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What do you think is the most effective proofreading tool?

What do you think is the most effective proofreading tool?

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actuaI am personally having a hard time choosing what Proofreading software is best for me. I hear that a lot of people utilize Grammarly, but I did some research and found that

I love grammarly because it also checks sentence structure and plagiarism.

I do my own proofreading and I look at Word's suggestions but mostly ignore them. Red squiggly lines are the best indication of spelling errors and green lines for grammar. You can't beat the human touch for the final 'say'. ~Marion

I wish I could help! Don't use one except for Google and my online dictionary!

Thanks :D

My wife is my best tool :)


I'm afraid I do not have a lot of input to give you.

I did read through the Grammarly link and I think it is a complete waste of time. I for sure would not purchase it.

I do editing myself (a role I took on within my teams while going through college) so I have never looked into automated software to do it for me.

I know it takes longer to have a human do it, but I too recommend a human editor.

Alright thanks a ton! :)

Hi Florida, I would always go with a human proof reader. I'm afraid I have no knowledge of software.

Thanks, human proofreading takes a while though :(

Hi Florida. Yes there is certainly a time issue with doing it yourself. However, only you know what you are trying to say. Grammar checkers are limited to the convoluted rules of the English language which has so many exceptions that I am not convinced that it is ruled by laws at all!!!.

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