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Hi! My name is Kathy. I am a 60 years old and lost my very stable, very secure (ha! ha!) job in January 2009. I have





Is there a way to help someone with a website who isn't wa?

Is there a way to help someone with a website who isn't wa?

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Website Development & Programming

My daughter-in-law purchased a domain for her business and I wanted to help her out with her website. I do understand that we can only host our own domains here at WA. I'm just

Some members host client websites here. As long as you have less than the maximum sites it should be OK. You can send a private message to Kyle if you want but it usually takes a few days for him to respond. He answers all his own messages and he's very busy.

Good idea, Marion. Thank you for your reply.

Hi Kathy,

Yes, you can purchase the domain under your name and host here as it would be your domain and website per say.

I would suggest though for you to get her to become a wealthy affiliate through your affiliate link. This way, you can help her transfer her own domain and set up her website and also, she can learn in her own time how to run a success business for herself online through Wealthy Affiliate.

When she discovers the importance of having such an incredible resource at her fingertips being with Wealthy Affiliate, she will opt to go Premium. I know it's not about money with you in this instance Kathy, but you will get the commission from her upgrade plus you will be able to help her grow directly through Wealthy Affiliate.

Happy New Year Kathy, hope you're doing well :)


Thank you!! Very SOUND advice. Her business is service oriented and a thing she is passionate about. I doubt that she wants to put work into building websites as that is not her end game. She just wants a good looking website. Not that I couldn't talk with her about how this could turn into something so much better. I'm just not sure that's what she cares about presently. I was just trying to be a nice mom-in-law and help her out at little. Thank you for replying. Your advice was great and practical and true. I appreciate it!

You don't have to have your site hosted to be a member here. I started my site just before finding WA, so I'm here for the lessons and help of the community.

I'm sorry. I think maybe you misunderstood my question. I am a member here at WA. I want to host a website for a domain my daughter-in-law owns for her business so I can help her with the website. The way I understand it, I can only host a domain that I own here at WA. My daughter-in-law owns the domain. I'm just trying to find someone who can answer how I may be able to help her since I'm a WA member or if I wouldn't be able to help her with her website because she owns the domain.

When you say help her with her website, what are you going to do for her? Build it? Once it's transferred here under your account, how will she access it? I'm not sure you're allowed to share one WA account.

You can surely transfer her site to WA but you need to think long term. Who will build and maintain her account after you've helped her?

It would be a better solution if she had her own WA account and transfer her site here (or not), and learn how to build it herself. In the long run, unless you're the one doing everything for her website, then she should get her own account here.

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Do you think the niche, "dog health" is too broad?

Do you think the niche, "dog health" is too broad?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I need a consensus about this category for a niche.

looks good to me :)

Thanks, Shawn. As always, your response is greatly appreciated. I've missed being here and I'm glad to be back. Looking forward to your wisdom!

Wisdom? LOL
Glad you are back!

Hi. I'm also in the dog category and I don't think it is too broad at all. It is actually a great niche. :)

Thank you for responding and I really appreciate your feedback. Glad to meet another dog person! I admire your determination to home school. I think it is admirable! I also feel very blessed to be here at WA. My best to your success!

Thanks so much Kathy, that was kind of you to say. :) To your success as well!

I don't think it is too broad. You can use keywords to describe specific conditions or treatments that people are likely to search for. ~Jude

You're absolutely right! Thank you for replying to my question. It's greatly appreciated! I like the important points on your profile! Good advice! My best to your success!

Dog Health. hmmm, nope that sounds pretty specific to me. It is definitely something that you can categorize into many different subjects with your menu on your WP site :D

I was thinking the same thing! Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it! I read your profile and I'm so glad you found WA. My best to your success!

Thanks :)

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Where is kyle's story that I was to get with my membership?

Where is kyle's story that I was to get with my membership?

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Getting Started

My Black Friday membership gave me access to Kyle's success story. Where do I find it on the website?

Brokwebb is right. It was sent out as a separate email.

Yikes, I can't find it. I'm going to search my emails now! Thanks so much!

I believe it was sent out in an actual separate email and not a private message or on your profile. Believe it came a day after I paid.

Thanks for helping brok :D

Thanks Brokwebb! Zavier confirmed your answer. Now I'm going searching!

I don't see it, check your private messages or try asking Kyle himself about it... Hope this helps. :)

I suggest scrolling down through your profile and looking for it. Actually I will help you out with that, one moment please. If it's not there I would check my private messages if I were you.

Not in my private messages.

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Fear of Failure. Do You Suffer From This?

Fear of Failure. Do You Suffer From This?

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Getting Started

One of our new WA members, Jaydeep, posted a very informative post today. I think everyone should take the time to read it. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jaydeep/blog/3-things-th

The insidious pride of perfectionism causes most of my "analysis paralysis". I remind myself that there is only One who is perfect and ask for help to just walk through the fear. Resistance to change is worse than anything, so go for it.

Thanks for that encouragement, Steph! I do suffer from this and I do ask for help every day from Him who is the only perfect One! :)

No fear here that I can think of.
I have always embraced experiencing new and challenging things.
There was a time I could not speak in front of groups but I just did what it took to overcome that, I spoke in front of groups.
Still do not like it but can do it. Would that be a sort of fear?
Do you not love an answer to a question with another question? lol

Hi Shawn! It's official - You Have No Fear! :) Therefore, I guess I don't need to answer your question. :) However, I am now very jealous of you! But even so, I also now have two things to admire you for - your writing and your fearlessness! :) Hey, maybe you should change your user name to "Fearless One"or something like that. What do you think? :)

I know what you fear Shawn, server crashes, spam bots, viruses, hackers, etc. These all throw the shakes in me. :-) No only joking. I had thought about local marketing with WA but am fearful of first contacts, how to interact and give a good impression of my skills.

LOL! Hi Tommo! Nope, I still say Shawn is fearless! :) As far as your fear, I do understand. Anything we undertake here at WA causes us pause to wonder if we are doing it right. However, it always builds our confidence when we take that first step to do something new. I'm sure that your skills will be seen and your interaction will go well, especially with the tools we have here at WA to succeed. :)

LOL< I have many fears, just not of failure. Many people who fear success have issues they need to look at that seem unrelated, but really are the core to beating this fear. There can be a fine line between mistaking fear of failure with behavior of self sabotage. A person must make sure they are looking in the right places. I used to sabotage everything that would start to work in my life. I always thought it was fear of failure, when in reality I I had other issues to deal with. But I am much better now............. :)

Hi Shawn! You nailed it. I commit self sabotage all the time. I guess that at least I'm aware of it so can do something about it, right? I would sure like to get to the core of why I do this so I can be better like you. ;)

Yes, I have had that fear & it still tries to creep upon me every now and then. I think it's because I think what if I succeed and then fall hard or can't keep up with the demand of my product. I know the spirit of fear is of satan, because GOD has not given us the spirit of fear, but of Power and a Sound Mind. Fear sets in so we will give up on our gifts and talents, but don't allow the enemy to torment you. You just have to reassure yourself that you are successful, brilliant, wise, and built with extreme Courage. If you have to say it to yourself in the mirror until you feel comfortable saying to yourself. Sometimes you have to enCourage yourself. Hope I helped. Remember think and speak positive to yourself about yourself. Words really do have power. So send out positive power toward yourself and others.

Hi Courageous! Love the user name. :) I am also a believer in God and believe it is His Spirit that empowers me. Prayer always helps to reinforce the true power we have in Him alone. My fear of failure doesn't really speak to me, but it's just there lurking. It's that subconscious voice. Probably there have been many accumulative experiences in my life to give it a voice. I do know that in the present, this doesn't matter. But how I battle through it now makes all the difference. Thanks for commenting and for the encouragement!

Yeah, I definitely suffer from it on some level. Otherwise I would be taking massive action. It might be that I fear negative feedback more than failure itself. Again I'm not exactly sure where this comes from, but it affects other areas of my life such as dating as well. Or maybe it's that I associate a result that is not what I wanted as "negative". I might need to start thinking of those "negative" results as just results and adjust things until I get the result I want.

It seems like time helps for me, it comes to a point where I've realized I haven't done much of anything then I take some action. When I stop to think about how little work I've done in the past year and then think about what my business might be like today if I took consistent action then that usually motivates to take action. With this method that insight seems to come and go though.

Hi ThomasPaul! As I said to Kali below, thanks for your honesty in commenting on this post. What you said made me think of a book my daughter and I are reading right now about "boundries." It said that sometimes, if we've been exposed to a lot of negative things in our lives, we become conditioned to only letting the negative things in and keeping the positive things out. That gave me food for thought. I have read many great and positive posts here at WA that truly inspire me. And yet, they don't always inspire me to action which is very frustrating for me. I also have spurts of action, but I want to learn to always take action. I think what I've heard about setting goals is important. If I could just set one goal a day for myself and then follow through with that, it would probably help me to do more. I have come to learn that is where confidence grows. Thanks again for taking the time and energy to comment. :)

I read Jaydeep's link and recognized myself in a number of these issues. So, in answer to your question:

Do you suffer from fear of failure? I am not really afraid to fail. I have a lot of practice - so I do it well, I think I am most concerned about being recognized as a failure.

What causes the fear of failure? Usually not being prepared.

What do I do to try to overcome the fear? Usually, practice in private then when I feel more confident I will reveal it to the rest of the world.

For me, practice is the key.

This was a great exercise for me. Thanks for writing about it.

Hi Kali! Thanks so much for your honesty in your response. You are right, none of us wants to be viewed as a failure. I think sometimes if we feel failure in ourselves we perceive that others see it too and I'm not sure that's always true. Many of us are hardest on ourselves. I do watch myself actually sabotage myself sometimes. That is, I can see myself doing it and not stop it. It's weird. I don't want to dwell so much on what causes this in me as much as I want to learn how to fix it in me. That's why I asked for feedback from people here but commenting may make some feel too vulnerable and I understand that. Thanks for having the courage to comment. I appreciate it. :)

No problem, Kathy. I stand in front of students all day long. I'm used to messing up and hearing the snickers. I teach computers and my PC displays on a 12 Ft Screen, so every typo I make gets a reaction.

I've gotten used to it.


I suppose that's a good thing. :)

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