Why Follow People or Have Them Follow Me?

Last Update: March 07, 2014

Hey guys, it's been a while since my last post :) I was writing a PM today, and it turned out pretty long, plus it's something I get asked a lot, so I wanted to make a blog post out of it!

A question I get asked a lot is, "Why are people following me?", or, "What's the reason to follow other people in WA?"

People may follow you or you can follow them. It's just a social aspect of Wealthy Affiliate that you can choose to participate in, or not. Some people enjoy making friends and chatting about their website, other people want to keep this private, and just want to get work done!

The advantage of having many followers is that more people will get notified when you ask a question or post a blog post. This means you get more feedback and more answers to you questions. You get more help, and many people will go out of their way to help you fix problems or motivate you.

The advantage of following other members (active members) is that you can see problems that other people run into. You can see what they are asking, and find answers to questions that you will probably have in the future. You can also see other websites people are working on, and borrow ideas to improve your own. Plus, you can meet the "experts", and probably feel more comfortable asking questions while they are in chat, or sending them a PM.

They say that "no man is an island", and I think that's true for the WA community. Being part of a network of like-minded folks that are working towards the same goal as you can have a positive influence on you, your website, your business, and ultimately, your profit!

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DIGGER12 Premium
In my opinion it is ONE of the great things about WA I love being part of it and try to keep up with them all :-) Thanks for the post, great explanation
merryman88 Premium
Hi Nathaniell ,
Good post and it does pay to take part in the community, i've only been here a few weeks and I have drawn a lot of inspiration from it, also it tends to lift you up when you are a bit down and Negative , which can cause you to lose your enthusiasm so I give myself a boost by getting involved - Plus it gives you ideas for your sites and is an awesome source of Knowledge and should not be underestimated .

So Good Blog and reminder .

Ray Bowley ( Merryman88 )
Lady May Premium
This is why I love WA. THX Nathaniell
gibbadan Premium
Every question Ive had has been answered so quickly. All thanks to being an active WA premium member. It pays to engage yourself.
Chris2005 Premium
If you joined this website for help in your business, why just do it on your own. Each person who is in your community will be an asset to your success.