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I have been here at WA a few months now and I think it’s high time I updated this so here goes: I was born in





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No warning for renewal subscription?

No warning for renewal subscription?

asked in
The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I need to let off steam. I knew my year with Jaaxy was coming to an end round about now and that sadly I certainly couldn't afford to renew.

So imagine how shocked I was

you can take it up with paypal to stop payment or take yourself off auto pay and do month to month good luck Author

Isn't there someway to delineate that you do not want auto pay? I never thought to check it out! Paypal should be more efficient then that! I can understand why you are upset and I hope it will not be too difficult for you to get this resolved! Sorry to hear about your frustration!

I see your dilemma Peter.You must have went the top grade account whatever that is called,it may be premium or enterprise,I am not sure.Anyway can you not explain to them that you cannot afford to renew this as you do not have that type of money.You could even persuade them to put you on a lower account,surely they cannot take what you have not got,can you not ring your bank before this comes out and put a stop to any Jaaxy,its only a thought.

I mean there is probably some way you can get out of this,they cannot exactly hold a gun to your head and ask you for payment,can they?

Hey Mark, thanks! I'm sure it'll all get sorted eventually. It's one of those times when it's all going crap at once, and I suspect I'm getting my 'knickers in a twist' unessescarily!

If you need to chat any time drop me a message.

I can't help but think of it this way...

When in business, a business owner is expected to know when things need to be done. I'm not going to elaborate the ways others already have.

The following is just food for thought.

Consumers (that is, working people, often need to be told what to do, when to do it, and so forth. These folks are known to have "employee mentality.) This of course, does not account for every single member of the work force, but for the majority, especially in lower-paid and working poor.

Producers, it should be an honour to take on the responsibility of handling things like this as a producer would. Business owners do not enjoy the luxury of being warned when something is coming up. This is simply another phase of existence in business. One of the lowest phases of being in business is that of employment.

The employer must announce everything to the employee else it won't get done, especially these days, because of entitlement mentality exhibited in so many.

Like one of the folks below said, that we get warnings is more of a courtesy call. Realize that places like GoDaddy sends reminder emails out because not everybody they do business with are oriented to hard-core business. They are folks with personal blogs and in essence, consumers not interested in actual businesses.

They also do business with folks trying to learn online business, and have websites, that have not been fortunate to find a platform like WA, and are instead, in inferior programs and courses that do little to prepare them for entrepreneurship. I believe GoDaddy is well aware of their clientele and the the necessity to provide those reminders.

There are of course, those that are in it to make money and build businesses. They get the same benefits everybody else would get.

WA and Jaaxy on the other hand, are far more within business environments. There is more expected of the member than would be in some of these other places. If you were to form an entity, you (usually) do not get warnings when it is time for you to conduct your meetings, submit minutes, pay the fees and any other detail associated with this.

I hope you can see what I'm driving at here. You may or may not see the connections of why I've brought these things up.

This is not meant to be rigid or mean, or unreasonable. If something like this happens to me ... and it has, I consider it my fault and do my best to learn from it.

Even then, entrepreneurs are often hit with unexpected things. Success-minded folks work around these issues knowing "nobody else will do it for them, and it is down to them."

This was not unexpected. You knew it was coming. Sometimes we simply procrastinate because there's something about it that is unpleasant, or we simply forgot about it, whatever caused this task to go undone.

So you have Jaaxy for another year.

* Make the best of it.
* Use it.
* Find a way to make up for it.
* Build a Jaaxy campaign (if you've not already) and get others to pay for it through subscriptions.

A word to note here - I have a Jaaxy campaign that I have NEVER finished and I mean, it is woefully lacking, yet it has been making me some sales! Don't ask me... LOL!

I realize that this did put you in a bad financial position, but it is what it is at this point. I realize that you will do something with it because now you're compelled to do this. However don't look at it like that - see it as a challenge. I know that's easier said than done.

If Kyle & Carson do honour your request, consider this a favour.


Know that I am here as your friend, and fellow member here at WA, telling you these things, even though they may not be what you want to hear right now. I may not be the best person to deliver words like this, nor qualified, but I hope you see the spirit in which I have addressed this.

I am not criticizing you, I am encouraging you.

We all live and learn.

I really do appreciate the time you've taken to respond Daniel, but you can't begin to know my own situation and challenges.

Life can be complex at times and I'm not at all in a position to do any of those things you suggest with Jaaxy at the moment, so all I'm saying is I would like to have been warned that money was about to be taken out of my account, as is the case with absolutely everything else I subscribe to, be it monthly or yearly.

Unlike many people here, I have never been subject to online scams so I guess I'm a bit naive to say the least and yes, I'll be more careful in the future, but I certainly wasn't expecting dear old Wealthy Affiliate to teach me such a lesson!

I have sent a PM

I don't buy that...Bottom line is it's a greedy world pretending, under all sorts of hype, to be in the "best interests of the consumer". Also good business practice, should at least reply to email queries. I got no feedback at all.

This might be so, but it doesn't take away from the fact that the consumer has been so conditioned to have his/her thinking done for them, and whether or not the pretense is there, is what I'm saying. You must have yourself, seen over time, the dumbing down that has taken place, and the awful entitlement mindedness that makes Western consumerism what it is today.

It's gotten so bad that consumers expect things like this done for them. Just a few decades ago, it wasn't like this.

Of course companies are out there to make money, but the consumer needs to be on top of it and not let situations like this occur - and that is to say, being on top of items like this.

For example,

One of the tricks marketers use is to have a very long sales page, and somewhere in there, there's the bit about recurring payments being taken out if the consumer doesn't cancel.

Well? What do we know about this?

Experienced marketers know that the average consumer is not going to read all of the sales page. They're more interested in the product and they've already been sold on the hype (which is another ball of wax.)

The compnay is protected. Why? Because they have it in there in black and white what's going to happen.

It's not the company's fault the consumer doesn't read through the text is it?

Yet next thing you know, you've got complaint after complaint in forums and complaint boards because money has been taken out of their bank accounts.

Mind you, these are instances where the language is plain and clear about it. I've seen a number of instances like this.

It's definitely wrong if the bit is shaded or ambiguous, but in many cases, it's not. Yes, they do capitalize on consumer habits, alas, bad habits, and that's too obvious, but what can you do?

They're abiding by the law by having it in there. It's the responsibility of the consumer to know this information if it has been put there.

Some of them do provide courtesy reminders, but they are not required to.

It takes work, and work is what most people shirk because of the high-speed world in which we live.

The items you've indicated could be better presented, but we, as members also need to do our due diligence and keep better track of things and surprises like this would be less likely to occur.

We get stung like this and the first thing we want to do is throw the blame onto this, that and the other. We have to be accountable for what we do and we have to watch our p's and q's. I don't know any other way to put it.

It's not all WA's fault. I would say the same thing for any company that provides essential information, even if I don't like the company for whatever reason. I don't know where the information is because I went through this process six years ago. I guarantee you that that information is there and it is in plain English.

Yes, the responses could be quicker, however, that is not the only venue. I go to the "Contact Us" link when I need something simply because Kyle and Carson are only two people trying to handle a very large task here. That could certainly be improved. That is another story altogether.

I was fully aware deductions would come out way back then, and I never balked at not being reminded. It's not a matter of greed or geekiness. It comes down to us as members, paying attention to business. I don't know what else to say. Something like this occurs and all the goodness, the value and all, goes out the window and the only thing that shines through it all is that Oh, it's greed and corruption! I totally disagree.

It's not this one incident that sets me off...it happens on a wide scale on the Internet and it's avoidable.

You're right I guess. We've let it happen through laziness, ignorance and/or difficulty in keeping up with this increasingly fast and greedy world!
It's the old "read the fine print" story over again! I've tried to teach my now grown up, kids to watch for things like this, and also to try to avoid or at least keep an eye on, 'debt traps' such as bank stop orders etc. Some time back I spent a morning going through my Bank accounts and saved my self +-$80 a month! (There was even an Insurance coming off for my first Cell Phone LONG discarded!)
Thanks for making us more aware us with your insight..

Much appreciated :) Western consumerism comes with stuff that most people are not aware of, yet it's right under our noses. The only way we, as a nation, can take our former stand back is to simply become more accountable. We can't blame the media, society or other people about things like this. We need to learn more about consumerism and its implications.

Thank you for considering what I have said. It certainly takes effort on both sides of the coin.

WA is not perfect. No company on this earth is, but I assure you, Kyle and Carson's intent do shine through it all, and little as it may seem at times, they are here to make this platform the best it can be for us - and we as members, have our hand it it too.

When it comes to law, government, finances and big business, we owe it to ourselves to learn more about them, because they DO have tricks up their sleeves and if we know half about them, we are that much more ahead of the game.

I have to agree with mackiejw, its ultimately your responsibility, its more or a courtesy for them to remind you, but it is you that has control over it and should make a reminder to yourself ahead of time. I have had it happan to me, and it was my own fault :-) Just my two cents

I understand what you are saying but there's no reason why a renewal warning can't be given and not to do so smacks of sharp practice. As I've already mentioned GoDaddy (who often seem quite sneaky in other respects!) gave me plenty of warning and options when my sites were due for renewal, so there's no need to grab the money and THEN tell the customer.

I'd be upset too. I don't like auto-pay at all. GoDaddy does that. Buy a domain name and you are automatically set up with auto renewal. Stinks. Fortunately, I know the dashboard well and immediately change the configuration to manual renew. Those stinkers.

Yes, but I use GoDaddy and to be fair there's plenty of warning from them when renewal is due, I've been dealing with several GoDaddy websites recently.

I hear ya. I have been with GoDaddy for many, many years. However, as a webmaster, I feel ethically bound to treat my customers with as much courtesy as I can. This includes offering an optional renewal upon sign up. That's just how I operate online.

To tell the truth, it is the subscribers responsibility to cancel a subscription. And if I remember correctly, you are given the choice to make the payment 'recurring' or not.

Yes of course, but a warning that a subscription is due for renewal is expected, and perfectly possible. No warning implies sharp practice, and I'm sure that's not the case here.

I have had that problem before, not with WA, but I have learned with auto pay they do not inform you when they are going to take your money. I don't like auto pay and never have. Unfortunately, many companies will not do business unless you do auto pay. It sucks I know, if you want to stop it you have to call them to stop it. :(

You should pm Kyle and tell him that you did not intend to renew.

Hi Peter. This is wrong, in my opinion. You most definitely should have received notice that your renewal was coming due, so that you would have time to cancel it. I would contact Kyle ASAP.

Thanks Michelle, I'm sure you are right and I've messaged Kyle. I certainly wasn't warned that the PayPal payment would be made and I'm sure that's what should happen, in fact I suspect there's a legal requirement to warn the customer, even it is 'auto renewal'.

I know there are those who think it is your responsibility to cancel and all, but as we are talking $200, I am glad you messaged Kyle. He is a fair man and I would have done the same thing.

I do agree that it's my responsibility to cancel, but I also think it's the vendors responsibility to indicate when they are going to take money from an account. These things are completely automated so there's no reason why it shouldn't happen. I know WA an Kyle & Carson are not in the business of conning anyone, so I'm sure it'll all get sorted, but these things seem to have a habit of happening at the worse possible time!

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How do I change from annual to monthly billing?

How do I change from annual to monthly billing?

asked in
The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hi all. My year finishes soon and I can't afford to renew yearly. Does anyone know how to change from annual to monthly? because the only option in account settings is 'stop bil

I think the answer is to cancel yearly membership then re subscribe as monthly within the next month. That way nothing of your hard earned content will be lost. Only your ranking will go down! Glyn.

Yes, I think that's the way to go Glyn. My ranking is the least of my worries! Haha!

Many thanks to all of you for responding to this question, it's really appreciated. It looks like the way to go is to cancel the yearly membership and renew monthly. My main concern is that I don't want my yearly subscription to go through when it's due in a couple of weeks or I'll be out on the streets, and I'm way too much of a wimp for that! I'll report back here when it's sorted.

Hi Peter, many have given you the suggestions. Hope it'll workout well for you. Mine is due in May. Time really flies fast. See you around. :)

Hi I have just asked the same thing lol.. as I had an unexpected setback need to go from yearly to monthly so was advised to cancel membership and then resign this was from Carson just feel nervous about doing it as I do not want to loose anything

I don't think you'll lose anything.

time will tell lol

Just let it run out, then you get a reminder letter. Log on and make a monthly payment (with paypal). That should do the trick


You might have to cancel yearly, then re-sign up using the same account, but pick monthly instead. You can cancel yearly whenever you want and still have access to the community until your year is finished anyway, so it's worth a try.

I've only got three months to go on my annual membership and I want to change to monthly too. Please keep us informed when you find out the answer. ~Marion

Marion Carson said I had to cancel and resign so will be doing that let you know if anything goes wrong as mine runs out on Tuesday 28th

Thanks Katie. Please send me a PM if it works out OK. You won't be able to send PMs if you get lost in the system so please leave a message on my profile page if you can't PM. :-)

I will do Marion, enjoy your weekend

How did you get on with this Katie as I need to do it too. Thanks in advance. Olive

Hi Olive, Katie managed to make the change and I opted for annual again. I recommend you take the Black Friday deal and save 53%.

I can't Marion. Too close to Xmas and I have the wee ones for Santa. Just can't unfortunately.

if your changing from monthly to yearly and want the offer you just upgrade on the right of the page, if your yearly but need to go monthly you cancel your subscription then join again worked fine

Thanks Katie. But how do you link back to your account? It would be great if you could just change your billing type. Olive

just go to your account settings go through the cancellation steps, all your are doing is cancelling the automatic payment (if you paid through paypal you will need to cancel it there to), when you have done this at WA it will ask you if you want to pay monthly it is not hard

Ah I see. Thanks Katie.

Good question and I look forward to the answer myself. Glyn

Hi Peter! -

How are you my friend?

I am affraid I don't even know if it is possible to revert back to monthy from yearly!

As Kathy has suggested I think it will only be Kyle or Carson who can help you! :)

I would contact Kyle or Carson, as you say there's no option in account settings to return to monthly.

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