Transforming My Mind

Last Update: May 11, 2013


Internet Down All Week

I had no internet access all week. To make matters worse, in the end it was simply due to the incompetence of my service provider. Talk about peaking my already frustrated brain!

Mindless Tasks

My daughter recently raided the 99 Cent Store with some new little gadgets. But my kitchen cupboard was so jam packed, I had no place to put them. I had already made a mental note on my "when I have nothing else to do list" that I would clean out the kitchen cupboards to make room for these oh so important 99 cent items.

Oh, no internet?

Time to check that mental list. Ah, a mindless task. I wouldn't have to think, right? NOT! Among the containers with no lids and the lids with no containers, I had too much time to think!

Negative Thinking

I'm a negative thinker. I know this because I recently took a test online that told me so. Note to self: need to work on that. So, while I'm sorting and discarding and wondering if I'll ever need whatever this one thing I'm looking at is, my mind was feeding me very disgruntling thoughts.

Small Hole Becomes Bigger

In my mind (mind you) negative thoughts began making a small hole in my kitchen floor. My natural instinct was to then step in the hole. Negative. Sinking. Negative. Sinking. Negative. Sinking. Soon I was in the bottom of this dark pit of my own making with containers and lids tumbling in on top of my head.

The Power of the Mind

The mind is an interesting contraption. Whatever it thinks, the subconscious mind believes, good or bad. So, it kind of forms your reality or your alternate reality. That's why positive thinking is so important and negative thinking is, well, a deep dark pit of mindless containers and lids falling on your head.

What I Discovered in my Mindless Wanderings

I subscribe to this free weekly newsletter at It's a pretty cool site with lots of articles on time management, stress management and other related issues. They want you to join, of course, but I have found that the free stuff is loaded with great information like how to be a positive thinker.

Working on My Real Reality

Taking a positive attitude, I will say that my time with no internet access and too much time to think (negatively) has given me the inspiration to change my alternate reality of negative thinking into my real reality of positive thinking. I am working on it and (positive thought) I know I can accomplish anything I want to do.


My internet is working again. Most of my kitchen cupboards are straightened now and every container has a lid. The oddballs went in the trash along with my negative thoughts. There is now order in my world again.

Recent Comments


Kathy, can totally relate. Every time it happens though, get so much done that has been put aside and a lot more pen and ink used to gather my thoughts and put them in order. Thank you for your post.

Thanks for commenting and for the suggestion, Caylynn! :)

Anytime. You are one of my many 'baby boomer' friends I follow and learn from. Am so glad to be helpful.

Yep, we baby boomers need to stick together! :)

Kathy, That's one reason I joined WA. My mind is a dangerous place to be by myself, and it's not about containers with no lids. Loved your post.
Happy Mother's Day!!

LOL! Thanks for commenting, Steph! My Mother's Day was terrific and I hope yours was too!

This was my scripture for the day thought I would share it with you ;O )

Saturday 5/11/2013
Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.
~ Ephesians 3:20, NLT

Have a great day!

Thanks, Kymee! What a great scripture and one I will apply to my heart today. :) Thanks! Hope you have a very blessed day! And thanks for reading and replying. :)

Hello Kathy. I think may be that one of the answers is not to take an online test. I have a been a negative thinker for as long as I can remember and have been following a CBT course which has been awesome. Negative thinking is so tiring. I no longer think of myself as a negative thinker. Great positive post. x

Good for you, Jackie. The site I mentioned in my blog has a great how-to article on positive thinking which I'm going to be studying. You are right, negative thinking is tiring.! The worst part is when you don't even know you're doing it. The first key is "Thought Awareness" so I will be working on that. :) Thanks for reading and replying. Hope your day is great! Kathy

Stop it! You have reminded me that I have been thinking negatively recently. Surely, if I ignore the problem it will disappear (Right!) Thanks for the nice post.

LOL! Isn't it a bugger? :)

Hi Kali! I realized I didn't even thank you for reading and commenting. Thanks so much! Hope your day is awesome. :)

It's cool! I always append that thought onto your comments anyway. The lake is beautiful today.

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