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Excited about Black Friday 2021 at Wealthy AffiliateEvery year since I've joined Wealthy Affiliate I get excited about their Black Friday sale. This year I'm more excited than ever - because Wealthy Affiliate is offering their lowest price EVER for Premium Plus membership.Only $499!!!I can't wait to get back in on the action! Brief History of my experience of Black Friday WAFor the first few months of my Premium membership, I paid monthly and was ecstatic to upgrade to annual when Black Friday
It's a horrible feeling when you lose your writing privileges on Wealthy Affiliate. You login to WA to answer a comment on a post or publish a new one and a message pops up on your screen: "Your write access has been revoked by Admin".All kinds of thoughts and emotions pop up, starting with, "what does that mean?"You may feel alone.You are not alone. In fact, you're in good company. Many of the most seasoned WA members and even WA Ambassadors have had a write-ban at some stage of their journey
As you know from my previous post, Wealthy Affiliate: Christmas before Black Friday, I've been testing out the free version of Premium Plus for the last couple of weeks - and it's fabulous! My number one reason to upgrade to Premium Plus: The Premium Plus TrainingWealthy Affiliate's training has always been superb and Premium Plus takes it to another level! I've been building a couple of YouTube channels lately so I was really excited to discover the training by Chris Myles aka Benji's Dad. H
Why, Thank You @Kyle and @Carson ... for our early Christmas presents! How thoughtful of you. I upgraded yesterday to Premium Plus and awoke to all these goodies!How the Premium Plus Free Trial WorksJust a quick note to let you know how the free trial works if you want to give Premium Plus a test-run before you start paying monthly (or yearly).When you click on Upgrade to Premium Plus you will be taken to a page where you can sign up for Premium plus for $0 for the next 10 days.You can choose h
A huge THANK YOU to Wealthy Affiliate Site Support for helping me transfer a domain this week for a client (a Non-Profit Organisation I worked for last year).One of the hidden treasures of Wealthy Affiliate is their TOP NOTCH SITE SUPPORT.I buy all my domains at Wealthy Affiliate and host all my sites here and I can't see why I would ever want to go anywhere else. Wealthy Affiliate offers all the bells and whistles for a fraction of the cost of other providers.I seldom have to call on Site Sup
Are we there yet? I remember asking this question often as a child when we were on a trip to somewhere wonderful with my parents. We were over-the-moon excited about our family holidays and the road trip always seemed soooo long. (Remember those good old days?).Lately, I find myself asking the same question about my online business.Am I there yet? Have I reached my destination?Am I lying on a hammock at some exotic beach resort smiling as I hear the delicious ping of payment notifications on
We all dream of making money while we sleep. We think passive income looks like this (picture above). When in reality it looks like this (picture below)... for what can seem like the longest timeBecause the thing about passive income is that it doesn't start out passive, right? Not. At. All.You have take action - and plenty of it - committed, concerted action - to create passive income streams. Passive Income Starts with ActionTake Affiliate Marketing for example. We all know it's not a ge
I have amazing news! Or is it? I can't decide.Content WritingOne of my clients has offered me a big content writing job - to write 40+ posts (600-words each) at $18 per post. I've been a bit hesitant to take the job because I'm clueless on the topic and it's for their site, not mine. Test-RunI took some time today to understand the brief and do a test-run. I did heaps of research and keyword research, wrote the first post and created an infographic.It took me about 5 or 6 hours to get the firs
November 13, 2019
Oh. My. Word. LinkedIn just keeps getting better and better for me.Last night I received a request from the personal manager of a celebrity!! He asked me if I would interview and feature one of the celebrities he manages.I am over the moon excited!! I am bouncing off the walls! I'm struggling to focus on anything else today. So I created this little image of how I'm feeling...Why I'm so ExcitedI have three reasons I'm so excited about this win.1. Realisation of Longheld DreamsThe first is tha
November 08, 2019
Heya EveryoneJust a quick hello and a quick question:Are YOU on YouTube?I had done very little with my 3 YouTube Channels for the last 3 years... until last month when I did a 30-Day Challenge where I had to create content every day - written posts for the first half of the Challenge and video posts for the second half.I did my best to create videos to embed in all the written posts as well. And I managed to upload 23 videos to my Digital Entrepreneur Channel in October. (I made a mistake and