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Why analytic numbers are different?

Why analytic numbers are different?

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Search Engine Optimization

So I have noticed for the past 2 days that on my google analytics the Audience overview numbers are lower than the Acquisition report for the same day. For example when I look

Each uses different criteria for that measurement. They won't ever agree. It's just important that they aren't too different.

Okay thank you. I was just curious.

Unable to help

That is okay thank you anyways.

Google reports the way they do. That's what we get. I have the same experience so I just live with it. Hope you feel ok?


Thank you Tom

Hey Melissa,

Might this explain the oddity you are experiencing: https://www.en.advertisercommunity.com/t5/Google-Analytics-Reports/Why-do-the-numbers-in-acquisition-overview-not-match-up/td-p/1650957

Hope this helps you.

Thank you very much dear I will take a look at these.

Maybe the one shows the number of unique viewers and the other the number of total visits, e.g. if one viewer visited twice it's only shown as once whilst the other counts it as 2 viewers.

Maybe but I just know this has never done this before and I had people visit my sites multiple times. Hmmm thank you maybe this is it.

not sure as I don't check this often.

Thank you.

I just checked mine, and it was accurate with a whopping 1 visitor! Did you make sure to change the date to todays?

They both have the same date on them. They have always matched before.

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I have a question about amazon onelink?

I have a question about amazon onelink?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

So I was checking out the oneLink on Amazon. If I was to use this do I just put in the footer widget and then it goes through all my pages on its own?

I think the sidebar sounds best. Good luck,


Thank you Tom.

I your theme has a footer, then whatever you add to the footer will display on every page of your site - same goes for the sidebar.

Test it out and see how it looks, worse case scenario it doesn't site well...then 'delete' =)

Good luck - Orion

so very true. Thank you Orion. I guess I was also trying to see what Amazon would accept as okay too.

This video shows you how to put code in the header For the Amazon OneLink, you need to use the same plugin but paste the code into the Footer.

Thank you Marion. I will view this. Is the oneLink better than just using the regular links? I am not sure I am reaching different countries and that is why I was looking at it.

You'll need to apply to Amazon in every country you want to promote if you haven't established those accounts yet.

Thank you I am not sure if I did. Would the oneLink do this automatically?

No. You have to apply to each country as, even though they are all Amazon, they are separate businesses. And they pay separately.

Okay thank you so much for helping to clear this all up. Have a lot better idea of what I am doing now. Very much appreciate it

If you put it in the footer widget it will display on each and every page on your site at the bottom of each page, you may want to consider putting it on your sidebar using a widget that also displays on every page.

Thank you.

Maybe in the sidebar

Thank you Steven.

Good question. I will follow this since you are ahead of me in training. Thanks for asking.

Hopefully we will both get an answer.

A footer usually appears on every page in the site. Anything put in the widget will show up on every page as a footer. Just test it out (or test with any simple text first).

I guess I don't have a footer on my theme then. Thank you

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The new eu law do I need to delete the other plug inn?

The new eu law do I need to delete the other plug inn?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Okay so I know everyone is up in the air about this new EU law going on. But I am going to see if someone can help me out a little. I have the GDPR plug inn installed and I hav

Not sure. Anyone?

Still working on it Tolini and Loes have some great information.

All this new policies like GDPR etc are like being invaded by aliens from outerspace

O mercy

That is too funny but so true

Where do I have to go to get this new GDPR plug in? And do I need to deactivate any other plugin(s) on the same site(s)?

go to this blog and they have 2 or 3 blogs going on about all of this information.

Thank you, Melissa

You are welcome if you start working on it and get stuck let me know in a pm I will be glad to help. I am doing that with someone else.

Good question Mel. This is my take on it. If the GDPR plugin does the job its suppose to and is directly related to GDPR, which I assume it is, then I would keep that, as long as its compatible with your version of WordPress

For now, I would if it was me temporarily delete the other one.

Thank you that is kind of what I was thinking. That having both of them is kind of an over kill. Thank you Dave

Your welcome, glad it helped

Excellent question...will be following this thread...I have no clue what is going on either!
Thanks for asking =)

Big crazy mess is the best I got Orion. lol Just another big stepping stone we got to get over. Thank you Orion.

I'll be following the responses. Just as confused. :)
~Mark :)

Hope it helps

Melissa, this might not answer your specific question but I will contribute this information for those worrying about complying with GDPR by the deadline.

WordPress 4.9.6 update will be out soon. Among other things it will provide a rough draft of a GDPR privacy policy. It will also detect the way we track visitors based on our theme and plugins. It will also take care of adding a link in the comments area.

Whether your audience is EU specific or not, I would not stress about it at this point. Although the deadline is May 25, 2018, nothing dramatic will happen if we haven't implemented the policy fully by then.

Bear in mind that plugin creators, theme creators and autoresponder providers are also required to comply, so no doubt they will include the necessary options in their updates for us to "tick".


thank you Jude this is very helpful and really a new perspective.

Following conversations too. I'm completely lost.

sounds good

You know what I'm all confused about this new EU policy as well. So, after we generate this new EU policy do we just link it to the original privacy policy or how does one go about doing this?

Milissa, I hope some one can help. LOL I'm reading conflicting post that it's only effect EU. Some said that it's better to be safe then sorry.

Kyle responded to Stefan post and he doesn't seem to be too worry.

Well I know Loes also has a post and it shows even if you don't have EU visitors you may still want to add if they do show up. I didn't see where Kyle showed up I will go check this out.

He replied on this post.

Thank you and I see what you mean. I guess I will try to get this sorted out.

I thought Kyle seems quit concerned, especially for those who choose to simply ignore the rules.

I can see that as well. But the part I was saying is where he was talking about they can't get everyone at once and that if you were trying it was better than ignoring it. That is the part I was describing.Thank you for your insight as well


For me I am taking it seriously and working on it. I know I don't have that kind of money to hand out even at a slim possibility.

That's all we can do is try.

so very true

Which GDPR plugin and new cookie policy are you referring to?

The ones that is described in this post.


You are welcome

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