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I've had a chance to network with the best Internet Marketers around. I've spent over $10,000 in training. And plan to spend another $10,000 as soon as I can!

I've been trained by the likes of Mike Dillard, Chris Farrell, Stuart Ross, Todd Brown, Rich Schefren, Jay Kubassek, and a few other big name gurus which informed, advised and coached me to where I am today.

Marketing is not selling. The sooner you learn this the sooner you have a profitable business.

You have to give before getting. Help others first and you will become successful. Never sell, but inform.

Never give up. Failure and frustration is only the short time in between where you will want to catch your breath before you begin once more.

Don't hang out and learn from others who are still asking questions. Move on...Increase your skills by learning from top entrepreneurs in your field.

Expect extraordinary results, always. Never settle.

Always ask, "What if"?

Always offer what others are wanting. Never try to reinvent the wheel.

For God's sake; enjoy the work you are doing. Life is a journey, so do not expect to reach the end of the line, ever.

Wanting to make thousands per month? Help others to make it first, and you will double what they are making.

Don't do what everyone else is doing if you are not gaining momentum.

Envision where it is you want to end up before you ever start traveling down the road itself.

If you fail to write out your goals, plans, hopes and dreams, plan on failing along the way. You don't know where you are going!

Online marketing success begins when you are able to reach thousands upon thousands of people. Seldomly before.

Failure to discipline yourself and build a habit of constant work, integrity and tenacity in your field could easily cause the very failure you wish to avoid.

Make working on the Internet a daily habit. Because if you do not do the work, your business will never grow.

Those who let life get in the way end up with no time to build on their dreams.

Don't look for handouts in the online world. Be the hand out 'er.

Ask as many questions per day as You can.

Hope these will inspire and help those starting out online. You have stopped by to read these and you now have my attention. Let me know if there is anything I can assist you with today.

Perhaps you are interested in how I am achieving success myself. Feel free to stop by and read a blog or two. You will want to learn everything about marketing you can. As quickly as you can. Because there's a great deal to learn.

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yha67 Premium
Hi! I would like to write for you! As I said in my previous comment, I am Italian, but I speak and write good English. If you want to see some of the articles I write, please go to my website! http://isyourdreambigenough.com/new-big-data-is-shaking-up-affiliate-marketing
Can you suggest other sites/blogs looking for writers? Thank you very much. Ciao!
andrel Premium
Good morning Rick from Latvia though Americans still sweet dreaming I guess.
Honestly I fewer and fewer spending the time writing reviews for various WA threads as it takes time and blah,blah.
I suppose that as normal human being is interested in info about SUCCESS. It is the case why I am writing on your profile.
Some minutes ago I read your latest success story. From the one side am glad about it from the other side, after many failures and MLM scheme traps, try to keep clear of such stories.
But, reading your profile, It looks that you would not be an adventurer. Definitely, it must be fair game when such a smart guy is doing it.
When it comes to me, then I am doing my online job in the way very close manner you have explained on your Profile advice. I try to write my posts, reviews and simply real stories to help my readers.
And one more thing, very value words that no way to make money online without investing in knowledge, tool and even my mentioned MLM traps.
Thanks again and I am really glad of your success.
RickBell57 Premium
Success stories can be faked. And most often are. But you get to know someone and network with them, and you can quickly tell if they are truthful or just cheating and being dishonest in order to obtain cash from you.

It is the case in most part that people can be trusted. But integrity is often broken down when people become anxious and experience lots of failure. Even I have succumbed to it.

Thanks for your comment . I also wish you success along the way.
Snowgiggs Premium
Hi Rick,

Thanks for the follow.

Interesting inspirational words you have written.
I have been in sales for a long time both face to face and telephone but the internet is a different ballgame. I'm looking forward to learning from those that already have already trodden the path to success and earning along the way.

Anh Premium
Rick, I happen to drop by your profile and was surprised that you offer some of the most insightful words I've seen on anyone's profile description.

Things like "marketing is not selling", and "don't hang out and learn from others who are still asking questions", I'll keep coming back to reread your words and blog.

Thanks for sharing!

Keep rocking,
RickBell57 Premium
Thank you. It means a lot to hear that. :)
Anh Premium
Rick, I meant it. You're pretty amazing! I hope to see more of you around the community. :)
BelieveItYes Premium
Hey Rick !

Would you mind helping me boost my youtube channel by subscribing to it?


It would mean a lot to me. This channel is my dream job : makeup artist (halloween crazy stuff and every day makeup as well)

Please check it out and subscribe! and let me know if you need me to return the favor, by subscribing to your channel or anything that can help your business =) I will be happy to do it! :D
Many thanks!!!
RickBell57 Premium
Sarah, you could have thousands of people who subscribe to your channel, but it will be worthless unless you have a way to funnel them to your real important websites and YOU>

So yes I will subscribe. But remember, traffic does you know good unless you are telling them what to do and where to go.

Make sense?
RickBell57 Premium
Your first video should be you talking not text. You need to grab your listener. Don't have them find a page or video you are on. Direct them from the main intro! Tell them what to do next!
BelieveItYes Premium
I am new to this and will get better
thanks for the advice =)
BelieveItYes Premium
There are annotations on all my videos. And "fiches". I do talk, at the beginning and the end of my videos. And I do add content in the video description and invite people to subscribe, like and visit my website.
What more can I do? ahah
JanieA Premium
Wow! I am blessed to have a chance to learn from you I feel honoured !Thank you for dose of words of wisdom, encourage ment ,sharing your experience and suggestions .I like that you tell it like it is with truth that hurts but it is then I am willing,Yes I will read your blogs, I am so ready to learn and don't want to waste any more time like I have been.Once again thank you and will hear from me soon.
RickBell57 Premium
Certainly. I'm here for you. :)
Hi Rick,

You left me a message but the system wont let me read it until I upgrade. It just wants to show me the Upgrade Video. Also, I finished my About Me page and I was wondering if you would have a look and let me know if it's okay? I'm not sure if I wrote it like I should. Hope you are having a good week!

Thank you for all your support!

RickBell57 Premium
Are you talking about your profile page? Hang on. Yes that is fine. All you really need to do is get a sharper image of yourself so we can see you better. :)

But this can be change. Anything you say now will one day be edited to show you perhaps are making money, or moving ahead from where you began. So no worries. Most things are editable.

Yes you will want to upgrade to take advantage of my coaching and expert advice.

If you cannot afford to invest in yourself and family though, it wi;ll be a hard start for you online. We need the training. And we need it now.

Our future hangs in the balance of what we do today and the action we take.

100124 Premium
Hello Mr.bell,
I read "The Day 3" it talks about niche and where I can find it,
but I have a question about it.
to be a successful affiliate marketer if I buy products such as phone cases of Iphones and make a website for it and advertise it on instagram or any social media then sell it. These ideas can I be a successful affiliate marketer or not?
RickBell57 Premium
Yes. But you do not have to buy the products to sell them. If you were going to do that you could sell on ebay. And use a drop shipper to where you promote the product, and when someone buys from you, then you contact your supplier and have them send the product directly to the customer.

Here at WA we are taught to promote, without selling. We learn to get visitors, market in free ways on social media like you mentioned, and we become an affiliate of the store which carries these products you mentioned. The cases.

So you would set up a website, then join the affiliate program like Amazon. Then once you get approved they will give you a link and ways to ad images, pages and products to your website. When someone clicks to buy a case, they are taken to the store itself. When they purchase, you are paid a percentage of that sell.

It is an easy way to earn income online. You can then continue to post about new products on your site, using the affiliate links to Amazon or whatever affiliate store you choose.

Does this help?
100124 Premium
Thank you so much, your advice make sense
RickBell57 Premium
bell6122 Premium
I just join yesterday I been on the computer all day yesterday and last nigh had to rest today this afternoon. But new the up grade the way to go, going thought the boot camp canceled a program that was less per mont but way harder to get started with.
I look forward to making my first dollar on line hope this right place though feel really sure this is my home to start.
RickBell57 Premium
You are correct. You are home. I got my start when I failed at other things and on other sites . The community here will help and they will spur you as I will. You don't get that from other courses . Here you have live chat you have Kyle you have me you have others that have achieved great things here .
Musicman63 Premium
Hi Rick thanks for the follow. I am now following you back. I read you bio and I really felt more motivated to "step it up a notch". I will be checking out your blogs as soon as possible and look forward to learning anything (and everything) you have. Have a great day. Cheers!

RickBell57 Premium
thanks. I appreciate the message and comment you left. I'm here to help those I can and who will listen.
verna8767 Premium
Hi Rick. I must say I have enjoyed reading your profile as well as your blogs and they are an eye opener. I happen to agree with your way of thinking.

I myself have experienced some of what you talk about. I was never under the misconception that I would be an overnight sensation and make tons of money right off the bat. But, I did think that at this point in my WA journey I would be making a little something! Not the case. I'm one of those people who get no traffic or made any sales and I have been a member for 1 year.

Like you, I believe there are other ways to making a website do what it needs to do and I find myself going outside of WA to see how I can do that.

I have learned a lot here though and I credit that the the courses and help from the WA community. But after devoting 12 to 14 or more hours each day working on my website, I feel I have exhausted all efforts that I can do to get the site where it needs to be. Therefore, I recently hired an SEO expert to do the works on my site to maybe give me a jump start.

I started out building a personal growth and self development site, but I didn't know exactly how I could monetize that site. So, I stopped that one and started the affiliate marketing site to promote WA; thinking that it would jump start me to making a little money that would allow me to reinvest into the business because I knew I would need to be able to outsource many tasks so that I could keep up with being able to do activities to move my business forward.

That is what I would like to pick your brain about. The work of owning an online business requires a lot of time and effort. I have that determination and the needed work ethic or I wouldn't still be hanging around trying to get where I need to be.

As I said earlier, I have hired an SEO person and payment for that of course is coming from my personal funds. I have attempted to find writers as well, but haven't found the right ones for the amount I have to pay out. The really excellent writers I found are way too expensive for my little budget. In one of your blogs you talk about putting out $3 to $4 thousand dollars for writers. Did you really pay that out from the beginning? Where do you get your writers from?

I want to really start working on my niche website, but I was wondering what your thoughts about it would be. Previously, I put together courses to teach seniors and others basic computer training (windows, MS Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, etc.). I would do training in home, skype, video training etc. Do you think this would be a good service to provide and how would I be able to determine if it would be profitable or not?

Do you have any idea of how a person who has a very low budget can get help with outsourcing tasks and not put themselves in more debt while trying to build a business?

Sorry, I was so winded, but I try to connect with people who seem to know what they are talking about and can show me how to work smarter.

I would appreciate your feedback and advice.

Thank you very much,

RickBell57 Premium
I sent you a pm. Let me know if you get it. Thanks