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Heya EveryoneWell, I just received my 3 Years Accomplishment Badge so it's time to do my annual progress report. You can find previous years here.2 Years at Wealthy Affiliate - love love love it here!My 1st Year as a Premim Member of Wealthy AffiliateLet's take a look at my 3 Niche Websites :Inspiring MompreneursRebranded this year - I have used a slider header, to feature Mom Entrepreneurs I've interviewed. Not entirely happy with the rebrand or the logo though. I'll be rebranding again this
How to Make this YOUR YearHeya Everyone How's the start of your year going?Do you have that feeling in your bones that this is going to be your year?I sure do. A couple of things have happened lately that make me convinced I'm right about this...the first was...Connecting with Thought LeadersOne of the amazing things about growing your influence online, is you get to connect with people who would ordinarily not be in your circle of influence.And LinkedIn has been an outstanding platform for me
Blog Income Report 2018 (over $5K online)And I say online, because as most of you know, I took a part time job for the past 6 months. That earned me another $5k+, offline. Taking the job effectively doubled my income for the year.My consulting job has been extended for another 2 months, so I'm not free to go back into my online business full-time, yet... That said, let's focus on online income today...But before I launch into my blog income report, a quick shout-out to a couple of very special
Hey hey Everyone!So this is it! We just entered a brand spanking sparkling New Year!Hope your celebrations last night were spectacular and your New Year's Day was nothing short of AWESOME!My Biggest Payday to DateI'm excited to report that New Year's Day, 1st January 2019, marks my biggest payday yet for my online business. I earned $233.50 (which turned into R 3,228 at current exchange rates). The total amount was made up of the following:$153.50 - WA Commissions$80 - Fiverr OrderMy Mom's Bi
Heya EveryoneI know I've been terribly quiet lately on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and I'm sorry about that because I miss you guys. It's just been a madly busy period with all the stuff I do - online and offline.Exciting times for my Blogging BusinessThere is sooo much going on right now... where do I start? I'm gearing up for a very big year... I have huge goals for 2019 and I'm not waiting for January to get started on my goals. I expect my business to EXPLODE in the upcoming year.This
Black Friday 2018 is nearly upon us and I am excited!!This is the third year in a row I'll be taking Wealthy Affiliate up on their AWESOME Black Friday offer. As Black Friday is on 23 November this year, I've come up with 23 Reasons for YOU to take Wealthy Affiliate up on their Black Friday Deal.23 Reasons to Take Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday DealSaves You Money1.The cost saving is phenomenal, especially if you're upgrading from paying monthly to yearly.$299 a year vs $ 588 a year /$49 a
October 17, 2018
On Matters of the Heart...Our family has been on an emotional rollercoaster the past few days. My Beautiful Mom has been in Medical ICU for a few days.On Monday morning, after a visit to Home Affairs to collect her ID Book and Passport (never a fun outing) and the stress of a funeral looming that afternoon of one of my Dad's best friends, my Mom suddenly felt as if she was having a heart attack. Symptoms of Heart Attack or AnginaShe was experiencing...Excruciating Pain in her chest referring t
Are You Making Meaningful LinkedIn Connections?Just a quick update on my LinkedIn progress because it's become my favourite Social Media Channel for the following reasons:It's relatively quick and easy to build LinkedIn connections (once you've optimised your profile). I'm planning to add a training on this soon if you're interested.Connections are more professional. It's really easy to see their work experience.Connections are more meaningful. You can zone in on the kind of people you'd like
Use this Quick Trick to get more Sites to Comment on in Site Comments (if you dare)So you're sold on the ALL NEW Site Comments 2.0 and you want to get to Certified Commenter Status but you keep getting this error message...There are no more sites in need of a comment at this time.Use this Quick Trick if you DareClick on Edit my Interests and Tick Every Box.The Good News:This increases your likelihood of finding posts to comment on because you're opening up to reading posts on anything and every
Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments is EXPLODING!Oh my goodness... Super duper over the moon about the NEW and IMPROVED SITE COMMENTS!I left 10 Comments last night...and received 15 in return! Whaaaaat??? WOOHOO!!!I had zero comments on this page yesterday and now look...I had zero comments on this post, and now look...If you missed Carson's post, here you go:Site Comments 2.0 - A Significant Update Has Been Released!Come and join us. We're having a blast on Site Comments! Plus, I am meeting the