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October 17, 2018
On Matters of the Heart...Our family has been on an emotional rollercoaster the past few days. My Beautiful Mom has been in Medical ICU for a few days.On Monday morning, after a visit to Home Affairs to collect her ID Book and Passport (never a fun outing) and the stress of a funeral looming that afternoon of one of my Dad's best friends, my Mom suddenly felt as if she was having a heart attack. Symptoms of Heart Attack or AnginaShe was experiencing...Excruciating Pain in her chest referring t
Are You Making Meaningful LinkedIn Connections?Just a quick update on my LinkedIn progress because it's become my favourite Social Media Channel for the following reasons:It's relatively quick and easy to build LinkedIn connections (once you've optimised your profile). I'm planning to add a training on this soon if you're interested.Connections are more professional. It's really easy to see their work experience.Connections are more meaningful. You can zone in on the kind of people you'd like
Use this Quick Trick to get more Sites to Comment on in Site Comments (if you dare)So you're sold on the ALL NEW Site Comments 2.0 and you want to get to Certified Commenter Status but you keep getting this error message...There are no more sites in need of a comment at this time.Use this Quick Trick if you DareClick on Edit my Interests and Tick Every Box.The Good News:This increases your likelihood of finding posts to comment on because you're opening up to reading posts on anything and every
Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments is EXPLODING!Oh my goodness... Super duper over the moon about the NEW and IMPROVED SITE COMMENTS!I left 10 Comments last night...and received 15 in return! Whaaaaat??? WOOHOO!!!I had zero comments on this page yesterday and now look...I had zero comments on this post, and now look...If you missed Carson's post, here you go:Site Comments 2.0 - A Significant Update Has Been Released!Come and join us. We're having a blast on Site Comments! Plus, I am meeting the
The Ultimate Work from Home for MomsMy little boy turned 5 this week... which means I made the transition into motherhood 5 years ago. As his birthday rolls around each year, I find myself remembering how I felt while giving birth to him and I marvel at how much my life has changed since then. Being a Mother is lifechanging in so many ways.One of the primary things I never want to change, is this: I never want to go back to a full-time job. I love being the one who takes my little guy to and
Wealthy Affiliate Changes Lives of Loved One'sSo proud of my Mom...don't know if you saw her latest post:Who Would Have Thunk?Just a few short months ago, my Mom had never Googled anything in her life.She had never been on Facebook. Or LinkedIn. Or Twitter. Or Google Plus.She didn't know how to add an attachment in an email.She had never taken a photo on her Smartphone.She was scared to do anything on her laptop in case she broke she something.She didn't know what a URL was.And look at her no
July 18, 2018
Hi EveryoneToday, 18th July, we celebrate Mandela Day in South Africa. Making a DifferenceIt's not a Public Holiday in South Africa, but a day on which we dedicate sometime in our day to give 67 minutes of our time to Make a Difference.Latest news on my side is that I was appointed the Public Officer for the Non Profit Organisation, Physical Literacy for Children (PLC) yesterday. PLC was established to offer Physical Literacy to underprivileged and Special Needs children. PLC uses the curricu
July 13, 2018
Heya EveryoneJust a quick one to let you know I'm still here and rooting for you all.How's it Going Your Side?On my side, the school holidays have been fun... and a balancing act (as expected). Although I've been very inactive on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I have managed to keep up with my publishing schedule on my sites.I've published 32 posts this month so far and have a few interviews still to publish and ideas for posts that I just haven't found time to write yet. HighlightA highlight
There is a Season for EverythingAnd my season as an Ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate is drawing to a close.I will most likely have to let go of the Super Affiliate Challenge for this year as well and come back to it next year. Because I've taken a position as a Business Development Consultant for the next 6 months.There is a Reason for EverythingAnd this is mine.My family needs me to step up to the plate because I'm not making enough income yet with my online business to pay my half of my Dad's
Heya SWAGgers one and all...With Month 5 about to start, I'm wondering...How was Month 4 for you?Alas, I have not been able to complete all my Tasks because I've been swamped with guest posts to publish this month. So sadly, what's fallen by the wayside is Site Comments. I just didn't have the time to leave comments and call for comments. I have been a lot better at sharing on social media so I'm not beating myself up about it. I can only do as much as I can do.This was my Month 4As you can s