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Last Update: Mar 14, 2018

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I had the most wonderful day yesterday away from my desk and as a result, I've been struggling to settle back into my routine this morning.

My Mom treated me to a networking breakfast and it was wonderful to be out at a stunning venue and meet a whole bunch of lively, inspirational, likeminded women, each with their own entrepreneurial pursuits.

The Fisherman and the Businessman

And this morning a beautiful story by Paulo Coelho popped into my head.

And once it was there, I couldn't get it out of my head until I had shared it with all of you.

If you've never read this very special story, I would encourage you to do so.

1 Minute Read: The Fisherman and The Businessman by Paulo Coelho

It's a story about perspective.

It's a story about what it takes to be successful and how much success can take from you.

It's a story about finding true meaning in life.

It's a story that reminds me what I'm doing this all for... and how much I have to celebrate and be grateful for.

I already have an amazing life with an amazing family. I have health. I have happiness. We have a lovely home in a beautiful part of the globe.

So why do I want be be an online success?

I have my own very special, very personal reasons for growing my own online empire. As I'm sure you do too. I will share three of them with you:

For my Husband

I see myself retiring my husband in a year two, I see him enjoying his life as much as I do, being home with us as much as he likes, being able to share in the magical experiences we have every day.

This is my happy. This is what matters to me. This is why I am doing this.

This is why I am doing the Super Affiliate Challenge. This is why I am working towards passive, income.

For my Parents

I see myself helping my brother to ensure my Dad's comfort in Frail Care and I see myself helping my Mother relish her "retirement years". I see my Mom and I taking on new challenges together as well as enjoying more leisure time together. I see my Mom going on adventures, travelling the country or the globe if she likes, seeing old friends and making new one's.

This is my happy. This is what matters to me. This is why I am doing this.

This is why I want to make money online sooner rather than later.

For my Audience

I take great pleasure in uplifting, supporting, encouraging and empowering women. I see myself doing more and more of this as I grow my online empire.

This is my happy. This is what matters to me. This is the legacy I wish to leave. This is why I am doing this.

This is why I am building websites for and about women. This is why I feature inspirational women on my sites. This is why I provide inspiration, support and help to women whenever I can.

And so today, I'm taking a moment to keep my eye on the prize.

By looking at what I want to achieve in the end, I can be mindful of how I am going about achieving it. Because if I'm so busy being busy building an empire, I might just miss all the delights along the way, I might miss the people I could help or the people who really matter to me. I might miss the plot.

What really matters to you?

Why do you want to build your online empire? Why are you in the Super Affiliate Challenge?

Feel free to leave a comment below.

To YOUR Success, whatever Success means to YOU

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Thanks for that inspiring post. You have such powerful WHY and I do believe you will build that empire as you have a clear road map.
I am not in the supper affiliate challenge but I have a burning desire to create a lasting legacy for my children and the generations that follow and also to make a difference in the lives of the orphaned children in my community.
In 2003 January I was paralysed from my feet to my breast within an hour and rushed to hospital. While I was waiting to be seen by the doctors my thoughts were that I would snap out of it in a couple of days, but little did I know what lay ahead of me. After many MRI scans and intense investigations the doctor brought the dreaded prognosis and he said I had 6 months to live. If I lived beyond 6 months then I would bed ridden for the rest of my life according to to the medical reports . That was a defining moment. At that point my faith gear kicked in and I chose to trust my God my creator who is the giver of life to perform a healing miracle on me. I had such a strong conviction that God would do it. Long story short, God did after 7 years of being bed ridden for that miracle to take place and another 3 years of rebuilding my muscles to be able to function in some what normal way. That’s 10years of trusting in anticipation but God didn’t disappoint.
That is why I believe every child with no parent should be a priority to our communities. My children nearly became orphans. My husband had died 4 years before I was taken ill.
My heart cries out for the orphaned child and I want to make that small change in someone’s life.
I know that it’s a big vision but I trust God to make a way.
That’s why I joined WA and I believe I am in the right place, it’s a matter of learning and application.
I just felt it was the right moment to share.

Wow, Lilian. I got goosebumps reading your story. Thank you for sharing the inspirational story of your miraculous recovery. Yoir faith is remarkable. I would love to get behind your mission.

Thank you Lauren. Your post is equally inspirational and it just speaks volumes of your morals and I think the world would be a better place with more of you. I will definitely follow your posts.

Aw, Thanks, Lilian. That is very sweet of you.

Lilian, thank you for sharing your story.
You are a strong woman with a great heart.
You've got a wonderful purpose in life.
You will make a huge change in many peoples lives, I feel it.

Agree wholeheartedly, Pernilla!

Hi Pernilla
Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate it.

Always trust in God he never fails.

Thanks Jerry. He is the answer to our every need.

I am not in the Super Affiliate Challenge so I am never sure if I should comment on these, but the reasons for wanting to succeed here are the same.

For me it is being able to work productively even if my health is limiting. I am lucky to have a great job but it would be great to not feel the stress of wondering what would happen if I lost it.

Being able to make a good income from home so we can move back to a rural area or travel.

Having a great source of income to relieve the stress my husband suffers through with a difficult job so he won't have to work anymore.

To share important information on human and pet health, thereby helping people feel better themselves and also feel more confident in taking care of rescued pets and all pets.

To be my own boss.

To be able to travel which we both love.

To be able to have money and time to help pets that need rescuing from bad situations and shelters.

This is a very nice reminder Lauren. You are on such a great path!

Thanks so much for sharing your reasons for doing this and for your encouragement, Jessica. You are such a great friend.
May you achieve all this and more.
Feel free to chime in on any of the Super Affiliate Challenge posts that speak to you.

Such an exhilarating Story! I must say that you do deliver. The post is excellent! Oh, I love your logo!

Thanks Louisa!! You always say the sweetest things.

Love the story. Fits perfectly into your blog. Great work.

Thanks a mill, Xavier.

Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite authors. His stories really do put things in perspective. I also want to help other women become financially independent with their own businesses.

My biggest why is having the time and freedom to help animal causes and volunteer. And I would also enjoy having the financial freedom to travel to other countries when the mood strikes.

Your post reminds me to sit down and make a list of why I'm doing what I"m doing. Thank you!

Awesome Wendy! I love your why's. We have so much in common. Paulo Coelho is also one of my favourite authors.

Lauren, you have got awesome Why's!!

My Why's are similar to yours:

My deep wish is to make my husband proud and I want to contribute more to our household. I want to earn as much that he too can start working part time on building up his own business.

It's my aim to earn as much that I can visit my family home in my home country more often and help out whenever needed and surprise them and take them along on travels.

It's my desire to help other people to a happier and healthier life. Being healthy is one of the greatest gifts. I want to share my happiness and joy with other people and make a difference in this world.

Thanks for always inspiring me!

Wow, amazing how similar our why's are Pernilla. Thanks for sharing!! May you achieve all this and enjoy every step of the journey.

Love this Pernilla. I am certain your husband is more proud of you than he can ever express. We males kinda stink at that.

Love your desires. You are well on your way. Congrats.

Thank you for your kind and encouraging comment.
Very much appreciated!

Building your own special empire to help others and make other people's lives liveable rather than merely focusing on the financial prospectives is a highly rewarding course. And we all need a very strong motivation to finally reach success. You show it's all possbile.

Shoo, that's a huge compliment. Thank you Sammy.

I am doing it for family.

Awesome Glenys.

In the beginning, many moons ago, my entrepreneur drive came to support my wife and kiddos. That kept me fueled for over 25 years.

Then it morphed into a passion to provide the same kiddos in my life with opportunities that I didn't have so they could excel as mature and responsible adults.

Now, my drive is to not be a burden later in life on those kiddos that I now see entering into adulthood making their own hopes and dreams realities.

Chances were taken. Successes and failures often ran parallel, but hard work and persistence have won over in the end.

Oh wow, Craig. What special memories and goals. Thank you for sharing this insight into what has driven you and what drives you now. So relatable. Deeply appreciated.

You have some very special reasons to make your own WA business work for you. I hope you make it as family is very important.

Thank you so much, Steve. I have faith I will make it. Because I believe the only way to fail is to give up. And with reasons like these how can I possibly give up?

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