"Just Find A Way" That Says It All!

Last Update: September 06, 2013

This is not about why she did what she did! Its about achieving a dream or goal.

You have dreams and goals... can you achieve them? Yes you can, but the real question is will you.

You had to be motivated by what Diana Nyad accomplished. When I first heard about her amazing feat, I thought why?

But that is not the real question.. The real question is how do you accomplish something so extremely difficult. What is it that your mind set has to be. Well Diana Nyad did it by just looking 3 feet in front of here and saying "push Cuba back and pull Florida closer". How many times she must have said that over this arduous task!

So my new mantra is "Just Find A Way" just one more post, one more word. Just One More... one more.....just find a way...

Here a couple of links that may give some incite in achieving "Your Dream"



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goingforgold Premium
What an awesome lady! Thanks for blogging this Ronny.
RonnyG Premium
Sure...she is just an example of working toward a goal...and never giving up...I love here statement Just find a way...so simple but it says it all...
RonnyG Premium
Try just staying awake for 24 hours....that's tough enough...just imagine swing for longer that that...I used to be able to tread water for 2 hours and that was in a nice pool...yes for me it is great inspiration for what a person can do if they are determined to "Find A Way"
skyhorse Premium
Wow, really cool!!!
RonnyG Premium
Glad you enjoyed the post Kymee....boy you talk about never giving up!!!
wtbee2013 Premium
I know the links where to back up what you said I really love what you said.....
And the links LOL thank you
have a blessed day