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Last Update: September 18, 2014

Asking for feedback is important, and it's one of the most common questions here in WA. There are a number of good resources in WA so I just wanted to collect them and create a mini recourse collection here.

Personally, I think the most important thing when ASKING for feedback is to be specific about what you are looking for. Even "successful" websites can always be changed for improvement or just according to taste.

Being a bit more specific about what you are concerned about or looking for means you'll be much more likely to get useful feedback, rather than just "good job bro".

If you're GIVING feedback, I try to pick 2 or three things to focus on to not overload the person, and also to not make them feel like you hate their website. In theory, taking criticism sounds great but in reality some people do get their feelings hurt if you are not tactful in your review.

Enough said! Here they are

Ask For Feedback & Critique Here:

Tips for Getting Feedback Training:

Tips For Giving Feedback Training:

As a bonus tip, it's not always the best idea to just post your site in chat and say "gimme feedback guys". Critiquing a website can be labor-intensive, and not everyone has time or is willing to do it! As a courtesy I would first ask if anyone has time to look at your site, and of course be specific about what you want them to look at. Just my opinion, not a rule.

Creating a blog post is also a way to get some comments or ideas. And remember, the more friends you have on WA, the more attention you'll get when you create a post like that

And of course the first link up there is a great place to meet other people who are also looking for help on their sites, and you can hook up with folks there and trade website critiques.

*** Feel free to add any additional helpful links I missed in the comments and I will add them to the post

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giludi Premium
Thanks again for sharing
Loes Premium
Thank you Nataniëll, very usefull, Loes
SoupGypsy Premium
I find these directions very helpful. Even the most courteous of people can be offended. You give good guidance when suggesting we ask for specific critiquing. That way we can focus on certain areas at one time, then focus on others. We are not overwhelmed and can see incremental positive change.Might be a better approach for most.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Absolutely. Too much advice at once can be overwhelming. A few specific points that the person can take action on is a great way to give advice.
Mark Tait Premium
When I saw the subject line in the email, and your name against it - I thought I must have been seeing things!! You asking for help???

Anyway, I just try and be honest. If someone is asking for feedback, I think it would hurt them more to say "it looks great, you're doing a fantastic job" when in fact you really don't like the colours, the font, the text size, the theme, the logo, the content... whatever.

Better to say "I think you need more content" - or "I think your font size is too small for a modern website" etc. As long as the feedback is constructive, it'll help that person immensely imho.

Cheers, Mark
nathaniell Premium Plus
Totally agree man. I always try to do a critique sandwich


mrpeter Premium
Good advice Nathaniell, and thank you for the links!