just wanting to hook up with others in the STF club. Let's do this!
RonnyG Premium
Hey this STF club is going to be fun and show everyone how build a successful campaign and just "rinse and repeat"

TTL RonnyG
mcstir Premium
C'mon add a pic and write something in here!