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In this video you’re going to learn about some of the individual blocks and their settings using Gutenberg.

This is a preview of the new WordPress editor which is expected to be released shortly. As the update hasn’t happened yet, I’m using the Gutenberg plugin to simulate the new editor experience. The real thing may be slightly different when it comes out.

Your entire post or page is comprised of blocks. Each paragraph is a block. Each heading is a block. Each image is a block... you’re starting to get the idea here.

Click on the + sign top left and you’ll discover the types of blocks available to you.

The blocks you’ll use a lot are listed on the Frequent tab.

The Blocks tab lists all the available blocks in their categories. There’s Common blocks, Formatting blocks Layout Elements and Widgets.

OMG! You can even add a button to your post without creating an image or using a plugin. Add your own text and URL to make a nice call to action.

And you can add widgets to an individual post as well as your sidebar.

There’s a squillion Embeds you can use. Most of them above my pay-grade.

And now we come to Shared blocks, also known as Reusable blocks.

You may find that you’ll be using the same content over and over in your posts. A good example of this is an author bio. I’ve created a Shared block with smaller type and a background color. Just to prove it can be done :)

I’ll add a Separator and then the Shared block called My Bio.

And now the information icon. Use this to see how many words, headings, paragraphs and the total number of blocks you’ve added to the post.

You can also use the Document Outline to jump to a particular section of the post based on the subheadings.

Now you know about some of the blocks available to you in the Gutenberg WordPress editor.

There’s a lot more to learn about Gutenberg so watch out for more of my videos.

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Thanks Marion , you are a Fantastic training machine!
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Thank you Trevor :)
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Thanks, Marion. You are now the only individual folder under training that I have.
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Another great video, Marion, thanks. I'm really looking forward to the release (and more of your training, too!!!).

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Thanks Joe. There's more to come on this subject.
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More is good!!!
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