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Why does it says, needs attention when it was approved once?

Why does it says, needs attention when it was approved once?

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Hi all,

I have this website that I had been putting off for a couple of...maybe 4 years and it's just sitting there. It's been approved for AdSense before. However, I

Have they actually told you what's wrong with it and how to fix it?

The recommendation is to update blog 2 - 3 posts a week and that's for the foreseeable future.

No, they didn't. I got a notification that my website needs attention. Thank you I'll be adding some content soon. 😀

Awesome and let us know how you get on.

Will do, thanks.😀

You're very welcome!

Hi - it is unlikely to be attracting traffic if it was, in effect, abandoned. Google needs to see current content, added within the last 6 months.

Thanks, Diane that's true. Time to get new content on it. Thanks for responding.

I know what you mean, that sometimes happens to me as well. Thanks for writing this post and figuring out what the problem was.

You're welcome. It's better that it happened this way. Now I know what to do an for anyone that runs into the same issue they can get an idea of what happened.

Thanks for commenting. Have a great day!

is this down to their policy change and require further proof of id within adsense...rather than your site

or maybe it needs more current content...

Probably it has been sitting there for quite a while. Thanks for responding.

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How to go about shortening my domain name?

How to go about shortening my domain name?

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Website Development & Programming

Hello everyone,

I have a long domain name that I would like to shorten the name and use the initials/acronyms for it, can anyone direct me on how to do this? Or what's th

Purchased Domain names cannot be shortened. The registration of domain names has rules to follow and one of them is that your domain name cannot be changed once you purchase it. You will own it for one year after purchase. You don't have to renew it. The only thing you can do is buy another domain name. If you have content on the domain name website you don't want you can COPY or MOVE the content depending upon its ranking and traffic at the present moment.

This made more sense now to me. I had the same issue and it was on Quora that someone told me that the only way is to buy another domain name and point it to replace my existing domain just the same way I did for the siterubrix website.
Yet to do this since it's not militating my traffic and ranking, though I have the mind to do so in the future. Grateful you asked this question and love the way you answered ma.

Glad this helped you.

Thank you for answering 😊. Yes, I will buy a new domain name. I wanted to know if I can use the acronyms for the new website? So, if I copy and pasted the content to the new website 🤔 wouldn't it be plagiarizing, even though I am the content creator?

Hi Kelyee
Please excuse me butting in here.
Technically, you are unable to plagiarise your own writing. because it is yours by right.

However, if you post the same material twice you could confuse Google with duplicate content. If the material is ranking they will choose one for ranking and the other goes to the bottom of the index.

So if you move old articles to a new site it is best to remove them from the old site and set up redirects from old URLs to the new ones.

Acronyms will work. We just like to use one word of our niche in a domain name along with something else. It is our personal preference. Search engines no longer use domain name for SEO ranking.

Like Richard says, I would do a MOVE from your original long website name rather than copy. A MOVE will automatically create all of the redirects for you.

Kyle has a video on the MOVE (transfer). The concept pf moving a ,com t0 a .com is the same as from . http://siteruibx.com to .cot.

Mr. Richard said it all. You can not plagiarise your content since the old domain name will be pointed to the new domain.
I suggest you also contact site support by clicking at help and then site support.

No sir you are not butting in but helping and guiding me.. Awesome thank you. 😊

Thank you. 😃

Once you buy a domain name it’s then your property - as is. You can’t change it like you can’t change the colour of a dog. If you would prefer a change to your domain name, then you will have to purchase a new domain name.

Thank you for the response.😀 I am aware of the domain name cannot be change but can I use the acronym of the old website for the new one? For example: thisismylongwebsitename dotcom and I want it to be TIMLWN dotcom can I still do that? 🤔

Oh yes, if you are buying a new domain it can be anything you want that is available. Good luck!


Thank you.😃

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Something is wrong with my website can anyone help me?

Something is wrong with my website can anyone help me?

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Everything Wordpress

So someone notified me that they are not getting a notice from me or from my website every time I answered a question. They said they haven't gotten an email from me at all whe

I send an email to people who leave comments to let them know when I have responded. You could look for a plugin to do this automatically but I prefer to do it myself. I don't get a huge amount of comments and I like to respond personally.

That's a good idea. Thanks Marion.

I get email notifications whenever someone leaves a comment on my website. And I believe the other party receives an email notification when I answer to that comment. It is usually the default for WordPress. No plugins required.

I need more details than what you provided:

1. Did you have a working email for the WordPress account that you use for reply to comments?

2. And if yes, did you use that account to reply to the comments?

3. Did the people who left the comments added a working email account when they left the comment?

Basically, the email must be one that is working. And when they and you leave a comment, it is the email address attached to that WordPress account that you and they use to leave comments.

Check that email account for notifications.

Hi Timotheus,

Thank you for responding. I believe that when I first created my website three years ago it did automatically send out an email to whomever I replied to.

I know I didn't change my email because I get a notification whenever someone left me a comment. However, that's not the case when I reply back.

I may have clicked on something that I wasn't supposed to or that I changed my theme.

And I am assuming that they left a working email because they asked a question. I just assumed that if they left a question they wanted an answer. 🙂

Check your Settings on WordPress.
Go to Discussion settings.
See if the respond to comment section is what you wish to happen.

Thanks, I've looked in my discussion settings and all three default post settings are checked.

Everything else seems fine. Email me when I get a comment and held for moderation is checked.

And they must fill out name and email, checked.

Next probability - the email notifications have gone to the spam folders. It has happened to me before. For some strange reason, some emails (yes Legit ones) were pushed to the spam folders.

On WordPress, under Comments, check the spam tab. See if the email comments landed there? I had a friend who informed me that she replied to my comment. Could not find it. Troubled her to send it again. Still could not find it. Then I checked the spam tab. And there they were. All the replies she sent. Felt so sorry.

In your email client, check spam folder.

Same for the people who informed you that they're not receiving emails from you.

Thanks, Timotheus,
I have checked, no spam. 🙂

This is strange. At this point, I believe the support team here would be the best option to ask for help.

Sorry I could not figure this out for you.

No problem Timotheus. Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

wordpress has a lack of ability to respond when you accept a comment or reply to one.
to do this effectively you need ot add a plugin - comment notifier i think it is called
once activated the other party are emailed when you accept hte comment - so it is best to reply at the same time.
there are other plugins that will send an email when you reply to a comment - but some of these can be complicated to setup
good luck

Thanks, I'll look into it. Thanks for responding.

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