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How do I sell a wealthy affiliate domain?

How do I sell a wealthy affiliate domain?

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Hi everyone, I bought the domain name MompreneurConference.com in 2019. At the time, I was planning to create an online summit for my audience at Inspiring Mompreneurs.

Flippa is supposed to be relatively easy to do.


Thanks Alex, it appears that for selling the domain alone it's simpler to list on Afternic than Flippa.

I tried to list another site on Flippa today, it was a much more complicated process because they specialize in selling built sites so you have to provide a lot more information to get the site appraised.

I listed one on Flippa a while back to see how it worked, Lauren! It didn't sell, but it was a good experience, and low cost too! Jeff

Thanks for letting me know, Jeff. I'll check out your post.

You're very welcome, Lauren! Good luck with your sale no matter where you end up selling it!


You may also use marketplaces like GoDaddy, Sedo, and | or Uniregistry to list your domains. I would follow up on each site's terms and conditions and how to make sales. What you need to look for. Also, I would use the services of an escrow so that I do not get scammed. They typically charge a fee.

If you have a built site, it is worth getting an estimate and working out your stats so that your buyer | and the bidder can work out their ROI. And to prove authenticity and transparency.

Or you may employ brokers to sell your domains; they also charge a fee.

You can move it, however I would move it when I have finally sold it.

Good luck whatever you do.

Hi TheAbie, thanks so much for your valuable advice. I won't move it at this stage then.

I've just listed the site on Afternic (Go Daddy). This site hasn't been built so it's simply selling the domain.

My other sites are more complicated because many of the posts I've published on them have been paid for by clients (sponsored posts) - so I have opted not to sell them.

Thanks a mill.

No worries all the best to you moving forward.

You can list it on https://Flippa.com.


Thanks so much. I'll also check out that tutorial.

Most welcome!

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What is the best way to sell a website?

What is the best way to sell a website?

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Website Development & Programming

Hi Everyone

I'm thinking of selling 2 or 3 of my websites because I'm creating a new website and new personal brand and would like to focus all of my available time and e

While selling through a third party is the way to go when putting up your website for sale, you can try and put an offer on your own site to see if anyone would show interest in it.
A third-party seller will try and take a chunk out of your website's sale. It's just something to consider. All the best!

Flippa is a very common one use.

Here's a good post.

Thanks a mill.

I heard Namecheap is a decent place for this. Hope it goes well. Let us know how it goes, Laura, I have several websites under such consideration

I'll check it out thanks... though I'm not just selling domains, I'm selling websites that have been developed.

Apart from Flippa, if I remember they charge a fee and take a cut of sales like the others, I do know Empire Flippers who last time I checked were free to list but will take a commission obviously of sales

Good luck to you, Laura Jean!

Thanks so much, Sophie.



You may follow on below resource going forward


What to expect from the other party


I'd also use Escrow service so that I do NOT get scammed, they typically charge a fee.

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much, Abie. Appreciate.

You're very welcome.

You may also find this beneficial


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