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Hey hey EveryoneApologies for being absent for so long... you can bet it's because I've been super busy building my online business. Thought it was high time I gave you a quick update on my progress.FIRST SALES FUNNELSo much has been going on behind the scenes.. I created my first Sales Funnel and am now learning how to promote it. I've been very slow in building my email list, it's building a lot faster now thanks to my Funnel (though still LOTS to do - haven't even added my funnel to my webs
May 29, 2019
We're heading into Winter fast here in South Africa. It's not quite this cold (it rarely snows in Cape Town) but my hands and fingers freeze up when I type these days. Maybe that's why this analogy popped into my mind today: The Snowball Effect.What Snowball Effect?It's when you find that thing that makes your heart sing and it starts gathering momentum, getting bigger and bigger and taking you places you hadn't considered before.That's what's been happening to me now that I'm...On the Speaker
Hi EveryoneLynne Huysamen asked me to send you a quick note to let you know she won't be able to log into Wealthy Affiliate for a while. They discovered last week that her Dad had Cancer in one kidney. They removed the kidney on Friday. The op went well but he is feeling very weak and in a lot of pain. Lynne is also still swamped with work and barely has the mental and emotional energy to handle what's already on her plate. Her focus is very much on her family right now.Please join me in wish
Oh my goodness. I just landed my first paid speaking gig. I'm sooo excited! AND nervous! Woohoo!!! And Eek!!Remember how I made all these plans to start creating online courses and had the thought I'd like to do them live first? Well, it's happening. It's coming together. Piece by piece.In March, I delivered my first talk on Blogging at a women's networking breakfast and a friend of mine captured it live on video. I uploaded the video to YouTube.At the end of the month, I'll be presenting
Hi EveryoneI hope you've had an incredible April and are looking forward to the month of May, whether it's Autumn or Spring on your side of the globe.I had my BEST month to-date in my online business and you would think I would have been ecstatic yesterday but instead, I was feeling disappointed. The sting of disappointmentI felt disappointed in myself because, I had not made the income target I set for myself of $1000... yet again.Sure, I got closer than I have ever been. I earned $884, with
Heya Fellow Wealthy AffiliatesThings went a little crazy the last couple of days. Only just realised I've exceeded my target of 500,000 words in Site Content.Think I'll hold onto that thought rather than the half a million things left undone. And call it a day.Celebrate each tiny achievement because every step is a step closer to your goal.What are you celebrating today?Here's to YOUR SuccessP.S. Adding a quick timeline in response to a question from Cathy @Cav1966 below.TIMELINE12 June 2017:
April 24, 2019
Woohoo!! I just created and uploaded my first Video Training and it felt grrrreat!!The world is going VIDEO. It was time I caught up.Did You Know That...?YouTube is almost as popular as Google.Nearly 80% of people watch online videos every week60% of people prefer online videos to TVYou Tube users view over a Billion Hours of Video each day on YouTubeLet those numbers sink in.THANK YOU to Wealthy Affiliate Members for leading the waySoooo...a huge THANK YOU to AlenkaV for publishing this post
I have a few odd numbers in my business that are interesting me right now.What do you know...?1. Amazon Affiliate Income is on the IncreaseThere's been some movement in my Amazon account. I haven't really been focusing on Amazon and it shows - Amazon UK just kicked me out of their Program for not making 1 sale in 365 days (or at least notified me that my account will be termintated in 7 days) . But my US sales have been on the increase lately and today I received a Gift Card for $48.75 from
April 09, 2019
When I started out with my niche websites, the only money I was prepared to spend on my business was my annual Domain payments and monthly subscriptions to Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy. (I switched to Yearly at Wealthy Affiliate on Black Friday 2016).I opted for the FREE versions of everything else. Free Online Tools for BloggersAs you know, we get free web hosting for 25 Domains at Wealthy Affiliate plus another 25 Siterubix sites, so hosting was covered.I used Mailchimp for email marketing
How to Improve Your Writing Skills to Wow Your ReadersThis post is in response to a query I received from a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member. He asked whether I could refer him to any posts to help him improve his writing skills. I can't recall whether I've ever covered this topic before so I offered to write a post on the subject.Here are my...10 Top Tips to Writing a Good Blog PostContent writing is a little different to any other form of writing and there are many ways to do it right, because