Google Plus is VERY Important!

Last Update: October 20, 2014

I can't stress enough how Google+ helps.

Yesterday I created a new blog. I used Jaaxy to choose my domain name. This blog is about golf. I've written only 1 single post with the keyword phrase 'cure a golf slice'.

I have the social buttons on my blog so I used them to post to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+.

Today I Google searched the keyword 'cure a golf slice'. My Google+ link to my post is #2 on the first page with my picture so it attracts attention. All this in 24 hours.

Of course I learned all this from Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks WA!

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CarlaIves Premium
JoZahn Premium
Great - thanks for the info!
kennnyb Premium
your either lucky or good
jthopkins Premium
The more I'm good... the luckier I get! LOL
Labman Premium Plus
Keep in mind that Google shows you a customized search. If you have people that you are following at G+, they will show higher in your search results.
Make sure to follow up with an incognito search to determine the real rank. Or, check it in Jaaxy siterank tool.
jthopkins Premium
Thanks Labby. Will do!
starryzero Premium
Good work and thanks for sharing